Fashion Show Review: PrimAdonna

by Alphaville Herald on 30/06/05 at 11:35 pm

by Chipsen Queso

Rarely does the debut of a modeling agency also mean the debut of clothing line. Last night’s fashion show of the PrimAdonna line by the creators of E by Estrelle and MZ Design was just that. Not only did a reported 7 outfits make their debut, but the Cloud Nine Models had their first runway appearance. Of course, the Herald was there ready to criticize every move that was wrong and every dress that wasn’t properly done.

Let me begin by saying that it was refreshing to walk in early to the show and see a proper runway, not a stage. Its curved branches seemed to be hard for some of the models to take during the lag, but that only made it all the more impressive for those who did make it. Secondly, this show didn’t just start on time, it started a minute early. I hope that more fashion shows follow this example.

As far as the models themselves go, there are quite frankly some issues that need to be worked out. At one point, a model obviously didn’t remember the walk and went down the left side of the runway instead of the middle: a critical mistake. Another model went down the right side as she was supposed to, but instead of going down the middle, she walked backstage. I suppose she was finally coaxed back out, because she did come back out and complete her walk, only after going BACK down the right side.

A high point for the models, though, was the perfectly-executed three person group walk of the “Venice Lace” set (picture shown just below, modeled by Babyblues Boffin, Brit Wishbringer, and Queenie Extraordinaire, L-R). The models even changed poses in unison. That, good people, is practice and precision.

Now, on to the designs. 20 formal dresses were shown in all, including the one up above, Pretty Lolita (modeled by Queenie Extraordinaire). This dress, along with its matching jewelry and shoes, would make a great dress to any semi-formal gothic event. The Venice Lace sets shown just above were very elegant in both jewelry and design, though I would like to have seen perhaps some brighter colors in one of the variations. Finally, Ravish, shown below on Brit Wishbringer (my, they kept her busy!), struck me as a gorgeous and delicate dress, with jewelry that perfectly matched. Sadly, I wasn’t able to see most of the shoes included with the outfits because of the prim skirts that were prevalent (many of which were gargantuan), but if the walk replacer that we were told they come with was any indication, they must be wonderful.

All-in-all, this was a good first showing for both PrimAdonna and the Cloud Nine Models, though they do have some places to improve upon, mainly in training their models more on how to handle lag and take the curves of the runway.

5 Responses to “Fashion Show Review: PrimAdonna”

  1. Seri

    Jul 1st, 2005

    Damn, I love those girls.

    Love you too, Chipsen!

  2. Babyblues

    Jul 1st, 2005

    It was a wonderful experience, i am very proud to have been a part of the team on that exceptional night:-)

  3. Cinda Valentino

    Jul 2nd, 2005

    Has the Herlad become a commercial for the agencies owned by some jerks friend?
    Chipsen. I hope your ready.

  4. Matthias

    Jul 2nd, 2005


    Let me begin by saying that I certainly hope that you weren’t threatening Chipsen.

    Let me now answer your question by saying that Chipsen and I are certainly not close friends, and I’m not “some jerk” as you seem to think I am. If you recall correctly, I offered to do a counter-article to Chipsen’s about Palomma for the Herald in the DoveVogue group chat, which you urged her to do. She decided not to. That is not my fault, that is her fault. Finally, I would expect Chipsen to review any fashion show by Cloud Nine as harshly as she would any other, which she has. Just as with any other fashion show that she has reviewed, she has highlighted both the good and the bad points. As you were not in attendance at the fashion show, you have no room to talk as to whether or not this was a good show. Thanks for your input anyway.

  5. Seri

    Jul 2nd, 2005

    Don’t be upset about my little radio show a while back, Cinda. At least I wasn’t lying. :)

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