Mafia Massacre at Art and Creamy’s Wedding

by Alphaville Herald on 29/06/05 at 8:45 am

By Gina Fatale

So you thought the Herald forgot about the mafias? Never! This just in the newly formed Cinquetti Family pulled a hit on an ex-member’s wedding, declaring it’s personal! Read on my mafia lovers…

Gina: Hi Tony, Hi Justyn, thank you for speaking with the Herald. We hear your mafia has bombed a wedding tonight? is this true and can you go into details as to why and whose wedding?
Justyn Panther: well the wedding was my X’s Kid and her man.. thinks he is gods gift to the world

Gina: What are the names of the victims?
Tony Caligari: Artemis Cain and Creamy Caligari

Gina: Are they with another family at this time?
Justyn Panther: no
Tony Caligari: no not at this time
Justyn Panther: Creamy was with us.. at one time..

Gina: So this isn’t a mafia war it is a personal agenda for the Cinquetti family?
Tony Caligari: Yes
Tony Caligari: Creamy was with us then left the mafia
Justyn Panther: but stabbed us in the back

Gina: What happened between Creamy and the family?
Tony Caligari: Justyn, go ahead and explain what Creamy and Gia did to us
Tony Caligari: Gia Kennedy, Justyn’s ex wife
Justyn Panther: Creamy and Gia (ex Gf)
Justyn Panther: lol

Gina: ahh ok a nasty divorce then?
Justyn Panther: well they picked friends over family and took land that was not theirs, then reported me trying to get me banned..
Tony Caligari: we had one fucker by the name of ConVict Caligari that betrayed us by lying to us ‘bout being on another acct, so we kicked him out our family. That started a fued between Cinquetti and ConVict.

Gina: What was the reason for the divorce if you don’t mind sharing?
Justyn Panther: well we never got married.. was going too..
Tony Caligari: Creamy is friends with Con, so that’s why creamy left us
Justyn Panther: but.. she cheated on me with Con
Tony Caligari: see if Creamy would have chosen family over Con, none this would have happened
Tony Caligari: but she didn’t

Gina: So this all led to Cinquetti putting a hit out at Creamy’s wedding?
Tony Caligari: exactly. We did what had to be done. But it wasn’t just Creamy…
we were after Artemis Cain too: her hubby

Gina: Ok when you bombed her wedding what happened, what was the reactions from the guests and, more importantly, Creamy the bride to be?
Justyn Panther: they all called Lindens
Tony Caligari: ill tell this Justyn
Justyn Panther: lol
Tony Caligari: well we got spies to tell us where the wedding was at and what time
Tony Caligari: so me, Diablo Cinquetti, and one other non Cinquetti (will not name for safety reasons) went there as Creamy and Art were at the alter. We nuked and bombed them, then i pulled out my tommygun and nailed Creamy
Tony Caligari: then we planted C4′s at the wedding and they all blew up

Gina: Did it crash the sim?
Justyn Panther: yes
Tony Caligari: yes

Gina: Where was the wedding at which sim?
Tony Caligari: On The Rocks
Tony Caligari: after i shot Creamy there was one another i needed — Gia Kennedy… Justyn’s ex…we shot her also,,, and then me and Diablo got Artemis. Everyone ran outta the wedding area and flew into the air… there was one women that shot at us but didn’t last very long…. we shot her back. Then Gia Kennedy yelled, “Diablo Cinquetti and Tony Caligari you’re going to get banned!”
Justyn Panther: i have picks

Gina: So do you think they will strike back at Cinquetti? Or they got the message your family was sending out?
Tony Caligari: they got the message
Tony Caligari: i know they won’t strike back, but ConVict and Jbird Milk might

Gina: Can you just verify for me so our readers know what your position is in the Cinquetti Family as well as you Justyn
Tony Caligari: I am Right hand man to the Godfather Justyn Panther
Justyn Panther: i am the Gf :)
Justyn Panther: and its Cinquetti~Family~Mafia 4 Life

Members of the Cinquetti Family

Gina: Ok I think this pretty much wraps it up is there any final comments you would like to add?
Tony Caligari: i have one more comment to add: Cinqueeti for life and any one that messes — shit gonna happen to you, just like what happened to the wedding, that sets a great example that we don’t play around

*The reporter of this story has nothing to do with the Cinquetti Family or any of the other parties involved. Just the writer thats all.

45 Responses to “Mafia Massacre at Art and Creamy’s Wedding”

  1. Queenie

    Jun 29th, 2005

    The sim did NOT crash. Get your fucking facts straight you stupid assholes!

  2. DjNog

    Jun 29th, 2005

    You fuckers think you can go around being MAFIA? Well lemme tell you some thing you fucking Retard. You HAVE NO FUCKING idea, who the fuck you just screwed over you idiot.

    I hope you like lawsuits you dumb fucking retard. I’ll tell you what…you wanna shoot people and blow up thier sims I FUCKING Dare you you stupid motherfucker…I DARE you to do it again….I’ll even prmise not to ahoot you lame ass back….you fility pig.

    I laugh at your superior intelect you shit stain..

    Fuck you and fuck your whole family to die a horrible nasty aids infected death…

    thank you have a nice day.

  3. Tony Caligari

    Jun 29th, 2005

    haha your the bitch taht tried to shoot us but we fucked you up, your owned like a bitch CINQUETTI MAFIA FOR LIFE

  4. Anonymous

    Jun 29th, 2005

    You better watch out Cinquetti Family ur gonna go to hell theres loads of mafias after you including my mafia so u better watch out, and justyn YOU DEAD MUWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! FUCKTARD

  5. Gia kennedy

    Jun 29th, 2005

    LOL this is a noob mafia… no the sim did not crash, everyone was sitting and noone really moved at all, there was no unloyalty in this family at all, half the family left because Justyn panther and his 4 alts dont know how to run a family, they are the type of family the game will grow to hate , not a friendly mafia, they are there strictly to piss people off and shoot people that dont kiss their ass. They do nothing productive and are only out to find respect that cant get in their real life. Come on now they recruit by spamming everyone with the last name cinquetti LOL good going guys .. how dumb of someone to give u credit u dont deserve.

  6. Tommy Rampal

    Jun 29th, 2005

    Oh lord, Justyn and Tony are both in SecondLIFE Boxing. SLB is going to be a bomb target now… Thanks alot you 2..

  7. Tony Caligari

    Jun 29th, 2005

    haha i love reading these comments, oh no mafias after me? oh shit im scared now, now think bout this retards. If your going to threaten me why put anonymous haha, cause yoru bluffing and your a pussy.

  8. Artemis Cain

    Jun 29th, 2005

    Are you serious???? This one time, I was walking through Market Square, in downtown Pittsburgh during lunch; I saw this guy with a fishing rod (no reel, just the rod) casting out in to the street and reeling it back in…. That was the stupidest thing that I have ever
    seen in my life up until this very moment….

    While I must add a great deal of kudos for your ever so exceptional spelling and grammar skills! (Don’t worry, I pulled out my dictionary and was able to translate it from Fry Cook to English, no worries!)

    Anyhow, while I actually never even heard of the Second Life Herald until last night, I felt compelled to write this, since my name appears in the afforementioned “Interview”…..

    I want to make it abundantly clear that I am in no way involved with these chuckleheads; The whole premise of a “Mafia” inside of a VIDEO GAME sounds to me like a muffled cry for attention coming from Mommy and Daddy’s basement. I am nothing but a normal everday merchant (ARTistic, ink.) and DJ (RockNGames Radio).

    I don’t enjoy “bling” or that silly studio rasslin’ that you guys seem to love so dearly. I hope that none of you guys live here in Pittsburgh, I really don’t want any of you guys recognizing me and spitting in my fries or not putting that second coat of wax on my car…

    Thank you all and have a GREAT day!!


    Artemis Cain

  9. Mama Sugar

    Jun 29th, 2005

    They don’t even know the difference between a male and a female.
    Have A Good One.
    Make Love Not War!!!!

  10. JUSTYN

    Jun 29th, 2005


  11. tony Caligari

    Jun 29th, 2005

    you know Art, im oonly 3 hrs away from Pitt

  12. Mr. F

    Jun 29th, 2005

    I like it when people say their in a mafia. Any real mafia family would never say that. You all are an insult to real criminals. Anybody in a real crime family would bitch slap you all for acting so stupid. Oh and how do you sue someone for bombing an SL wedding?

    Plaintiff: “Your honor he fake bombed my fake wedding on a computer game.”

    Judge: “What were they damages?”

    Plaintiff: “The wedding cost me $7 (US) and he ruined it. My dress alone was $1 (US)”

    Judge: “Cased dismissed next case please.”

    Plaintiff: “But your honor…”

    Judge: “Bailiff remove the Plaintiff”

  13. Mama Sugar

    Jun 29th, 2005

    My comment number nine was in reference to comment number three!

  14. DjNog

    Jun 29th, 2005

    Well MR. F maby you should read more into internet law, and when LL decided to allow people to take game money out and cash it back into RL money, then that means if people disrupt some thing that I pay (and no i do not own the sim where this occurd. only the club and radio station on said sim) costs me what could be precived as loss income beacouse of people not wanting to come there any more. The people not wanting to deal with mafia Bs.

    Than I loose money and that is cause enough to sue in a civil court. Even small claims court.

  15. Tony Caligari

    Jun 29th, 2005

    Mr F. is right, you cant fucking sue som eone in SL haha for crashing a wedding, idiots.

    !*!*!*!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*! CINQUETTI ][V][AFIA !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!1

  16. Mr. F

    Jun 29th, 2005

    DjNog, What court would you even file it in Smart Stuff? Internet court? The court cost would be more that the monies you lost anyway. What if the defendant is overseas? Are you gonna log into SL in the court room to gather your witnesses? Defenants could argue that they created dwell and raised you income. You as whacked as the SL mafia crew if you think any court would entertain a $5 or $6 dollar small claims charge.
    Oh, whats internet law? Is it an international treaty signed by the UN or somthing?

  17. Queenie

    Jun 29th, 2005

    Yep! I was the “BITCH” shooting at your sorry ass! I have NEVER had to shoot at anyone in SL, I was trying to protect my “family” (and NO we are NOT a mafia…roflmao), my friends, the loyal supporters of our club and radio station, and our guests. Majority of the people in attendance had NOTHING EVER to do with any mafia, and the SMALL handful that have been involved in mafias either in the past or present day were people that I had never met before last night.
    It wasn’t about mafia you say…..heh whatever. No self-respecting ADULT would pull these fuckin stunts, ESPECIALLY to people who have NO involvement with mafia SHIT themselves! So take your fuckin DISREPECT elsewhere cause its not MY fault your cock is too small to satisfy even the tightest of women, PUNKASS.

  18. DjNog

    Jun 29th, 2005

    MR F. Why don’t you do me a favor and when you have no FUCKING idead what yer talkikng about your mouth is best used for sucking dick.

  19. Riley Cinquetti

    Jun 29th, 2005

    Circumstances have been blown out of porportion and as you can see anger has brought the ignorance in everyone out…things that needed to be done were done now move on with life …retaliate if you feel its needed, but quit crying to the lindens.

  20. Gia kennedy

    Jun 29th, 2005

    Noone here needs to “retaliate” we are all over the age of 10. Why don’t you find something more productive to do in this game full of endless possibilities other than harrassing players that you never even spoke to one day of your second life. One idioit barks orders and 10 more idiots follow them .. how cool … can i be in your mafia ?

  21. Mr. F

    Jun 29th, 2005


    Please don’t sue me.

    Now do yourself a favor and stop replying because every time you touch your keyboard you look more like a retard. Everyone that reads your post loses an IQ point so please stop.
    If you like I can sponsor you to the teen grid so you can play with kids your own age. They may even be impressed with your legal parlance. Perhaps you could meet a little girlfriend or boyfriend and they could help you with you rage problem. You could have play dates and skip rope.

  22. Tony Caligari

    Jun 29th, 2005

    whats done had to be done, get over it people. Its the mob way and Creamy did something to us so its only fair to retaliate. Now we are done, we got our message clear, so shut the fuck up. as for you DJNog, your a fucking idiot who sues people for $6 and plus, it would cost more money jsut to sue the person lmao i understand your a poor fuck but if you wanted 6 dollars someone prolly owuld have given you it or you could get a job or something. Any ways, all you other fuckers, get the fuck over it.OH and im NOT BANNED

  23. MMando

    Jun 29th, 2005

    MMando in the house yo, taht sheets tight

  24. Kalnae Surface

    Jun 29th, 2005

    l just read the first top 3 comments and casual eyed the rest. What a waste of my time. The article was okay but you commenters need to learn some forum manners. People respect what you say more when you remain calm and rational not F This and F That.




    I am sorry ur wedding was ruined though.

  25. DjNog

    Jun 29th, 2005

    He is the final statemet i am gonna make on this…I dont know any of the “Mob” people nor do I care to.

    When Thier ignorance and utter stupidity makes my game expreience suffer. Esp when I pay money every month to ‘PLAY” in this game of endless possibilites.

    if i wanted to have this kinda “BS” I would have asked for it.
    we did not.

    We did nothing to provoke the so called “Mob” to come and try to shut
    down a sim that did nothing to them, why? Couse some people hurt your delicate sensibilties?

    Well to freaking bad. Grow up.

    to MR F,
    I am sorry, but I have never been this pissed off in my life.
    I shell out a lot of money each month to keep my station and the club running.

    If I offened you I oplogize, and to any other people i may have offened again I am sorry.

    To the so called “mob” in question all I have to say is this final think…

    You wanna antagonize me? Antognize me MF’er….get in the ring MF’er and I kick you’re bitchy ass. Punk.

  26. Justyn

    Jun 29th, 2005

    Your ALl TO Funny YOu KNow.. This Is a GAme ANd Its all About Fun.. And Drama, ANd familys, and furs, and YOU NAME IT YOU CAN DO IT.. YEs SOme PPl Are A Bit HOtHeaded BUt. THink ABOUt it . If IT Was Wrong It would not Be in SL SO . I see It Like It Is and How It All Went All YOu all Saying .. Lawsuits.. and shit.. GROW UP .. YOU want $6.00 SEll YOur Food Stamps OR Pawn YOur Pc ..LOL .. i have herd it all .. and tell you all you haters ITS A GAME GET OVER IT you think this is the 1st time its happened?? NOPE and for al you that love to Cry to LIndens here is a Tissue for all you motherfuckers and Gia … and Art. and Creamy from DEEP down inside of me.. FUCK YOU and what ever you think you have accomplished ..LMAO .. what a joke all i have seen is ppl run there mouths and not do a dame thing .. opps no wait THEY REPORT PPL your sooo big of a person YOU FUCKING SNICHES and any MAFIA FAMily will tell you ask them about SNICHES oh ya .. and HEY LINDENS CAN YOU MAKE A NEXT LAST NAME “SNICHES” AND ILL PAY FOR THE ACCOUTS FOR THE 3 FUCKS THANKS and BTW someone asked is thins over…. Ya its OVER COME TO OUR LAND TERE IS A REALY BIG PARTY WAITING FOR YOU WE ARE ALL GOING TO HAVE COFFIE AND TEA AND COOKIES :) AND AS FOR MR F thanks from my Whole family …lawsuit …..hahahah what a joke if i ever need a lawer ill look you up ..

  27. DjNog

    Jun 29th, 2005

    Hey Jystyn

    Have a nice life…..

    and btw, its a game oooohhhh i shot you will a gun Oooohhh, snitches…..oohhh…..big Freaking deal…like that effects me how?

    Oh im shaking in my boots….sheesh…why dont you grow the hell up.

  28. Gia kennedy

    Jun 30th, 2005

    1. The Mafia doesnt shoot up people and their friends because the mob boss got dumped.
    2. Do you expect that just because u drop bombs on someones house like an immature little twit that they should go to it to ur house now and stoop to ur level?
    3. You dont get respect from people by being a scumbag.

  29. Creamy Caligari

    Jun 30th, 2005

    Hey Justyn, Get a life.. no one cares. I’ll pay you a buck if you know other words then the f word. And yeah, who was the one crying in rl once when Gia left you?? umm yeah that was you. Your the one who wanted to get personal. :) p.s.Iill bring the tea.

  30. Justyn

    Jun 30th, 2005

    Its like this.. and i am sure your all still awake …

    What happened Yesterday was Yesterday What happens tomorrow is tomorrow was i wrong in a way yes and in a way no .. but i never EVER once made anyone do anything they did it all becouse they chose too and again i will say this is a game and what happened happened Creamy if you read this ever.. Justyn Panther is a Hothead but the Guy Behide the Screen is Sorry thngs did get wayy out of hand and if you can Accept it . or not. Remeber the good and not all bad . and Gia i am sorry for not beliveing you when you said you did not do anything with Con .. and for al the rest of the Hater on here you just had nothing better to do so you wanted to add your say .. well its not needed .. and if you all Read this whole thing its a ass of ppl who do not even know anyting about what Really Happened so do your self a favor and Shut up it was about 3 loved ones who let He say she say FUck it up so if you know about the whole story then you post on it but if you was not there .. then you need to find the next comment board becouse alot of ppl was mad, upset,and yes a lil childish, and as for the Mafia goes there is not one REAL mafia in SL or Any other GAme on the NEt we are a bunch of ppl who have nothing better to do then play a game and if i could take it all back i would but its 12:00am please respect all that was said and again i Justyn K Styles is sorry the Man behind the Screen Justyn Panther

  31. Jbird

    Jun 30th, 2005

    lol both tony and justyn are owned by me n my bro convict

  32. Richard Fairplay

    Jul 1st, 2005

    So let me get this straight about you mafia types:

    You failed at camping for items in EQ.
    Didn’t get your uber gear in World of Warcraft because some Horde or Alliance guy constantly beat you up.
    The silly AI of City of Heroes kicked your asses repeatedly.
    The Counterstrike kiddies laugh at you.
    Old ladies rob you on the streets.
    Mommy didn’t give you enough attention.


    You move to Second Life where you can try to the scarey tough guy bullies! OH NO! Everyone watch out! They’re going PWN ME! Ahhhhh run away! Get thee a life.

  33. Tony Caligari

    Jul 2nd, 2005

    wtf are you on Richard, crack? you are a fucking idiot, lol this is one mafia, theers mafias everywhere. It doesnt mean we move from game to ganme. Therses a mob in every damnm fucking game you idiot. lmao, another idiot posting a dumb as fuck question, you could be the new DJNog

  34. boo parks

    Jul 2nd, 2005

    lmfao haha…

  35. jack

    Jul 6th, 2005

    OMFG this is hilarious !

    That djnog fool sounds like something out of GTA.

    Who ARE these people ? Mental patients or 10 year olds ?

  36. Richard Fairplay

    Jul 8th, 2005

    First of all Tony, go back to school. Someone hasn’t taught you the finer points of spelling, grammar or where on the keyboard certain letters are.

    Second, I LOVE laughing at you internet tough guys. Hiding behind the shield of your keyboard, always talking the talk, never able to walk the walk in real life. So what do you do? You form a goon squad in a game. By goon, I mean “Idiots”.

    It is quite clear to me you aren’t cutting it socially in real life, so you need to act tough in second life.

    Go back to school kid.

  37. PetKa

    Jul 9th, 2005

    These “mafia” posers are a big joke. I don’t know why you even TRY to call yourself a mafia in Second Life. You can’t do anything like a real mafia would. Oh yeah theres “particles all over your house, oh no!” or “orbiting into space”. That shit lasts for like 1- 5 mins. Cinqueeti is just looking for some attention, and will never be a real mafia.

  38. Tony Caligari

    Jul 11th, 2005

    First off PetKa, wtf kind of name is that? Second, wow your a fucking dusch, and if your going to make fun of Cinquetti make sure to spell it right. C-I-N-Q-U-E-T-T-I not Cinqueeti lmao. Richard your just a fucking idiot cause you think that theres only one mafia and we go from game to game lmao. Ok, your right Rich, how the fuck did you know? Go back to scholl kid and i know for a fact your a kid because noon and i mean noone is that fucking stupid.

  39. Stacy Maracas

    Jul 11th, 2005

    There is a mafia family named Cinquetti? Damn I must have been too busy to notice them.

    Mr Fairplay, unlike the “HIGH” maturity level displayed here not all mafias are ran by people like this, so please check your facts and do a little “investigating” before you use the in GENERAL comments referencing online mafia roleplay, thank you.

    Creamy damn IM sorry they crashed your shit, but what would a wedding be without some kid trying to be grown, and eminate billy bob bad ass and peggy sue the sidekick :-) )

    Okay Im gonna go back to building my businesses now and leave you all with the what was it again? Cinquetti family, yea gotcha.

    Sorry, LOL I needed to comment on this one, as Im still laughing at the 3rd grade level, he stole my girlfriend while I was playing dodgeball at recess and not looking, kinda thing…..

    Lovely day to all.

    -Stacy Maracas/GM Bellini

  40. GM Costello

    Jul 11th, 2005

    LOL…there is not just one but 2 Cinquetti families now….interesting….ummm Justyn as a GF is halarious considering the fact I KICKED him from my family because of his down right stupidty and disrespect of mafias in general. his whole family is something to be scared of? What all 5 of them? You want to talk about reporting to Linden….HAHAHA Justyn how many times have you reported?!?! Dont lie either because I know the truth and if I must show it I will…..remember you reported my family for attacking you? Can we say P U S S Y ????

  41. Shrike

    Jul 12th, 2005

    Wow emafia’s are as retarded as the goreans.

  42. PetKa

    Jul 14th, 2005

    Oooh look Mr. perfect grammar English teacher ( HA! ) mock my name and typos? First of all I don’t even care if I spell your damn name wrong because it’s not even worthy enough to be spelled correctly!

  43. PetKa

    Jul 14th, 2005

    Second of all you need to look at your own spelling!

  44. Roxy Davis

    Jul 15th, 2005

    Okay please get your facts strait. Okay! Now! First thing. Now, Cinquetti mafia is dead. Justyn is back and will be banned soon in my suspections. Tommy in my opinion JUSTYN is the one not supposed to be in SLB, he was the godfather *coughs* DIPSHIT!

  45. Roxy Davis

    Jul 17th, 2005


    Cinquetti Mafia Sucks My Ass…

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