Post Six Grrrl: Colette Meiji

by Alphaville Herald on 24/06/05 at 10:51 am

We at the Herald are happy to bring you this week’s Post Six Grrrl, Colette Meiji! You may know Colette from meeting her at the club that she owns, or an any of the other many things that she is active in here in SecondLife. Thanks, as always, to Marilyn Murphy, the publisher of Players Magazine for these wonderful pictures and those of all of our Post Six Grrrls.

I stare ahead in a daze, unwilling to blink the spots from my view. Below on the rocks the ocean crashes. A breeze dances about the old stone of the building I stand in. The summer warms my skin. The afternoon sun’s light soft as my vision clears.

“All right co”, Marilyn says lowering her camera, “Give me a minute to see what we’ve got.”


Heyas everyone, I’m Colette.

Luckily I am not cursed with the vice of modesty, so Ill get right to the bragging.

Much of my time I spend at the lesbian club I co-own, Tiger Lily’s. We’re currently getting ready for a big bash to celebrate our newer, bigger building. Ah, the tortured life – surrounded by cheerful, fun, attractive women all the time.

Other times I spend lazing about at the Player’s shack or in the Yacht of a friend. Soft music, good company, a smile. Again, the rat-race that I endure.

What would people say about me, I wonder? Exhibitionist, probably. Liberal, likely. Hedonist, definitely. Hopefully they consider me someone worth knowing. Beyond my silly jokes and bad puns, maybe I am fun to be around.

I’ve only been in Second Life since March. I really enjoy meeting all the different people here, exploring interesting builds. Seeing all the neat gizmos all the tekki people come up with. I think this world they and we the participants have created is quite a wonder. Where else can you see such freedom and creativity while spending an afternoon with someone 3 time zones away?

I hope everyone enjoys the pictures and are not overly bored by my musings. Stop by the club in Hoodoo, say hi, sign the “We Love you, Colette” Banner and all that.

Take care everyone, ^^
- Colette

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  1. Talis Meiji

    Jul 5th, 2005

    You are as beautiful inside as you are outside sis. :-)

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