Tiny Little Troublemakers!

by Alphaville Herald on 27/06/05 at 10:44 am

Oh sure, they look all small and cute and innocent, but they way they look at you… Beady little eyes. Dirty littlepaws. Scheming little minds. Just look at they way they’re looking at ME. Look at them! Will the Lindens PLEASE do something about this new menace in Taco? Damn Tinies!

Evil Mastermind behind the tiny menace, Thili Fairplay

Tinies engaged in their typical scatalogical amusements.

One of the tiny love shacks built buy tiny evil Thili Fairplay

Tinies mock Herald Publisher Urizenus Sklar.

3 Responses to “Tiny Little Troublemakers!”

  1. Darla

    Jun 27th, 2005

    We are teh little shits.

  2. Cocoanut

    Jun 27th, 2005

    These little things are adorable! And Uri, you know you need mocking.


  3. Gina Fatale

    Jun 27th, 2005

    I see a Tinies Mafia in the near future lol

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