Big Babies and Strange Sims

by Alphaville Herald on 24/07/05 at 4:56 pm

OK, Jack Thompson is turning up his offensive on EA for Sims 2 mods. Earlier we reported his statement in Gamespot that Sims 2 is “worse than hot coffee” and subsequent to that we posted his letter to the attorney at EA (copied to Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman etc). In his latest missive he has sent the appended letter to EA and major media outlets (like the Herald!) and copied congresspersons etc. He now has his eye on the Very Strange Sims site, which does have some gnarly sheeet, including the giant baby mods pictured above and the pic which he appended to his letter below. Be sure to see the Wikipedia article on JT. Quite interesting.

following is Jack Thompson’s most recent letter to EA. Screenshot attached to his letter:

Mr. Bene (VP, EA):

Please explain why EA doesn’t go after the copyright infringements exemplified by the below: [for others, including Congressional staff on the blind email list, only scroll down if you want to see this graphic material that Electronic Arts is collaborating with the “mod community” to place on the “T” rated Sims 2 game:

One more thing: one modding site allows parents to tone down the sexual content in the shelf version of the Sims 2 University Pack so that kids can play it. What does that tell you about the unmodded sexual content of this “T” game?

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One Response to “Big Babies and Strange Sims”

  1. RB

    Jul 24th, 2005

    Amusing woman with dick pic.

    Back to the issue, what Jack (ass) fails to see repeatedly in his effort to whip up as much non-existing trouble as possible is that The Sims OFFLINE is a SANDBOX type playground. Why do you think it’s the best selling game of all time? Mr T might say loads of hidden porn, but the men in white coats are coming for him soon. What the real reason is, is Custom Content.

    The core aspects of The Sims can become tired and boring eventually, so this is where the best thing about The Sims comes in. The giant SANDBOX aspect. People can download many things for thier Sim’s houses. New floors, walls, doors, rooves (more than 1 roof) , build mode stuff, even entire houses. Then there’s literatly 1000′s and 1000′s of objects to place in the home. This is the sole reason for The Sims continued lastibility at the top still years on.

    Might i also prominently remind everyone The Sims is a SINGLE PLAYER OFFLINE product, thus individuals are only “exposed” to this oh so horrible smut if they choose to be. Unlike TSO which like TV is a mass broadcast medium and so custom content is not allowed in TSO due to many issues. Mr Thompson trys, trys very hard to find parallels between The Sims series and GTA:SA , when quite frankly there are none.

    Im not sure it’s a good idea giving Mr T yet more publicity Uri, it will surely only artificially inflate his ego and self worth even more than current obnoxious levels. But like that matters, everything is welcome at SLH, always fairly unbalanced. :)

    - RB.

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