Gosh w-hat a Surprise: W-Hats in the Middle of SL Hack Mess

by Alphaville Herald on 20/07/05 at 12:14 am

Screenshot of the W-Hat property.

Well, it looks like the recent hacking episode on SL – in effect, a hack that allowed users to view protected scripts for objects like the Seburo Compact Exploder – has been isolated and is being fixed, but guess who is in the middle of it – Plastic Duck and four other goons from the Something Awful forums, all with ties to the W-Hats.

Of course the W-Hat spin doctors (Bakuzelas et al) have been doing their PR work on the SL forums, but we already knew what they were going to say, because it’s the same thing they said when they got busted for the building giant swastikas and penises, for the griefing and virtual extortion of Anshe Chung, for the griefing of other users in SL, for their Pope assassination joke build, for their Twin Tower joke build, their murdered hooker bloodbath, etc. etc.. To wit: “you can’t blame a whole group for a few bad apples,” “we are just here to have fun”, “the bad people have been kicked out the group”, “the swastikas are Hindu symbols of good fortune”, yadda yadda yadda. And the funny thing is that the granola crunching, fattie huffing, virtual thug huggers at Linden Lab probably believe them! Either that or they are too busy banning critics from the forums. Oh well, we hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. And told you so. And told you so. And…

16 Responses to “Gosh w-hat a Surprise: W-Hats in the Middle of SL Hack Mess”

  1. Baku

    Jul 20th, 2005

    I think the only spin doctor here is named Urizenus.

  2. Neal Stewart

    Jul 20th, 2005

    I like Masakazu Kojima. She’s one of the two W-Hat Officers (Bakuzelas Khan is the other). Readers of her SL forum posts will note she’s exceedingly level-headed, generous, and tech-savvy. I tend to believe everything she ever says.

    Pass the fattie? :D

    – Neal

  3. Shei Domino

    Jul 20th, 2005


    I’m a member of W-Hat and I didn’t use the hacked client or even talk to anyone who did until after the fact. You’re blaming me and my friends in W-Hat for something we had no part of. I was freindly with Plastic Duck too, but I have no respect for what he did. You guys have a lot of nerve saying “I told you so,” like this is proof that W-Hat is pure evil or something.

    Scripts belonging to W-Hat members were also stolen, by the way.

  4. rather not say

    Jul 20th, 2005

    I am an ex-W-Hat and I got banned for doing what Masakazu urged me to do. He said the same line then, it was not W-Hat it was just one individual. Everyone then turned on me on the SA.com forums.

    I wouldnt trust any of them as far as I could throw 10 meter high prim. Masakazu may not have participated but I know for sure he knew about this happening more than a week ago.

  5. Feem Lomax

    Jul 20th, 2005

    In the 1930s, American Lawmakers in California passed a series of statutes that led to the legal search for and eventual sterilization of individuals who were believed to be ‘feeble-minded’ after failing an “intelligence test” which relied upon knowledge of pop culture icons of the time.

    Americans sure are stupid. [img-rolleyes]

  6. rather not say's pal

    Jul 20th, 2005

    Hey there I’m a good former friend of rather not say.
    Rather not say has anger problems and really needs to get on with his life instead of still trying to pull crap and piss people off. No one believes you, you’re a sad, sad shell of a person.
    Rather not say needs to stop blaming other people for his own problems and things that he needs to learn to control in himself. Rather not say probably should go away from the internet and other people in real life for awhile to think about his life and why it sucks.
    Rather not say probably really thinks this is really funny, while the rest of us just go “wtf” and keep thinking worse and worse of him.


    Jul 20th, 2005

    This is incredibly good and unbiased journalism.

    Oh and Hi Plastic Duck, you tremendous faggot.

  8. montserrat

    Jul 20th, 2005

    this is very interesting. you can build swastikas, with their subtexts about racial hatred and factory-style extermination of people, you can do that in SL, and romanticise it, but you can’t open your mouth to say anything about the FIC.

    prokkie perhaps you should start attaching your messages to swastikas, to avoid being shushed.

  9. One Song

    Jul 20th, 2005

    Montserrat your totally right there. It’s all bullshit hypocrytical shit thats the bottom line. Ironically I am the one that defamed the W-hat back in the day, and took that screenshot u always see whenever a story is about the W-hat.

    Power to the W-Hat!!!

    W-hat fan
    One Song

  10. Shrike

    Jul 20th, 2005

    As usual, another shitty article on the Herald. Still upset over being banned from the plot?

  11. Urizenus

    Jul 20th, 2005

    I got banned from W-Hat property? News to me. But by all means, ban the Herald. Ban the press. Then let me know how that works out for ya.

  12. Verbena

    Jul 20th, 2005

    Let us all not forget though, that the person who reported the exploit to LL first thing was…umm…one of the founders of W-hat. Such a horrid group they are.

  13. Shrike

    Jul 20th, 2005

    Ban the press? laffo. You guys as a legitimate press, well, that’s news to me.

  14. Mr F.

    Jul 21st, 2005

    I thought the dead hooker thing was funny.

  15. montserrat

    Jul 21st, 2005

    hey shrike

    if ya think the herald is not legitimate press
    why don’t you stop posting yer moronic poser
    comments here? i mean why would ya be wastin
    yer time like that on the damn paper? i mean its not like
    yer SAYIN anything.

  16. Dusk Faulkland

    Jul 22nd, 2005

    It would do well for the herald to pick a new picture of Baku, seeing as oh… it hasn’t looked like that for quite a long time. Infact, there are even better and far more offensive things out there now. Check it out!

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