Jack Thompson: “Sims II is Worse than Hot Coffee!!!!”

by Alphaville Herald on 23/07/05 at 8:18 am

Just yesterday we were predicting that “the other shoe tree” would drop on EA in the wake of major media discovering dirty mods. Today it is not only dropping, but it looks like a full-on Imelda Marcos shoe tree full of trouble. Gamespot is reporting that Miami Attorney and anti-gaming activist Jack Thompson has taken aim at the Sims II, claiming that it is WORSE than GTA San Andreas. OK then.

It seems that Thompson thinks the blurred privates in the Sims are occluding genitals that are actually there. EA Vice President for Corporate Communications Jeff Brown has responded that this is “ridiculous” and contends that what is blurred is a Barbie-style genital free zone. Despite the fact that Jeff Brown says this it is probably true, but the problem, as we predicted, is that the distinction is far too subtle for the average person to sort out, and functionally it doesn’t make a lick of difference (in each case one merely needs to download a simple mod). This whole thing has me completely stressed out. Think I’ll steal some cars and shoot some hookers to calm down.

4 Responses to “Jack Thompson: “Sims II is Worse than Hot Coffee!!!!””

  1. RB

    Jul 23rd, 2005

    1) Jack T. is a nutcase for thinking such things let alone making a big deal about it.

    2) It’s no different from the blur used in TafkSO. Awaiting staunch “there’s no sex in Sims 2″ claims from Jeff B i am then. Oh wait, that’s a major part of Sims 2….ummm….well, waiting for a different claim from him then. :)

    - RB.

  2. eek amouse

    Jul 24th, 2005

    Someone should foreword a copy of the article on W-Hat’s dead hooker room. Theres nothing better for sales than right-wing outrage and grandstanding.

  3. zipster

    Jul 24th, 2005

    People will judge by the company you keep. Perhaps you should check his Wikipedia listing before you join the fellow’s crusade…

  4. Urizenus

    Jul 24th, 2005

    who here said they are joining the crusade?

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