Major Media Discovers Dirty Mods!

by Alphaville Herald on 22/07/05 at 1:45 pm

TSO modded with the Kingware Nude Skin Patch

Well gosh golly, it looks like the NY Times, the LA Times, and Hillary Clinton have finally caught up with Clickable Culture and have discovered dirty mods for Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas!

The GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee mod is a bit different than the usual fare, because it requires using a terms of service violating program to unlock a subprogram that is already in the software, but functionally (from the users perspective) there is exactly zero difference between that and a mod that does all the work, like the wildly popular Nude Skin Patch that is almost universally used on Teen rated (13+) The Sims Online.

No doubt EA is please with this turn of events because it has been getting reamed by Rockstar Games– the makers of GTA, and their own video game (The Godfather) that is supposed to go head to head with GTA is so far a bust, but they ought not to get too giddy about this.

Earlier our contributor J, reported on what a joke the ESRB is, not that anyone except Tech TV paid attention, and the ESRB itself told J to get lost. But now J is in law shool at Pepperdine, and is all tight with the Dean of that school, who happens to be one Kenneth Starr, and one can only wonder when the other shoe tree will drop. Meanwhile we pine for the good old days when video games were restricted to good clean fun like stealing cars and shooting hookers.

2 Responses to “Major Media Discovers Dirty Mods!”

  1. Joe Public

    Jul 22nd, 2005

    as some european commentators have pointed out this whole incident highlights the hypocritical aspects of american Kulture…it’s ok to shoot people in the head and rape them virtually, but having a little consensual sex is banned? (or showing a bit of tit on prime time tv)

    Didn’t the Roman empire implode from this sort of unbalanced mindset?

  2. tminus

    Jul 23rd, 2005

    Its just out of control the Hot Coffee situation has gotten. R* is known for leaving good easter eggs and to be fair they should know better, but even they couldn’t predict how big this has come. The ESRB’s decision to up the rating is the least of the problems right now. Take 2 is now facing possible charges for insider trading and the modding community is now waiting in the calm before the storm amidst a possible dent in future modding. For a really good retrospective on the issue see . R* has now officially stated that the material, in a less than cohesive form, existed on the retail disc. It has been reported in the news outlets as a myriad of different versions ranging from an unlockable feature to a download that you can buy. The GTA community just hopes it doesn’t diminish the creative content of future GTA titles. For now the mod has been pulled by its creators to support R* and the modding community.

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