Photo Essay: A Day at the Races

by Alphaville Herald on 27/07/05 at 2:58 pm

I suddenly had an urge to see auto racing in SL, and checked my events list on the off chance there might be such, and what do ya know, there was! I dropped in on the Tahiti International Raceway which is floating up above Tahiti Isle. As you might expect, sitting above a Mall is lag hell, but the race track is cool, and the racing scripts (I believe written by Gremlin Glitterbuck) are very nice — keep track of average speed, order of finish, etc. This has some potential. More pics follow.

Screw the Indy cars. Screw formula one. I want that!

Uri checks out the pit.

And if your vehicle is crap like mine and breaks down, there is this rig to pull it off the track.

2 Responses to “Photo Essay: A Day at the Races”

  1. Walker Spaight

    Jul 28th, 2005

    yeah but how was the NOISE? i was once at a NASCAR race in New Hampshire, and the most glorious thing about it was the NOISE. nothing else makes a noise like that.

  2. Urizenus

    Jul 28th, 2005

    I confess that the .wav files could use some work. The cars sound a bit like remote control model airplanes.

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