Post Six Grrrl: montserrat Snakeankle

by Alphaville Herald on 15/07/05 at 4:51 pm

The Herald is happy to present to you this week’s Post Six Grrrl, montserrat Snakeankle! Monsterrat is not only a very beautiful woman, but she is also a writer for the Herald who arrived here in February and enjoys writing and admiring things that other people do, without actually doing them herself. We at the Herald would like to take a moment to thank Marilyn Murphy, the publisher of Players Magazine for these wonderful pictures and those of all of our Post Six Grrrls.

heyas, peeps! i know that montserrat is a mouthful and most people just call me mont or something like that, which is fine with me. montserrat is catalonian for ‘the jagged mountain’ if you’re curious. i’m a reporter and ranter for the second life herald, and i get in trouble regularly.

i first saw the moonlight here in February of 2005 and weirdly enough it was the trees that impressed me. the trees had a way of swaying so quietly, it made me think that there really was air in SL. my favorite place was, until recently, a certain rock in brownlee. unlike many peeps in SL i don’t like to build etc ( i mean jeez, peeps, i could *go to WORK* if i wanted to go to work). mostly i just enjoys myself writing about and admiring the stuff that others do.

this peep knows who she is: i am an intense person. this is the kind of thing where if you like me just how i am, you call me passionate, and if you don’t, then you say i’m crazy or somethin. this is also fine with me. if you look for me, you will likely find me flying over open water, walking in unsettled areas among the trees, or dancing, clothing optional. things changed for me forever when i met my Master, a man o’ great skill. He conquered me on account of His kind patience and stubborn generosity. He likes me just how i am and He hath made everyone and everything else recede into a dark and moonless night: …and whichever way i go, i come back to the place where You are.

favorite fabric: prussian blue silk

favorite way to unwind: go somewhere and hear really good music of any kind with mr. jack and a little beer

most delightful discovery in SL: the tinies

spiritual home: on top of any cliff that overlooks the sea, especially in a big gale or storm

favorite t-shirt: FREE PROKOFY NEVA!!!

favorite jewelers: bluestone

favorite hymn: jerusalem (william blake)

favorite clothes: canimal clothing, sloots, the lair, dyoland, to name just a few.

turn ons: my nipples were born to be bitten

favorite morons: the extremists of Jessie, especially that pro-war blonde blathering canadian guy: there?s a rubber room in heaven for you, old man, and it looks a lot like Berkeley, CA.

favorite editors: walker and uri

favorite crazy nuthead ranter: prokkie

favorite music: i listen to lots of stuff. i am drawn to intense stuff. i love nusrat, a sufi singer. i love dick gaughan, who sings Scottish music of stunning beauty. i love the ballades of johannes brahms. i love stevie ray vaughn, especially a song like texas flood.

favorite poetry: t.s. eliot?s ’4 quartets’ for one & i have a weakness for anything dark like the irish poem ‘grief of a girl’s heart’

thank you marilyn for this experience, and also for thinking that i?m pretty enough to be a post six girl.

HAD I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with the golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams beneath your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams…

–William Butler Yeats

go in peace, guys.

21 Responses to “Post Six Grrrl: montserrat Snakeankle”

  1. Urizenus

    Jul 15th, 2005


  2. Walker Spaight

    Jul 15th, 2005

    i always said writing for the Herald was good for you. now we know.

  3. Prokofy Neva

    Jul 15th, 2005

    Sigh. I’m only reading this for the articles of course *cough*.

    “The roses had the look/of roses that are looked at.” I’m sorry that we lost mont to the Dark Side. She would have been better in the Light. mont is hawt. She fills out that FREE PROK tee very nicely too : )

    P.S. Why don’t girls in SL have more bush? I’m puzzled about this.

  4. marilyn murphy

    Jul 16th, 2005

    well, prokofy, i am delighted to see such a nice and short posting. so much so i am going to reply with a more lengthy explanation in an attempt to answer that question.
    every skin changes a girls face. when a lady shops for a skin, the primary concern is what her face looks like in it. then she considers what the rest of her av looks like. the really attractive female avatar is a happy combination of skin and shape that results in a pleasant or interesting face.
    this can be interesting when working with nudes. i have encountered squarish aureola, out of focus pubic hair, seams that simply draw lines on her, massive splotches of unusual color and on and on. but the face looks nice.
    so the consideration as to the size of the bush is like 3rd to 5th place in importance when a lady chooses a skin. also, it does appear that most skin designers simply make small patches there.


  5. Urizenus

    Jul 16th, 2005

    I thought it was because the models shave.

  6. RB

    Jul 16th, 2005

    Nice background image as mostly usual. But to me all the women are the same, just with different heads and hair. Kinda boring after awhile.

    - RB.

    p.s you still access the old yahoo Uri? Just wondering.

  7. marilyn murphy

    Jul 16th, 2005

    rb. if you merely page down and look at the last 3 post sixx girls, and really bother to look, i dont understand how you can say that. unless of course your ability to discern detail is so poor u think that women in general are just distinguised by different heads and hair.

  8. Urizenus

    Jul 16th, 2005

    rotfl, Marilyn maybe you can throw in some naked tinies or furries.

    RB, I’m almost never in YIM these days.

  9. Pendari

    Jul 16th, 2005

    hehe.. Don’t say things like that RB. Marilyn might use someone like me next time.. then you would *really* be scared! =p

  10. montserrat

    Jul 16th, 2005

    i dunno. i’m gettin this feeling that prokkie should be our
    next post six person……

  11. Urizenus

    Jul 16th, 2005

    i just love the links that google adsense chose for this post 6.

  12. RB

    Jul 16th, 2005

    I know. So unrelated. Goth and punk rock links. hahaha.

    Uri, maybe it’s just coincedence then that when there’s an error with the blog layout and it’s messy, i send you a message and the blog is back to normal the next day.

    OnTopic: Oh, i do notice all kinds of detail. But from a non-biased outsiders view, i see the pics posted here and i can honestly say all that changes is the background image and the womens head & hair. And maybe the breasts are bigger or smaller. It’s like all these virtual models come in base moulds and are just customised a bit to suit the individuals tastes.

    - RB.

    p.s Uri check your msgs least once or twice a week. takes only 5 mins each.

  13. marilyn murphy

    Jul 17th, 2005

    omigod!!! its astounding!! RB has discovered that(gasp) that avatars in sl come in base moulds and are just customized a bit to suit the individuals taste. alert the media!!! wait..uh..ok, n/m.

  14. it's true

    Jul 17th, 2005

    I agree with RB as far as all the post six girls look they all have the same exact body or very similar that is because marilyn remakes their body for them before they model and marilyn does not like anyone with too big of tits or ass you gotta be a stick basically.

  15. Queenie

    Jul 17th, 2005

    Hmmm….my avie is hardly a “stick” and Marilyn liked me! Matter of fact as I have stated in another previous thread, she did not ask me to change a single thing.

  16. marilyn murphy

    Jul 17th, 2005

    thats horse shit. go ask any of the post sixx girls you can find what modifications i made to them. that is just uninformed. and specifically as to your specific statement regarding big tits and ass look at megeara a couple weeks ago.

    this is ridiculous. this whole train of reasoning is that you want variety. last weeks post six girl was a kitty cat girl. a few weeks ago she was an undead girl. what your saying here is that you want some girls who go around in a granny suit, or as a blimp, or some other outrageous variation that is not commonly viewed as attractive to the western world.


  17. Cindy Claveau

    Jul 17th, 2005

    I’ve sat in on Marilyn’s photo shoots over the last month, and I can assure those of you who have no clue that the only advice she ever gives on change is if the subject has a feature they’ve distorted out of proportion — otherwise, she shoots them *as is*, as they are, since that represents their personality much more accurately than trying to force them into some mythical “cookie cutter” mold.

    Honestly. Sometimes I wonder if some people really know anything about how avatar polygons work in SL, and how limited they are. Doesn’t it tell you anything that when we make a Poser animation, we have to drop back to a Poser 2 model — 4 versions back? That’s what SL requires. It has nothing to do with Marilyn’s remarkable skill with SL photography.

    Until you’ve been in front of her lens and seen for yourself what she can do, have a big can of stfu, k?

  18. montserrat

    Jul 17th, 2005

    i feel obliged to say the following:

    marilyn is a brilliant photographer with a great eye.
    i am honored to have worked with her.

    marilyn, however, did not do ANYTHING to my avi.
    in fact, when we first talked about post six, marilyn
    was very clear that she did not want my avi touched
    or changed in anyway. she said that she wanted the avi to look
    just as it was the day she saw it.

    this being said, i find it difficult to believe that marilyn
    has been roaming SL re-arranging avies to suit her
    purposes as some suggest. it is a silly idea, and
    an insult to a very talented and creative artist.

    why do people insist on having stupid attacks in public?

  19. Zephiri Xevious

    Jul 17th, 2005

    I also must step up and say that in all the times I’ve posed (personal pics and Players magazine) for marilyn she’s never asked me to change a thing and I have a rather generous *grin* frame. She does wonderful work and is very dedicated to making sure her photos are pleasing and professional. I believe its more of a reflection on how we feel we must be seen by others that influences the models own choice of appearance.

  20. montserrat

    Jul 18th, 2005


    they ALL go into the dark.

  21. Lusty Millions

    Jul 20th, 2005

    well i was a post six gurl and she didnt redo me so i dont know how u come off sayin she redoes everyone because she dosnt she didnt modfiy me in any way keep up the good work marlyn :) you rock girl

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