Post Six Grrrl Elaine Marlowe

by Alphaville Herald on 29/07/05 at 3:49 pm

The Herald is happy to present to you this week’s Post Six Grrrl, Elaine Marlowe! Elaine is a very busy person who recently opened up an all-male mall in the Fundama sim, and evidently understand the pains that all of us guys go through to attempt to find good clothing! I’d like to take a moment to thank Marilyn Murphy, the publisher of Players Magazine for these wonderful pictures and those of all of our Post Six Grrrls.

Hi! It’s Lainey, Elaine or that well know spelling mistake Elanie. I also get called Bella, hun, Mrs Marlowe and a few other nice things besides. Most of them are complimentary!

When I arrived in SL I was quite determined that I was going to enjoy myself as much as possible and I am glad to say that has happened. I’ve made a lot of good friends and helped a lot of new girls with hair and make-up. Lately things have become very busy with the creation of a new male only mall at Funadama called ManHunt.

The mall is quite special because it caters for guys. I noticed that when I tried to buy things for a male friend I realised that guys had it a lot harder than girls when it came to shopping. A few weeks ago I bumped into Jens Pacer who thought my idea for a male oriented mall was a good one. So much so he agreed to build it. Now we have been open just two weeks and we are nearly 90% let.

I really enjoy meeting new people, helping them and chatting on here. I suppose it makes a big change to leave the hum drum of real life behind. So if I am at the mall I always stop and ask if they need assistance.

Pretty early on I developed a taste for shopping like most girls do in SL but soon realised that the initial amount they give didn’t go very far. At least it didn’t in my case so a job was essential and I picked up one quickly at Dark Secrets as a dancer. So one of the first people I have to thank is Stefano Steele who gave me that opportunity and I have only just moved out of the club’s employee house.

Currently I don’t have a significant other in my life though I am sure that a few guys would like to be, strange as it seems they haven’t actually asked. So I have few names in my pocketbook that I like to hang out with and who treat me like the lady I try to be.

favorite fabric: leather. I love my leather skirt.

favorite way to unwind: go to Tuvan and watch the sunset or sunrise.

most delightful discovery in SL: I got paid for dancing.

spiritual home: Tuvan.

favorite t-shirt: A UK one that I wear when I feel proud to be British.

favorite jewelers: bluestone

favorite hymn: Amazing Grace

favorite clothes: Swaffette and Pandora who I have modeled for. Oh and Kyrah for her latex gear.

turn ons: Seeing guys using our new mall at Funadama.

favorite morons: Any that come into a dance hall and let off a bomb that throws us all outside. Anyone that uses guns. I mean what’s the point?

favorite people: Phil, Bren, Pan, Swaffette, Mia, Wld, Max, Matt, Leon, Kal (god Paige is so lucky), Ash, Piper, the devine Miss B, Kate, and a big thanks to jens. Since this was written add Marilyn and Cindy too.

favorite crazy nuthead ranter: Dogs Roo and his dog death. They crack me up.

favorite music: anything that makes me shiver really. Being Scottish I like Runrig, Annie Lennox, I like anything really from the Corrs to Zee Zee Top.

favorite poetry: Scotland’s Bard Robert Burns Ae Fond Kiss.

Thank you Marilyn for this great experience, and for the opportunity to talk about myself and plug the new mall. When is the next pool party?

The Herald sincerely apologizes for the delay in this week’s Post Six Grrrl being posted. Upload problems forced back the posting a day. We apologize for any anxiety this may have caused anyone.

7 Responses to “Post Six Grrrl Elaine Marlowe”

  1. seldon metropolitan

    Jul 30th, 2005

    whew. I can finally relax.

  2. RB

    Jul 31st, 2005

    1st pic looks a bit odd for some reason. Something not right about it.

    2nd pic looks pretty good though. Great BG.

    Also 1 day aint ganna make a difference Uri. Not like these people are paying you for exposure or something. heh.

    - RB.

  3. Matthias

    Jul 31st, 2005

    Uri? I didn’t realize Uri had anything to do with the posting of the Post Six Grrrls ;-)

  4. Walker Spaight

    Jul 31st, 2005

    Well, Uri is the publisher, so he’s ultimately responsible for *everything* that appears herein. Also, as I recall, what he has to do with it is that he pays your salary…

  5. Cindy Claveau

    Jul 31st, 2005

    Elaine! It’s great seeing you posted here. You have such a beautiful avie, and you’re an even more beautiful person — well, in person :)

    For guys who are reading this, do check out her mall. Seriously, she has the answer for all of your hair, skin, and clothing needs somewhere in that place. This has been needed for a long time.

    I’m a Scotland-ophile. My life’s goal now is to hear Elaine’s brogue for myself :)


  6. Ian

    Jul 31st, 2005

    Oh my god you made me wait a day to jerk off to some avi porn .

    Get a life.

  7. Doug Kavanagh

    Aug 1st, 2005

    Congrats on the article Elaine and in those pics you are as stunning as ever :)

    I have been to Elaine’s Manhunt Mall more than a few times now…I truly like the onestop shopping aspect considering I hate to shop and having to fly all over SI to find something…as most of us know the guy “stuff” here is somewhat limited as compared to what the ladies have access to – Elaine’s creation here provides the convenience of having much of the Men’s oriented, high quality items at your fingertips…besides having a lady’s opinion readily available is a plus ;)

    Congrats again on the article!!!

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