Skin Review: Logan Bauer

by Alphaville Herald on 31/07/05 at 8:51 pm

The Herald has decided to take a bit of a break from the five skin reviews originally planned as our first five to review a couple of other skin makers first, some well-known, some not, and some known better for other things altogether. Today, I’m reviewing a male skin by Logan Bauer. Logan made his skins quite a while ago, but they are still available, and while not the most popular skins, some still wear them.

Just like some of the other skins we’ve reviewed in this series, the first big shock about this skin is its price: for variations with three different colors of hair (both underarm and pubic), this skin is only $L1000. All skins are sold modifyable and copiable (and face-less) so that you can modify the rosiness of the cheeks, etc and save the different variations. A version that comes with a fully-modifyable skin tone (commonly known as a mod-skin) is only $L1500 for the same three hair variations.

Though this skin is nice for some things, it does strike me as pretty cartoon-ish. It is obviously hand-drawn, though perhaps some prefer this look. The head doesn’t blend perfectly into the torso (as can be seen above), which is unfortunate. Though the torso-to-leg transition is close (closer than another skin that the Herald has reviewed), it doesn’t quite make it. The seams down the arms are also quite obvious.

The back of this skin is actually very well-done, though the lines are perhaps a bit too well-defined to be realistic. I don’t want to know how big someone’s butt would have to be to cast that definate of a shadow, but it must be about the same size as Jennifer Lopez’s (if not larger). The shading does get a bit dark at times on the back, as well.

Certain readers of the Herald will be glad to finally see a “larger” patch of pubic hair on this skin. That is one of the things that, in my mind, makes Logan’s skin moderately unique. Sure, it has problems, seams and shading being the two main ones, but for a skin that has well-defined muscles and is obviously fully hand-drawn (not at all photosourced) and with the extremely low price tag that this one carries, the old saying that Chipsen used frequently last week, “You get what you pay for,” comes to mind. I give this one two out of five stars because though it does have problems, the price makes up for it.

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