Herald Phunnies #3

by Alphaville Herald on 14/08/05 at 10:08 am

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  1. Lance Mirabeau

    Aug 14th, 2005

    …why are you still making this crap?

  2. Frans Charming

    Aug 14th, 2005

    Maybe because he enjoys it.
    And there i’m sure there are more readers like me whom enjoy them aswell!

    keep up the good work!

  3. One Song

    Aug 14th, 2005

    I think the funnies are the lamest thing the Herald ever resulted to. No offence intended but please for the love of God kill the damn funnies, cheers!

  4. Roberta Dalek

    Aug 14th, 2005

    These really aren’t very good

  5. Ranius DeMorrella

    Aug 14th, 2005

    Lance Mirabeau shut up, its good comedy, just appreciate it or ignore it but dont insult it.

  6. Urizenus

    Aug 14th, 2005

    I like them because they remind me of Hugh Beumont jokes. You know… what did Hugh get for his birthday? Answer: 6 golf balls and a cardigan sweater.

    I also like them because they shed light on everyday life in SL.

    I also like the fact that people bitch about them. That’s how I can tell they belong in the Herald!

    But I’m not gonna say I die laughing when I read them.

    And yeah, if you guys got better, show us yours, lol.

  7. Brian Mifflin

    Aug 14th, 2005

    My intention with these are more of an expression of everday life in SL than anything else. Hamlet Linden worded it great when he said it was a comic blog. It is, and that’s how I view it. Any laughs I get are icing on the cake. Bear with me if some aren’t meant to be funny, or even if they are, the jokes are only visible to my friends and I.

  8. Urizenus

    Aug 14th, 2005

    Yah, it probably creates unfair expectations when I bill these as Herald Phunnies, so as usual it’s my bad, but crimey, what am I supposed to call them. Oh right, comics. Sort of like American Splendor comics, for example. Same idea: graphic illustrations of mundane every day life situations that sometimes make you smile and sometimes make you scratch your head and think you must be missing something.

  9. RB

    Aug 15th, 2005

    How bout call the comic daily life in second life? Cause it’s not a comedy at all, more of a snapshot of events most SLers experience at one time or another.

    - RB.

  10. No one of consequence

    Aug 15th, 2005

    Constructive criticism:

    I concur with the other posters that the comics are indeed ‘not funny’. ‘Look at the newbie!’ cracks are fairly lame in any context, and generally will only be ‘got’ by folks that play your game. However, instead of slaying the comics entirely, perhaps there are ways they may be improved?

    For example, currently we have comics that resemble a quick, punchline+rimshot joke. There’s alot of space for setup, but this is generally wasted with a cheap joke. I would suggest working on a more story-based comic form. For example, more character development into the currently faceless/nameless builder-guy, as well as the addition of other recurring characters based on SL stereotypes. For example, a Mafia-type guy, a fashion diva, an ‘escort’, a zealous Alliance-guy, various furries, nonhumanoid freaks, etc. By this, I don’t mean just stick different avatars into the picture, but to actually flesh out their backgrounds and motivations beyond the a one-sentence stereotype, then throw them into comedic situations together.

    Another point of improvement could be on the background setting of the comic itself. We have a plain grassy plain with no features in the landscape. Perhaps a more appropriate environs for our nameless tinker could be a strangely decorated laboratory with all sorts of odd things occuring in the backround? Or even a sandbox area, where we can see newbies working on other projects in the background (which could make for background gags).

    Finally, my last suggestion is very simple – Exaggeration.

    Seeing a furry stuck on a Katamari ball, with the furry swearing to kill the creator: Cute.

    Seeing a Katamari ball rolling throughout the world, with panels of the ball rolling over and picking up various SL landmarks that people recognize, love, and hate: Better.

    Seeing a Katamari ball, with those landmarks still stuck to it, picking up that 5-story tall furry while rolling over the Furry Island: Hilarious (from my sick sense of humor, anyway).

    Seeing same furries with pitchforks and torches beating a path through the apocalyptic landscape, Mad Max-style (complete with hockey masks, shotguns, and junker cars), on a quest to kill the builder of the Katamari: Icing on the cake.

    Point being, it’s not the comic style is neccessarily bad, it just needs alot of work in the writing department.

  11. No One Else Of Consequence

    Aug 16th, 2005

    Have you looked at Plywood yet?

  12. No one of consequence

    Aug 16th, 2005

    Plywood ain’t too shabby. Nice link.

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