Invasion of the Virtual Body Snatchers

by Alphaville Herald on 21/08/05 at 6:37 pm

Most sorry for the delay in reporting this, but I was up at the Herald duck blind in Canada when the story broke and only just found it. Many of you will recall Chipsen Queso’s highly positive review of Asri Falcone’s fashion show. Now it seems that her account was hijacked and another mystery typist has taken posession of it. The situation may have resolved itself by now, so any updates would be most welcome. When the story broke it looked like not only was she out $630 US in game dev awards, but it cut off her main source of real life income, since she lost control of her vendors. I’ll refrain from editorializing until I hear the current status of this case.

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  1. Asri Falcone

    Oct 8th, 2005

    hmmmm well its october 8th and the update is alls well :) i was able to recover most of my funds from ige and LL but not all. I was able to cover my bills so i wont be set out. The total taken from me over the duration of the hijacking was aprox. 2,400usd of wich i recovered 1,300usd. I really wanna thank everyone for thier support in this issue….thank you!

  2. Urizenus

    Oct 8th, 2005

    Thanks for the update Astri! Can you fill in some of the details for us? What actually happened, how were you able to get LL and IGE to give your stuff back, what happened to the perps, etc.

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