AD: Nota Bene, Second Life’s Notary

by Alphaville Herald on 18/09/05 at 8:02 am

Now you can sign documents securely in SL. Notarizing guarantees everyone agreed to the same thing, and gives you a verifiable receipt with the signatures and original document.

Building Contracts
Employment Agreements
Land Leases
Oaths of Office
Neighbor Policies

Come to Nota Bene (Thyris 14,178) for details, instructions and sample documents. Touch any banner there for help.

Notarizations are protected against any tampering with modern, cryptographic techniques.

SL Mediators offers dispute resolution services that can easily be incorporated into your documents.

Look for Nota Bene events: Workshop covering contracts, document preparation, and special agreements. Or, IM Zarf Vantongerloo.

*** This is a paid advertisement. The Herald has no opinion on the product or service being advertised, and cannot vouch for the nature of its content. ***

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