Fashion Show Review: Adriana DaSilva

by Alphaville Herald on 26/09/05 at 12:01 am

by Matthias Zander

Tonight, I attended a fashion show presented by the SABORLATINO group for a designer I had never heard of, Adriana DaSilva. When Mariposa Martinez, the host, first walked out on the stage (shown above in the Seniorita Gown), I began to immediately think that I would definately have to shop at Adriana’s store for my newly SL-wife, but decided to wait through the rest of the show to see. SABORLATINO hasn’t gotten the best reviews from the Herald of any agency – did they improve this time? How did the rest of the designs fare? Continue to read on in Adriana DaSilva: The Good, The Bad, and The Horridly Ugly to find out. ;-)

The show this evening seemed to be divided into three parts: a lingerie group with all the models, then a bit of an outfit section with all the models, and then finally a set that was half bikinis and half formal dresses, including two prim dresses. In the same way, I’ll divide this review into three sections – The Good, The Bad, and The Horridly Ugly.

The Good

This sexy blue lingerie set (that I never caught the name of) looked great on Dakota White, the model, and surprised me with the fact that the seams actually mostly matched! That’s an incredibly hard thing to do, so I was very impressed when this rolled out onto the runway as the second outfit of the evening.

The “Lillies and Lace” set, also modeled by Dakota, was an outfit that surprised me. Before it rezzed, I didn’t think I’d like the combination of grey and white at all, but it grew on me while on the runway. The detail on the top is awesome, though the skirt could still use a bit more work and could be more detailed.

The Bad

OK, in “The Bad,” I’m going to focus on the models themselves, not the clothes. This pose that is shown here was WAY overused tonight, and really should be deleted from the inventory of anyone who has it. The knee in the air is horrid, ESPECIALLY when wearing short skirts (and this pose was used by ladies not wearing panties and wearing short skirts). It’s bad when you see multiple models use that same pose every single time they’re on the runway in the same night. A diversity of poses is a good thing!

I’m going to go on a bit of a rant here, so bare with me. Models and model managers always complain that fashion shows are laggy. Well, do you want to know why? It’s because of the hair like the hair DON’T that I have a picture of up above. That thing has got to be AT LEAST 100 tortured prims attached to the back of her head, and could be done just as effectively without all the torture. Please, models, before you complain next time, take off your precious bling (yes, that includes particle poofs), your high-prim hair, and any attachments that listen in open chat! Everyone’s life would be so much less-laggy.

Finally, there are just some models who shouldn’t model certain types of outfits. I won’t name names here because I don’t particularly want to embarass anyone, but more heavy-set (or realistic, if you wish to call it that) models really shouldn’t model lingerie, bikinis, or even non-prim skirts because of the way that SecondLife renders the mesh. I know that some agencies don’t want to have models change their shape at all because they want it to remain the model’s shape still, but is it too much to ask to get them into a shape that a bikini such as this would look AMAZING on? It wouldn’t take that many tweaks to do.

The Horridly Ugly

OK, My first thought when I saw “Lime Cubix” modeled by Sophie Stravinsky was that someone had torn down the curtains from their windows from the 1970s and turned them into a skirt. I’m totally serious here. This is a MAJOR flashback, and it’s not a good one in my mind. It’s an interesting (and very unique) idea, but it doesn’t work. Sorry, try again.

Hmm, I don’t really see any detail in this outfit (called Sherbert Belted and modeled by Honor Lehane), do you? I mean, there’s a bit in the skirt, but that’s about it. Other than that, it’s completely and totally detail-less. My huge problem with this outfit, though, is in the model’s choice of shoes and pose. The shoes remind me of ones that would come with a Barbie doll, and the pose only enhances that. I hate to say it, but throw that pose in the trash can, find some better shoes, and find an outfit with some detail, please. Sorry, try again.

When the designer IMed me before the show and I told her I’d be honest, I honestly wasn’t kidding at all. In that vein of truth, I’ll give you my first thoughts verbatim when this “Sunshine” outfit (modeled by Blayze Raine) came out on the runway and rezzed for me. “What baby took a dump all over the front of her pale yellow dress?” Adriana, I’m sorry, but the “bows” on the front of the dress REALLY need a lot of work to look passable. Those don’t look like bows at all to me – they look like streams of some kind of putrid liquid coming down the front. I’m sorry, but I can’t even give this one a “try again.” It just needs some SERIOUS work.

In Conclusion
To be honest, the fashions in the show tonight averaged out to just about a “so-so” in my book. There were some that I absolutely LOVED (the Seniorita Gown being foremost among them), and some that I can’t even begin to think to call clothing. The main problem with the show was the models, to be brutally honest. They seemed like they needed a LOT of training, even though they’ve been working that same stage for months now. Models, WEAR PANTIES, especially if you’re on stage in a short skirt. There was one model that I was panning around to try to get a good angle, get a slight upward angle on, and WHOOPS I was looking up her skirt without even trying, and everything was exposed to the SLworld. Second, diversify in your poses, models. That’ll make for a much better show next time. Also, learn to count and move in coordination – the times when there were two models on the stage at a time did NOT go well. Finally, and this is a HUGE thing in my mind, DO NOT MOVE WHILE POSING! It only looks tacky, especially when you move from pose point 2 to pose point 3 while in a pose, drop it, and then go into your first one for that pose point! Ugh, I almost clawed my eyes out when a certain model did that tonight. I honestly hope that SABORLATINO works hard, takes my suggestions constructively, and has a great next show.

Rankings for the evening:
Clothing by Adriana DaSilva: 2 1/2 Stars
SABORLATINO models: 1/2 Star

13 Responses to “Fashion Show Review: Adriana DaSilva”

  1. jalyssa domela

    Sep 26th, 2005

    I was there and even though most the clothes didnt rez for me i have seen them many times…..and ALOT of her clothes are fabulous….of course like most designers there are some that are “OK” but i really feel that adriana can be the next big thing. She matches her lines up almost if not perfectly unlike alot of the big name designers in this game. I mean i have spent my share on clothes that look hot but then when really looking at the straps or sleeves or what not ….they just dont even come close. Adri you did good. Yes alot of the models sucked. I think ppl should judge for themselves though. =) love ya sis

  2. DW

    Sep 26th, 2005

    Thank you for the input Matthias.. as with any model I do appreciate well placed, well put and honest suggestions. Regarding the pose issue and moving, however, I Honestly agree with you. However, most models are told (and this is not just with SABORLATION agency) that you move from pose to pose without dropping it.

    The thought behind this is to make a smoother transition. Agreed you should not move when doing such, but that at times this is even difficult.

    I have no idea which model you saw that made you wish to claw your eyes out — but this model can tell you that I found myself “stuck” in poses several times and saw my body in some horriable contorted position. Only moving seemed to solve the problem.

  3. Matthias

    Sep 26th, 2005


    Having modeled for almost a year and a half myself before retiring recently, I know what you’re saying about getting stuck in poses and making a smoother transition.

    HOWEVER, the worst instance of moving while in a pose (the one that made me wish to claw my eyes out) was the model keeping her final pose from the second pose point, moving to the third pose point, holding it for around a second and a half to two seconds, dropping it, and bringing up a new one around 5 seconds later. That’s not getting stuck in a pose, that’s just plain bad modeling.

    As for a smoother transition, that’s easily done using a mix of front poses and back poses. If you need more detail there, feel free to contact me in-world – you know how to contact me hehe.

    Honestly, I do hope that SABORLATINO improves. I know some think that I’ve been too mean with this review. That’s their own choice. I’ve provided what I feel to be constructive criticism for both the designer and the models. Whether or not either entity chooses to take that criticism and apply it as I suggested is their own choice – I can’t FORCE you to do anything. For the sake of the designers whose clothes you will be modeling, though, and for the sake of the people who will watch, I do hope that Mariposa and all of teh SABORLATINO models will take this criticism constructively and actually make changes.

  4. Shirley

    Sep 27th, 2005

    I agree with the review these clothes are from ok to just plain horrible the only dress i like is that spanish looking one, as for the others no thanks not for me – down right ugly, no detail and worn poorly by the models shown above.

    jalyssa – i agree with that yes there are some top designers that dont match seams up too well or straps etc but at least what most of the top designers have out there don’t look like shit. it’s passable shit not like some of these horrid outfits. I’d rather have a not matched strap that hardly no one will notice than have it look like a bird shit on my dress like the green one pictured above.

    as far as the models – if i was this designer i would of made sure these girls knew what they were doing beforehand, your trying to sell your product these girls represent it and from the sound of it did a worse job than what the clothes look like. i hope the designer knows better next time around.

  5. Matthias

    Sep 27th, 2005


    To be totally fair, there were some outfis that I absolutely loved, but couldn’t get clear pictures of because just as the outfits finished rezzing for me, the models started moving and I couldn’t get a good picture.

    As stated above, there are also some that I honestly didn’t like. I do regret that I couldn’t get pictures of some of the others (the light blue prim dress modeled by Mystique Suavage being a good example), but c’est la vie.

    You’re entitled to your opinion of these designs, just as everyone else is. =)


  6. NudieOneCanobie

    Sep 27th, 2005

    HUmmmm looking for all the Haters who posted Clothing line…Enter Search here ___haterware__ hummm not seeing it..

  7. Mariposa Martinez... Huge Huggies!!

    Sep 27th, 2005

    Well hello everyone.. Huggies to all…I do not generally write , nor read the Herald so this is just a few things I would like to point out.

    First and foremost as SL keeps growing and expanding with new avatars, there has been a huge range of a big bootie popping generation.

    Yes I do not believe in telling the models to change thier height nor thier body structure… that is what makes them unique. As unique as each and every avatar that will go to the shows we do and purchase clothing we showcase here in SL.

    Why have a bunch of wafer thin models come out on stage and then have an audience that have full figures looking at them, and having to wonder how these designs would look on thier body structure.

    I believe in keeping it real. We have enough to deal with in RL with teenagers going bulimic & anorexic in because they want to look like those models on the front covers of magazines. And many of those models bare the scars of having these conditions themselves, to be able to keep thier skinny figure and thier job.

    Hell we are all here to have fun and a good time, and to try our hand at new and diversified things that we are able do in game. that perhaps we may never have the oppurtunity to do in RL.

    All I know is that as far as the models and the Sabor Team, we are like family. I never belittle anyone, and hold the upmost regard and respect for thier needs in RL as well as in SL.

    If u have a good relationship with the staff they produce and always come through for you in a time of need… As 3 models did for me in this show.. Last minute fill in’s for models that got hung up with thier RL. And Matthew and I always make it a point to Thank them and show our Appreciation… ” We Thank You All For All Your Hard Work.. And Your Loyality”

    Understanding that RL always comes first is the key to a GREAT TEAM!! One that will always stand behind you.

    Respect and true friendship and acting my true self in game, has gained me the upmost respect and loyalty in Second Life. From the models , to the designers and to just plain folk, enjoying thier time in game. To me those are more important things.. Those are the things I focus on not who’s waistline is not thin enough, or who’s hair is more primmy or what designer puts out the best clothes for us to grab hold of.

    Doesn’t matter to us, for we model for the love of doing it and enjoying ourselves while doing it.

    As far as designers go … we will continue to model for all designers may they be veterans or newbies branching out … we all have to start somewhere.. just as the Top Designers did.

    Adriana DaSilva is a wonderful designer, showing HUGE potential to becoming a TOP Designer.. The Senorita Gown I am wearing in your opening picture Matt , shows that… Give her a break ..I have seen some HORRORS as u put it, made by many Top designers in game.. Everyone has thier own taste…what one person may not like someone else may love…

    I strive to bring realistic looking people and to bring upcoming designers names out to the public. That is how I choose to run my agency.

    No one is perfect, Yes we get stuck in poses , or have silly things happen, while doing a show… But u know what.. we are real enough to laugh at the silly mishaps that happen..I do not seek perfection nor do I demand it from others. You know why? Because this is a game, one we play to enjoy ourselves, loyality, dedication and honest friendship is what keeps SaborLatino working and maxing out sims for every show.

    It’s the quality of who u are the loyality you show and how others percieve you to be and the compassion you have for the human feelings that ly behind the avatar .. that make a bond no article can tear down.

    I am proud of my team, and proud to say that I have never had to really go to a designer to look for bookings, I get all of ours by referrals and from those designers that choose to come to our shows and see what a Great Team we really are…

  8. Matthias

    Sep 27th, 2005


    I totally understand that RL sometimes intervenes in the lives of the models. I’ve been in enough shows myself to know that RL intervenes pretty frequently. However, I don’t really see that as too relevant to what I had said up above. You said there were three fill-ins – out of the 9 models (if I counted correctly), I’d say that around 5 or so could have used more practice. That’s just my opinion.

    You said, “The Senorita Gown I am wearing in your opening picture Matt , shows that… Give her a break ..I have seen some HORRORS as u put it, made by many Top designers in game.. Everyone has thier own taste…what one person may not like someone else may love…” I totally agree with your first statement here. As I said up above, I love the Seniorita Gown. That’s why it’s featured in the article. Some of them, though, as I pointed out, suffered a bit more. I re-read the entire article after reading your comment, Mariposa, and never saw myself use the word “HORRORS” to describe any of the dresses or designs in this show. I called three in particular “Horribly Ugly,” yes, but that’s not quite the same thing. As to so-called top designers also having bad days, once again, we’re in agreement. Those bad days, though, don’t make it to the runway most of the time.

    You also said, “I strive to bring realistic looking people and to bring upcoming designers names out to the public. That is how I choose to run my agency.” The way you choose to run your agency is your own business, Mariposa, and I don’t think anyone would argue otherwise. I would offer the advice, though, that it could be good to be sure those realistic-looking people have the proper training before sending them out into a laggy runway situation. Upcoming designers can also be great. New talent can be a great thing for the community. However, if a publication (such as the Herald) chooses to review the show/fashions and offer constructive criticism (which is what I have done here), it might not be the worst thing in the world to listen to both the review and the comments! I have to compliment Adriana on that. She and I had a lovely conversation the other day after this was first posted, and she reacted VERY well to my constructive criticism.

    “It’s the quality of who u are the loyality you show and how others percieve you to be and the compassion you have for the human feelings that ly behind the avatar .. that make a bond no article can tear down.” Mariposa, I guess you didn’t really read anything that I said. This is all constructive criticism. Whether you take it to heart or not is your own choice, but that is all that it is. I offer suggestions, and then you choose whether or not to implement them – though I think that SABORLATINO could be a much more effective agency if some of these things were done.


  9. Mariposa Martinez

    Sep 27th, 2005

    Well Matthias I guess with only one show under ur belt in ur own agency who I may add has been around quite a bit .. and got good reviews from the Herlad when it was done ” of course” makes u feel your an expert in constructive critisim ..I would like to see your team doing flawless work as u said u strive for perfection.. so put some shows out there for all of us to judge as u seem to like to judge other agencies not only mine.. *grins

    Constructive Critism is one thing ..consistant baggering is another..But hey you are entitled to you opinion *smiles

  10. PetKa

    Sep 27th, 2005

    Two words.. “a disgrace”.

  11. Matthias

    Sep 28th, 2005


    Perhaps you never got the memo. As part of my retirement, I have nothing to do with Cloud Nine anymore unless Seraph (who I left it to) specifically needs help, and even then, it’s only minor involvement. I also never said I was “an expert in constructive criticism.” What I said was that that’s what this is intended as, and should be taken as such.

    As to wanting to see Cloud Nine do “flawless work,” I believe her next show is next Friday at 4:30 game time. I won’t be there myself because RL will be creeping up, but I’m sure that it’ll be a good show.

    “Constructive Critism is one thing ..consistant baggering is another..But hey you are entitled to you opinion *smiles” I didn’t realizing that reviewing around one PUBLIC EVENT per month or two was consistant badgering. I call that trying to better the entire modeling community by offering suggestions.

  12. Shirley

    Sep 28th, 2005

    i don’t see where matthias is consistently baggering here, as i see it he gave a fair and honest review of the product and the models, i was there (should of clarified this in my first post) the models did an awful job sorry but its my opinion and seems to be the opinion of most others, the clothes like i said there were one or two that i really did like but most were just awful – again my opinion does not mean you have to agree with it. i do not think there was enough time and effort put into the show or the details of the clothes that was obvious.

  13. anonomous

    Dec 8th, 2007

    fashion has even become hard to find, i was searching the other day for a bloody ruffled skirt and they “apparently”don’t sell any in uk!Annoying!

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