Getting Your Burn On

by Alphaville Herald on 09/09/05 at 10:50 am

Walker confronts The Man

There’s still one more weekend to go before the third annual Burning Life festival gets wiped from the face of Second Life. By now, of course, you’ve missed most of the virtual hallucinogens that were being handed out on the six Burning Life sims, as well as the wild cybering we hear was going on in skytents that hung far above the virtual desert. But the Herald looked in as the party got under way on Monday, and spoke with Vicero Lambert, builder and burner of the man himself, as he stood ready to light the fire under Second Life’s you-know-what.

[UPDATE: Burning Life has been extended another week! Builds will be up until September 19, according to the SL forums.]

Vicero Lambert

Vicero, who in RL does Web developement in Washington State, spent three weeks putting the man together ahead of the event, basing his work on his real-life experience of the Burning Man festival held every year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Built from “way too many” prims (about 200), the man began burning at 3pm on Monday, much to the delight of the assembed, who packed the sim to its limit of 40 and even managed to squeeze one or two extra avatars in.

Burn, baby, burn!

According to Vicero, the man will burn “till the sim is destroyed or my items are returned.”

At Burning Man in Nevada, Vicero designs work for Camp Subline, a theme camp devoted to modern, structural works of art. In other words, “a camp with style,” Vicero said.

The wonders of virtual worlds were not lost on this veteran of the event’s real-life analogue. “Burning Man and Burning Life are in my opinion totally different,” Vicero said. “Burning Life is a better way for people who can’t afford Burning Man to be able to make art so that everyone may see it. And you can do anything at Burning Life. Burning Man is so restrictive.” Really? “Well, they no longer allow motorized vehicles on the playa.”

Vicero surveys his destruction

While the burning of the virtual man himself got off to a slow start, the particle effects and technoesque dance music soon had the crowd oohing, ahhing and shaking their virtual booties.

Burning Life’s Dance Dance Revolution

Ashes to ashes, prims to prims

Though the man himself has been burned, there are still several dozen art projects spread over the six Burning Life sims to see.

Wandering Yaffle asks, “But is it art?”

Creations range from pirate ships to the hand of God, political statements, inside jokes, a really fun Bouncey Castle, abstract sculptures, a Hiroshima memorial and much much more, including a sculpture of Second Life’s main man, Philip Linden.

Philip Linden at his Burning Life desk. The button reads, “Press to crash any random sim”

41 Responses to “Getting Your Burn On”

  1. Mr Fairplay

    Sep 11th, 2005

    “Philip Linden at his Burning Life. The button reads: Press to crash any random sim”. OMFG ROTFLMAO.

  2. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 11th, 2005

    You know what’s scary Mr. Fairplay? We were sitting around in my club in the Sutherland Dam and having a chat about the economy, and I said something about Philip glutting the land market with like 20 sims all at once on the auction which then Anshe had to buy, and wasn’t that terrible when whoops, damn, all of a sudden the whole sim crashed for no reason, it’s a sim that never crashes, ever. and there were only like 6 people on it. The image of the Burning Life desk came up to mind, only with the sign, “Press to crash YOUR sim” ROFL.

  3. jauani

    Sep 11th, 2005

    yeah! linden lab is not upholding their responsibility to give a free ride to land traders who cannot adapt to a new system that no longer functions on artificial scarcity! to make matters worse they are spying on prokofy and crashing his sim at just the appropriate moment to stifle dissent!!!!!

    rolls eyes.

  4. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 12th, 2005

    Rolls eyes. Jauani doesn’t have *any* sense of humour *whatsoever*. His taking of things like this literally lets us know his intelligence level. Since I’m not a land trader, these remarks about LL supposedly “not giving a free ride anymore with artificial scarcity” have come to the wrong address. In fact, the address they should go to is Mr. Jauani Wu, Second Life, as *he* is a land trader, and traded more widely, and with difficulty, before tiering down and disappearing for awhile, and then re-emerging to buy on the auction but then get merged into Cyberland where he is reportedly still “very much in the loop” with his “expertise”. No doubt he saw a good time to get out of land dealing off the auction based not on scarcity — there’s no scarcity of land in SL ever — but based on the perennial human hope that somewhere there is pretty, non-ugly land where the views will hold.

    So much of Jauani’s lament and taunting seem rooted in jealousy or angst of some sort that he was in the land-trading business but it didn’t do so well. So other people who do things like renting and making communities must infuriate him because they found some way to make the artificial virtualities of the game useful and even profitable. Like I said, grow up, Jauani.

  5. Mr Fairplay

    Sep 12th, 2005

    Hehehe, interesting stuff prokofy :D

  6. Antje

    Sep 12th, 2005

    Interesting stuff eh, Blaze?

  7. jauani

    Sep 12th, 2005

    actually prok, the land trading business turned into a service industry. some events in my RL have made RL a lot more lucrative than sl, and make it undesirable for me to chase L$ directly in a deflated land market. cyberland offers the ideal mechanism to participate in the land market under the new conditions.

    if my RL career ever gets ruined permanently, maybe i will join you in the rental market.

    nice try with your guesses, though.

    btw my advicse on views holding – buy the view.

  8. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 12th, 2005

    For others, the land trading business isn’t only the service you imagine, they just evolved to managing islands and creating content and communities on them *shrugs*. You didn’t. Gee, duh, RL is more lucrative for all of us, Jauani, and the fact that you can even put it in those terms lets me know just how ridiculously you contemplated making this game any kind of income. Maybe for college kids and housewives with parents or husbands to support them? Not for most people tho. Um, Cyberland, as wonderful as it is, has to chase those same L$ in the same deflated land market lol.

    You don’t have to try to slam and belittle someone and claim their “RL career is ruined permanently” to examine whether doing a rentals or land business is worth it. I think most grown-ups conclude that this game is only a part-time business at best, at that their own labour cost is never able to be factored in properly.

    Um, I buy the view, yeah. That’s what holding the view means. It’s not possible on the mainland to buy 16 worth of sims to look in every possible direction for 512 meters. That’s why dealers have moved to the islands. I prefer the challenges of the mainland for various reasons.

    I continue to maintain that your harassment of me on the forums and SLH is rooted in jealousy and insecurity. I can’t imagine what else it would be rooted in. People who are secure in their own first and second life choices and situations don’t feel the need to go in a game and slam another person and lie about them as you do. One of the really awful sides to the Internet is that it can aggrandize a pathetic persona like you far beyond its merits.

  9. Joe Public

    Sep 12th, 2005

    “People who are secure in their own first and second life choices and situations don’t feel the need to go in a game and slam another person and lie about them as you do.”

    Hah! Yet another priceless Prokofyism!!!

  10. jauani

    Sep 12th, 2005

    1> you were complaining about the land glut… duh. the land glut doesn’t affect value added businesses, so i don’t know why you bring them up.

    2> you claimed to know the what and why of my affairs. in fact you wrote two entire paragraphs of fiction. i was simply explaining that part of my motives was RL is more lucrative now. it has nothing to do with you or anyone else. to state simply, i was a college student, now i am not. nice try to slam me but it’s you who is ridiculously trying to make this game into an income seeing as you are a full time SL slumlord and crackpot critic.

    3> cyberland does chase L$, but the scale of cyberland allows one player to do the L$ chasing for all investors as partners, rather than each player doing it individually in competition. DUH. if you can’t see the advantage in that, you should probably pack your bags for the next VW scam you have planned. you clearly don’t understand economy well enough for this VW.

    4> a part time business where ones own labour is not factored in properly is throwing money away and a stupid business plan. that is why many small land traders merged under cyberland… duh that is why what you do is a hobby… duh!

    5> prok, all you do is slam other people. it is not you who is being harassed here, but me. first you targeted me on the forum about tier donation and now on the herald with your dr.phil style psycho analysis. i don’t know why you hang on to all this bitterness about our disagreement on the 10% tier scam. i wish you would see the light and speak out against it as well!

  11. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 12th, 2005

    The land glut affects many people. It causes ordinary holders of small parcels to sell in a panic, it drives people of all sorts, even barons, to liquidate and move to the islands or go over to Ansheland. Because the land-glut affects the entire economy, it affects all businesses. Geez, that ought to be fairly obvious. It’s why you folded your tent there for awhile and got out of YOUR business.

    I’m not sure where you get the idea that I am “trying to make this game into an income” or that I’m a “full-time slumlord”. I don’t have slums. I have parcels for rent and they’re actually pretty nice, with nice houses on many of them or houses that residents build themselves. Not any slums that I’m aware of. Your constant need to hack and slash at me as a “tyrant hobbyist” and a “hobbyist housewife” type lets me know where your securities and inadequacies like. When you keep slamming me in this way, I fight back and ask you pointedly where’s your job, college kid. You even heckled me in the game asking me if I was on “disability” or some other kind of support — absolutely not true — as if that would somehow disqualify me anyway, geez.

    Um, duh, I get it about Cyberland, I’m a big investor there, duh. And I probably know more about virtual economies than you do just because I live and work in the SL economy more than you do. What of it? What makes you so special, Jauani?

    I don’t see what I do as a hobby. I see it as a business. I don’t expect it to turn some huge profit and if it breaks even or even loses it is still a business and still interesting to me. I also have non-profit projects too. Many people work their whole lives and dream of opening up a bed-and-breakfast some day. In SL, you can do that before retiring and with a fraction of the start-up capital.

    What the FUCK does it matter what I do, Jauani? I want a Second Life. I’m entitled to it. I don’t have to justify what I do in it to you or any smart-assed asswipe fucktard who gets a kick out of being cruel to other people. I don’t have to wheel out my credentials, explain my RL finances or SL finances to anyone. Fuck you. My business is a pretty open book to anyone who joins the group, and it’s not some scame or intrigue or fake cover for a pathetic hobby as you think it is. It’s just my Second Life. Again, fuck you. Go do your own Second Life and fuck off.

    There is no “scam” in the 10 percent tier or any incentive the Lindens currently give land dealers as you well know. It is hard work, the customer service is intense, it has numerous expenses, and it is not the cash cow everyone imagines but has very slender margins as you well know, and terrible risks. So get off it, Jauani, go make your own Second Life and stop taking pot-shots at other people.

    I marvel how a hectoring asshole like you who began a slam on the forums against me, calling me a tier donation pyramid schemer and scammer, even in Hotline to Linden links, can get on here with a straight face and accuse me of the slamming. Jauani, you just discredit yourself with being the lying sack of shit that you are. People see it, and note it.

  12. jauani

    Sep 13th, 2005

    can you stop projecting your personal psychosis on me, mr.potty mouth? if you have insecurities, take them to your therapist. thx bye

  13. Antje

    Sep 13th, 2005

    Oh people “see it” alright Prokofy.

    They see you try to hide your bullshit, windmilling attacks on other residents, for everything from their religions to their business dealings, behind this “I push back” line of caca. You are the bully. The longer you continue, the more obvious it becomes to all. Thank you for that.

  14. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 14th, 2005

    I’m happy to serve it right back up to you, Jauani, the problem with a bully like you in this game is that nobody ever fights back, they just retreat to their sim, because ultimately, they’re not here to play your game, they’re here to play their own game. And I don’t mind being a windmill, my cause is just. I think it’s right to question anybody who might be trying to instill some sort of questionable religious cult in SL under the guise of interdenominational dialogue, and it’s right to question any businesss in SL given the lack of transparency and any kind of regulatory forces beyond the often hopelessly inadequate Linden TOS.

    And I’ve long ago decided that the only way to fight the bulllying, hectoring, lying, tendentious, posturing, power-mongering heart of darkness of this (and other games) is to be willing to fight it relentlessly, even at the expense of appearing to be discredited along the way and losing battles time and again. It’s OK. I don’t need to look good doing this and I don’t need to win friends and influence people doing this, either, but just take a moral stance. It’s not pretty calling Jauani a lying sack of shit, but you know, he *is* a lying sack of shit and pretty much anyone who has had to deal with him closely realizes that and is silently applauding me right now. My work here is to slash at the pernicious weeds — yes, my favourite word is pernicious — growing on the forums and here and in the game so that other, more moderate and diplomatic voices can come behind me and not wear themselves out on the weed-whacker job : )

  15. jauani

    Sep 14th, 2005

    i like your claiming of some kind of ambiguous constituency! the funny thing about your tirades si you aren’t talking about me, you’re talking about yourself. and that is why you are my favorite clown. i sometimes have a tough time believing you are even serious. for the first half of your exploits in sl, i thought you were a carefully crafted piece of performance shock art. that you aren’t is the sad part. really, take my advise, talk to your therapist.

    uri, i’m pretty dissapointed you allow this potty mouth to post such explicit libel on your website.

  16. jauani

    Sep 14th, 2005

    i thought your favorite word was “hectoring.” which one is it? people want to know!

  17. pandastrong

    Sep 14th, 2005

    DUH, Jauani, you pernicious weed!

  18. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 14th, 2005

    But I *am* a carefully constructed piece of performance shock art, Jauani! It’s just that the best pieces of performance art are done with the utmost sincerity and are able to get the most jaded and cynical to suspend disbelief and begin ranting wildly about my need to visit “my therapist”. Whoah, there little doggies! Get a grip, Jauani, it’s a game.

    P.S. That Prok, whatta character, eh? Hehehe.
    P.P.S I hope you are nicer in RL than you are in SL, but that wouldn’t be hard to do.
    P.P.P.S. You are still a lying sack of shit.

  19. jauani

    Sep 15th, 2005

    you can’ t be sincere and doing a performance at the same time. you can be sincere about performing, but not about the content of the performance without it no longer being a performance.

    i was “ranting wildly”?? when was this?

    you have yet to identify a single lie i have allegedly made. for continuing these attack YOU are the liar. but that’s not news :D

    i can’t believe you could suggest i’m not nice… i’m a shining example of a gentleman

  20. Aimee Weber

    Sep 15th, 2005

    Jauani you have lied before! Remember that time we were talking about the Woman’s Wear Daily interview and I said:

    “I gave her my RL name”

    Which you reported an hour later as:

    “Aimee herself said she didn’t give a reporter her RL identity”

    Is reporting the opposite of the truth technically a lie? Was that even you? Things get very confusing around here.

  21. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 15th, 2005

    I’m sincere. You’re not. Everbody who is sincere themselves know the difference.

    Here’s the lies you’ve made — to cite but a few.

    ) that I “forced” Anshe to leave the group — she left of her own accord when I a) pointed out she was busing in tenants b) planning to close the group c) plotting in a shadow group-within-group

    2) that something called the Prokcocoa committee did officer recall–not true

    3) that I engage in a pyramid scheme — anyone wishing to get a complete report of my tier donation program and its benefits can contact me inworld for a notecard — this is a blatant lie — there is no scamming or scheming here

    4) you’ve been ranting every night about bolsheviks and coups and communism and all the rest — you’re like a caricature of what people think I am LOL.

  22. jauani

    Sep 15th, 2005

    1> you did “force” out anshe by completely not cooperating to her goals in a group she created and you were invited to. and you continue to persist in that beviour.

    2> the prokocoa committee did begin the officer recall. a minor issue, but nevertheless, that is what happened.

    3> i never accused you of a pyramid scheme. you took that label upon yourself. i merely said that tier donation is a scam and you are perpatrating it. i also illustrated how tier donation does not benefit the consumer.

    4> now that is a blantant lie a> ranting – when infact i’m multitasking and just chatting, b> every night – when in fact some nights i don’t play and a few days i was out of town, and c> communism – i haven’t typed that word in conversation in at least a year.

    wow talk about drawing blanks. that’s what she said…

  23. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 15th, 2005

    ? I consider myself an equal to Anshe as a group member, not a minion on sufferance in a group — whatever the largeness of her business and the magnificence of her skills. Her goal of suddenly thrusting elections on everybody was not first proposed in the officers group, gaining their support, but suddenly thrust on them with hardly any discussion, in cards she drafted up herself with her britsurfer — with almost no time allowed for these persons running to be known. I had hell to pay just getting the ever-coquettish Aimee to explain her position on the Jeska modeling issue — she kept saying she’d reveal her position only AFTER getting herself nominated to the slate of officers for election. Imagine! And there were actually people in the group heckling and jeering over that, claiming she should have that right to disguise and hide her real positions UNTIL nominated and not have to answer to public questions.

    FINALLY she answered that she felt it was a bit “off” or whatever, and that was good enough for me and I invited her to be an officer to show that I viewed that building consensus among officers on concrete issues and inviting them in was the way to go, rather than elections held with masses of bussed in people not even following the issues. She then immediately turned around and vowed that she would make it her goal to fight to remove me from the group. So this is the kind of antics that Anshe tolerated and encouraged in this group to achieve her purpose of using me as a lightning rod then sacrificing me when she needed to appear “more moderate” lol.

    Honestly, Jauani, you’re unschooled in politics. You’re just blundering around being an asshole because you think it’s “fun” and “kewl” but it’s just stupid. Grow up.

    There is no Prokococo committee and they did not begin recalls, and in any event, recalls are easily worked around by just leaving the group and getting back in with a crony, as you and panda did, so what’s the big deal?

    You indeed used the word pyramid scheme, and even here, you continue to blatantly lie and libel me with this claim that tier donation is a scam. It most certainly is not, and you are either stupid and uneducated or just a blithering idiot libeler who can’t look at the facts.

    Tier donation at the level I have in my groups of 512 or 1024 does indeed benefit the consumer and is indeed a savings. Look at my tier donors and my standard schedule of prices before you make up crap like that. I don’t deal in these huge half sims deals that you have for rentals, Jauani, and if you want to look at me with a straight face and tell me you informed each and every one of your big high-end long term leasers that they were paying not YOUR discount YOU get from bulk tier but REGULAR tier, well, then….but that’s exactly what I do. And obviously no informed person is going to rent a 16,000 parcel at the regular LL tier price instead of my LL dollar price, duh. And that’s not what we’re talking about. A 512 is *free*. Anyway, why bother to try to report the facts to you? You’re determined to discredit me and will find any way. You’re just plain wrong about the tier thing tho because you are looking at it not through the eyes of customer care and service as I do, but through the eyes of the exploiting land baron as you do.

    Shame on you!

  24. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 16th, 2005

    Aimee, um, go to the other parts of the blog, hon, and read my excellent argumentation against your sophistry over the WWD article. When you tell a reporter not to use your RL identity, and we report it as “Aimee didn’t give her RL identity” — meaning Aimee didn’t give PERMISSION to use or expressed a PREFERENCE NOT TO USE her identity — that’s not giving her identity. You don’t get little brownie points for giving the reporter your identity technically…but then saying “don’t use that because I have stalkers”. Bleh. These mediocre little cunning ways are more and more exposed, Aimee, give it up. For you to keep up this literalist sophistry is really unattractive. Like your fake outrage and “proof” that you are not “a favourite” because your tendentious and even malicious question about selling freebies wasn’t answered. I hope the Lindens NEVER answer that one!

  25. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 16th, 2005

    Jauani, your memory is fault and it must be all that multi-tasking. Not only did you type the word “communism” in the last year, you typed it into a proposal to be voted on in the group which did not pass, I might add, claiming tendtentiously that there was a “Prokococo” committee which was bolshevist and communist in nature, etc. And look at the group transcripts, where you also rant in your fake theatrical way as political sport about the bolsheviks, etc.

  26. Aimee Weber

    Sep 16th, 2005

    Prok I would never hope to convince you nor do I care to. I just want people to see the nature of your statements of fact.

    If you say:
    “Aimee herself said she didn’t give a reporter her RL identity”

    What you really mean is that I did INDEED give a reporter my RL identity, AND I gave her permission to print it albeit with a preference for anonymity.

    You don’t have to defend yourself Prok and I think it’s admirable that you don’t try to slide out of it by calling your statement an error or a typo. You have steadfastly stood by your statement as TRUTH. I just think it’s instructional to give the readers some context about how you view the truth, particularly while you call somebody else a liar.

  27. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 16th, 2005

    Aimee, I certainly stand by my statement because the essence of it is indeed true: you did not give the reporter carte-blanche permission to use your name — she did not, you asked her not to.

    That’s the essence of the story and the truth of the situation.

    What part of that is “a lie”? There isn’t any part of that that is “a lie”. You’ve tried to wriggle out of this and claim that by technically giving this reporter your name you get all the credit anyone would get for *actually giving permission to use a RL name* as some have done occasionally with these media stories. (Didn’t she have to have it to call you on the phone in the first place? or if it was all on email, didn’t she need to ask for it just on background to verify you were who you say you are for her editors?).

    Your sophistry and cunning literal-mindedness in pursuit of your hold on your ingame position knows no bounds. You can keep writing all kinds of letters in caps, but nobody has to resort fo fake “slide-outs” of “typos” or “errors” when they have *you on the record and the reporter’s story itself*.

    The story does NOT give your RL name. You admit you asked that you preferred that it NOT be given. Therefore your claim that you”gave a reporter your RL identity” DOES NOT HOLD WATER — BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T GIVE IT TO BE USED PUBLICLY DUH. Again 1) story has no name 2) you admit you told her that you preferred not to use it. Therefore you just don’t get life credits or game credits or any credits anywhere for wriggling out of this with a literal-minded alibi that technically, you gave her your RL name. Obviously, any reporter will have started out with your RL name to even call you for the interview in RL anyway, duh.

    Let’s look at the real issue here: you’re merely trying to trip me up on some technicality involved in putting over your little technicality and overlooking the larger issue of the truth of this situation. You’re doing that merely to portray me as “a liar” and wriggle out of your own cop-out.

    You did not wish to have a reporter use your RL identity. Understood. That’s your right. Then shut up about it, and stop trying to gain points for giving your name on background — that doesn’t count, hon.

    And I suspect you didn’t give your name not only because you’re afraid of stalkers. You’re afraid your RL — if anyone, ranging from a critical journalist to a zealous stalker were to examine it impartially –it might not pass muster somewhere. I can quite sympathize. Nobody in this game should have to withstand that kind of hateful scrutiny that the forum FIC brings to their examination of other people in this game, given their propensity for stinging harassment and invocations of people’s real or perceived RL weaknesses as a mode to weaken their position in SL.

    Are you afraid of the monster you have helped to create, Aimee? I hope so.

  28. pandastrong

    Sep 16th, 2005

    Hey Prok! Webster called, he wants some words back.

    lol duh

  29. jauani

    Sep 16th, 2005

    you are correct in this one irrelevant instance. i did use the word communist. but i never used communismas you claimed. so nice try with your gotcha, but in a truely prokoky defense, i’m going to have to call you out on your unethical politicking.

    also, i don’t rant unless it’s about suburban sprawl. are you a suburban sprawl? wait don’t answer that. too much info!

  30. Aimee Weber

    Sep 16th, 2005

    Good lord, Prok, calm down. It’s not a big deal. I think when readers see my words in the transcript followed by the words you CLAIMED I said, they will be able to make their own interpretation about the meaning of truth.

    Your volumes of explanation are hardly necessary but they are certainly welcome. It’s vitally important for your readers to know that when they peruse your statements of fact, they shouldn’t expect the truth to be spoon-fed to them in bold, unambiguous language. Rather, they should take pause, examine carefully, and search for the subtle ESSENCE of truth that lies within every line.

    You do your readers a great service in revealing this to them.

  31. TrannyPet Barmy

    Sep 16th, 2005

    lol caught out talking shit again Prok ?

    lmao, man are you ever going to shut up ? How many keyboards do you go through a week man with these constant reams of crap you appear to keep typing ?

    are you one of these nuttoids that lost the plot over something some time ago ? You know like your gf leaving you or something, and so as to control the level of insanity you let yourself drop to, you sit at your keyboard and just keep typing, just like Forest Gump kept on runing …………. TYPE PROK TYPE !!!!!!!!!

    you really need to sit back some time soon and read just like 10% of the complete crap you’ve been writing, it’s like childish rumour spreading and bs, but all wrapped up in an adults words …………… thats ok i guess if the only people you’re trying to fool any is those under the mental age of 10.

    TYPE PROK TYPE !!!!!

    TrannyPet Barmy

  32. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 16th, 2005

    This thread ought to be changed to “Flaming Man” as it has nothing to do with its original topic. Couldn’t Uri close it or something as off-topic and pick it up somewhere else…under perhaps a more solid piece of Herald journalism and commentary on what is happening with the emergence of all these groups and lobbyists and meetings with Lindens? I wrote a piece…but then decided to just put it on my own blog and pitch my own group because you all have decided to low-ball this issue for some reason.

    Aimee, I think *your* readers will benefit for the extensive exegisis — to borrow a Uri word — I’ve done on your sophist machinations. Those with just a little bit of education in rhetorics and politics will get it. They’ll know to watch that Aimee just a little more than they might and take her a little less at face value. You might always be able to *technically* wriggle out of some actual point of view you had…like the time you refused to reveal your platform before being nominated LOL — a completely unacceptable position in any politics, even in a highly controlled situation. You might be able to parse words with a nit picker and say really, you *did* give your identity but we can see through all that. It’s pathetic.

    All of this distracts from the really unacceptable positions you’ve been taking lately on all matter of public issues. Like your harassment of the Lindens to answer your provocative question of whether it is unacceptable or even unlawful under the TOS to sell freebies — this being, of course, a rather pointed notion to your own freebies you give away as loss leaders. Never answer this question, Lindens! Never! Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission on that one…just never say a thing about selling Linden or free stuff and we’ll all be fine. Disseminate any cultural opprobrium you wish, sure, it’s “not cool” or “lame” but do not punish people for this, it’s wrong.

    Worse, Aimee, you’ve even endorsed an SL prison sim. My eyes bugged out when I saw that…but I guess you’d have to have *some* place to put all those numerous people you’d love to prosecute — and are gunning for the Lindens to answer your question about so THEY can prosecute them FOR you — who not only sold your freebies at some innocent newbie yardsale…but who are only *believed* to or *alleged* to have sold freebies…there’d be so many that to kick them all out of the game, the Lindens would lose their website numbers so this is just the perfect plan to have to put them *somewhere* where they will learn the proper appreciation for a good solid pair of Aimee knickers at the proper price! Which is free…as long as they stay attached for ever to your economic stream…Which is transferrable or moddable…as long as they stay tethered to you to ask permission to mod or transfer it….bleh.

  33. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 16th, 2005

    TrannyPet, I didn’t talk shit. Aimee didn’t give permission to use her RL identity. She fears griefers. Can you blame her lol?

    I’m hardly one to talk about reams of typing and ranting nonsense, but I guess in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, eh?

    Jauani, are you forgetting the proposal you put out in the group ranting about bolshevism and communists and stuff? This was political theater but I’m not sure everyone understood it as such. Anyway, people just walk around the robots.

  34. memory harker

    Sep 17th, 2005



    Prok! Stop!

    Prok, you’ve got to — uh — heh, ha, HAHAHAHAHA!


    Oh please! Prok! No more! For th’ love of GAWD!

    Oh the — haHAHAHA! — the HUMANITY!

    *sniffs* *wipes tears from eyes* *shakes head*

    Oh lord, Prokofy. You slay me, sir. You —

    I am slain.

    S-l-a-i-n, I tells ya!

    *giggles, exits stage left*

  35. Aimee Weber

    Sep 17th, 2005

    I don’t know that calling attention to quotes where you report the exact opposite of what I acutally said is really a *technicality* but this horse has long been beaten to death. It will serve as a solid example of how you define truth.

    Readers should been keenly aware of differences in the way you define *many* words compared to rest of us. For example, you have made claims that you had to endure “harassment” from your detractors. For most of us, this claim conjures up some brutal images that should rightfully earn you the sympathy and support from any compassionate soul.

    But then in the message above you describe my “harassment of the Lindens” to answer my provocative question about selling freebies. I invite you to demonstrate to your readers exactly how I have engaged in “harassment” as you just spoke it, that they may know for all time exactly what you mean when you evoke that word.

    Don’t spare me my rightful humiliation by muddying the issue with paragraph after paragraph of double talk, concept redefintion, and hyperbole. Instead, let the primary sources convict me! State plainly:

    “I stand by my claim that Aimee has engaged in the *Harassment* of the Lindens over the question of selling freebies, and here are the links to prove it, in full and with context. I will say no more on the issue and let the evidence speak my words.”

    If, on the other hand, you need a lenghtly explaination about how the definition of harassment varies from when you describe my harassment of the Lindens vs. your opponent’s harassment of you, well that’s ok too. It will simply serve as a reminder to your readers to be vigilant when reading your words and to research the hidden ESSENCE of truth rather than the plain truth of your statements.

  36. jauani

    Sep 17th, 2005

    *beep* *bop* *bzzz*

  37. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 17th, 2005

    I don’t see how I’ve said the “exact opposite” of what you’ve said when I said your name didn’t reach the press. It didn’t. That’s because you asked the reporter not to use it. This is pretty self-evident.

    I think it is harassment of the Lindens to keep demanding they answer your Hotline to the Lindens question when they have defined the ground rules there as being that they answer questions that they can answer that have relevance to the community (look at their exact wording). You’ve introduced an entirely specious and tendentious issue, which is that your not getting an answer is somehow implied negligence on their part, and also some kind of proof that you don’t have favouritism — when of course you do. Your high and mighty “indignation” about these poor Hotline Lindens not answering you is really unseemly. Indeed it is harassment. And I hope to God they never answer your question. That would be best. And far from proof that you don’t have favouritism, their NOT answering it would prove to me that they have their heads on straight and get why they shouldn’t answer it OR give you special treatment and render a pronunciation affecting the entire community, including some adversely, just so you can have your little freebie loss leaders and not have some poor hapless newb sell it at a yardsale. Shame on you.

    I don’t dance on command and run around providing links. Anyone who has seen your post knows *exactly* what I mean if they aren’t the little fanboy suckups you count amount your coterie. I don’t need to make up different meanings of the word harassment to stick by my claim: you harassed the Lindens *first* by putting in this provocative, nasty question designed to gain your own advantage and harm others in the game with unnecessary disciplinary action, then by challenging their refusal to answer your Hotline, which in itself was a harassing, provocative challenge trying to force their hand on an issue they RIGHFULLY prefer not to rule on, and you did it to gain special favours for yourself. Ugh, it’s so obvious.

  38. Aimee Weber

    Sep 17th, 2005

    Rather than citing sources, you have opted to support your own statements with…MORE of your own statements! This is understanable as actual primary sources never seem to help your case much. For example, you just now stated:

    “I don’t see how I’ve said the “exact opposite” of what you’ve said when I said your name didn’t reach the press. It didn’t. That’s because you asked the reporter not to use it. This is pretty self-evident.”

    Had your original quote actually been “your name didn’t reach the press” I suspect you would feel more comfortable with primary sources. Rather, this is what was said:

    Prokofy Neva: OH, so then you feel the WWD mentioning Aimee, who didn’t give her RL name for the story, is um “desperate” of that writer? Thanks.

    Aimee Weber: i gave her my RL name

    Followed by your bold statement on SLHerald:

    “Aimee herself said she didn’t give a reporter her RL identity”

    Lets go over this one more time…

    Aimee- i gave her my RL name
    Prok- “Aimee herself said she didn’t give a reporter her RL identity” see transcript for context

    So when I invited you to cite primary sources to demonstrate my “harassment” of Linden Lab, it came as no surprise that you ran from the option like a vampire runs from garlic. Allow me! Here you can find my original question to Linden Lab posted 07-20-2005.

    After nearly 2 months during which time I said NOT A SINGLE WORD about my unanswered question, ZsuZsanna Raven decries the rapid turnaround of Anshe Chung’s hotline question as evidence of favoritism.

    The rest of my statements on the subject can be found at that link. There were three relevent statements pasted below, but please read the full thread for context:

    “If this is your measure of favoritism, can we take me off the favorites list? (unanswered since 07-20-2005)”

    “…Sometimes new users get a quick reply, and sometimes they don’t, and sometimes the “FIC” get a quick reply, and sometimes they don’t. I think it has much more to do with the nature of the question than the person asking.”

    “I’m comfortable with LL’s performance on the hotline (despite my 2 month old unanswered issue…yay favoritism!) I think if LL reached 100% perfection they would still see an unending stream of complaints on the forums”

    I said not another word on the subject. A sum total for four comments in nearly two months, some of which in jovial or complementary language.

    We need not describe your accusations of “harassment” as LIES. Instead, we should continue to instruct your readers to search for the ESSENCE of truth in your words. When reading your posts, they should resist the temptation to apply their own innate understanding of the word “harassment” and instead recall THIS EXAMPLE to understand EXACTLY what you mean when you evoke the term.

  39. jauani

    Sep 17th, 2005

    does someone have a decoder ring for the last post?

  40. Prokofy Neva

    Sep 17th, 2005

    I’m glad you’ve done such a thorough post, complete with links, Aimee, because now even the most casual reader can tell that:

    1) You feel you’re on the run and have to justify because in fact you’ve been caught with your proverbial knickers in a bunch.

    2) You’ve been forced to wriggle and writhe with this business of the journalist but anyone can see you didn’t give the lady permission to use your name, I said you didn’t give her your name TO USE, and it’s all clear. You don’t get credits for that, hon, we keep telling you.

    3) Your provocative and maliciously punitive post in the Hotline is rightly not answered by Lindens who have at least some sense of human dignity such as to not harry and harrass especially new people who sell free things, including your stuff. Too bad. Don’t put out free stuff then. And stop trying to turn it into an issue about “favouritism” when it is obviously not that. The question you asked shouldn’t be answered. They’ve done the right thing. To answer and say “we don’t have a policy” is to encourage sale of freebies which they don’t exactly want to do. To answer and say “we have a policy to prosecute that” is to be unnecessarily punitive. So what’s great about the Lindens at a crunch time like this is that they ignore you, despite your haughty reminders. It’s a beautiful thing to see. God bless ‘em. Just when I lose faith in those Lindens, they reward me with special moments like this.

    Never, never answer Aimee, Lindens. Let her writhe, she’s good at that.

    It’s not about FIC or favouritism, and your lack of an answer isn’t proof there *isn’t* favouritism, it’s just that for once, the Lindens decided to leave open a question that really should be left open. Like I said, God bless ‘em.

    We live for these SL moments. We know they might change and some enterprising old-resident-turned-Linden might feel enough of Aimee’s harassing heat to answer that question. Stay strong, Lindens!

    Nope, you’re not off the favourities list until your mug disappears from the forums page and the front page and everywhere else and we get a *rotation*. I mean, when I look at the rag mags and tabs at my supermarket checkout, I don’t see Brittany and Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton over and over and over again like on 5 magazines, I see them *rotate* at least and the cover *changes*.

  41. Aimee Weber

    Sep 18th, 2005

    You have sidestepped the point like a nimble bullfighter Prok, but that bull is TRUTH and he is coming around for another pass.

    Now that your readers understand what passes for *harassment* in your posts they can reevaluate what you may have meant when you claimed to have suffered from *harassment* (“So uh like … when somebody asks you a question, that’s like, harassment? Dude wtf is with you?”)

    We can now move on to discuss what passes for *provocative* and *maliciously punitive* in the Prokofy lexicon. DELICIOUS WORDS! I can see why you loath quoting primary sources! The reality can NEVER measure up to your furious retelling! But when the time to be entertained has passed we must all get back to the business of truth (you’re welcome to join us Prok, but I don’t think it’s your thing.

    Here is my hotline post:

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