“Anti-Griefer Patrol” is Clandestine W-Hat Operation

by Alphaville Herald on 31/10/05 at 9:45 am

It has been brought to the attention of the Herald that an SL organization ostensibly established to fight griefing is in fact an operation controlled by members of the W-Hat griefing organization, most recently responsible for crashing the entire grid. A brief review of the membership of the “Anti-Griefer Patrol” membership list will turn up several names familiar to Herald readers, including Loksr Mysterio and David Eisenberg, who we last spoke to at the scene of the W-Hat murdered hooker bloodbath build. And who can forget this exchange by those brave “anti-griefers.”

“Oh yeah, take it, take it hard” yells Loksr Mysterio, a W-Hat, pumping away at the bloody, avatar-less, furry hermaphrodite corpse. “Unf unf unf.”

“The hand twitches!!!”, one observer comments. Then, remembering it’s a furry, “Paw?”. “I KNEW I saw the foot move” says W-Hat Operating Thetan. Dave Eisenberg explains, “Yeah I made her twitch.”

Of course Mr. Eisenberg was also kind enough to explain his motivation in that story:

Neal Stewart: You mentioned before about ‘pushing buttons’. Whose buttons is it intended to push?
Dave Eisenberg: This build is generally pushing the concept of what’s allowed and isn’t in this game.

Gosh, how novel. I never heard a griefer say *that* before.

8 Responses to ““Anti-Griefer Patrol” is Clandestine W-Hat Operation”

  1. hmmm

    Oct 31st, 2005

    Aw, cut the poor kids some slack! This ia all NEW to them. Sort of like when a toddler discovers his own feces. It’s fascinating! It’s a new play toy! Let’s see what it can do!

    Not until the novelty wears off and maturity is gained will the babies quit seeing the same old shit as something new and fascinating.

  2. lol

    Oct 31st, 2005

    hahahahaha! I just cant believe you think that the anti griefer group is for serious. oh god, what a site this herald is!

  3. Urizenus

    Oct 31st, 2005

    Gosh golly, you mean they *aren’t* a serious anti-griefer group? And here I thought the worst griefers in the game had changed their stripes and decided to fight for the forces of good. Silly me. I guess the way they were humping the murdered hooker’s corpse made me think they were so deep down caring and earnest.

  4. Nauv DeFarge

    Nov 1st, 2005

    Hahaha, I was just linked to this. It’s my group, feel free to interview me about it if you please.

  5. Marsellus Wallace

    Nov 1st, 2005

    Translation: I feel left out. Someone please pay attention to me.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Don’t even bother replying.

  6. Nauv DeFarge

    Nov 1st, 2005

    “Someone please pay attention to me.”

    You seem to enjoy giving us plenty of attention, I’m sure you can spare another article. Or three. Oh, wait.

    “Don’t even bother replying.”

    Hehe. :)

  7. Marsellus Wallace

    Nov 2nd, 2005

    How original. You basically reposted my post as your own. Keep it up. If you want in the future, I’ll help you write your posts haha

    Marsellus Wallace
    I’m lovin’ it!

  8. Cinda Valentino

    Nov 8th, 2005

    So this is the Mafia whos joining forces with the Hats I’ve been hearing so much about! Looks like Mr. Wallace is gonna be paid alot of attention soon! Say it isnt so!!

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