Doomsday Book is Finished!!!

by Alphaville Herald on 30/10/05 at 6:41 pm

As uber-journalist Mark Wallace has reported on his blog, the Doomsday Book (Otherwise known as β€œOnly a Game: Online Worlds and the Virtual Journalist who Knew too Much”) is complete — coming in at a hefty 118,819 words spread over 17 chapters, it is quite possibly the longest book on MMOs that ever has or ever will be written. Meanwhile, tensions are rising in the world of online gaming. What new scandals will be exposed? What drama will be relived? What careers and lives hang in the balance? Forget Plamegate. When the history of the early 21st century is written it will not be Mr. Fitzgerald’s indictments that are studied, but rather this epic history which records the birth of a new civilization, introduces the world to new ways of living and thinking and making money — and even new ways to get off.

Meanwhile, Walker Spaight and Urizenus Sklar plan on taking a couple days off for some deep sea fishing with lobbyists for Halliburton and IGE, and then getting back to the people’s business: bringing readers their patented hard-hitting journalism while editing the most poignant, important, and yet charming virtual newspaper ever. Ever!

3 Responses to “Doomsday Book is Finished!!!”

  1. RB

    Oct 30th, 2005

    So when does the book go into print?

    - RB.

  2. Urizenus

    Oct 31st, 2005

    I think it is still supposed to come out in April.

  3. RB

    Nov 1st, 2005

    Damm. Why so far ahead?

    - RB.

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