Opus 1000: The 20 Greatest Herald Stories?

by Alphaville Herald on 30/10/05 at 6:00 pm

I meant to post a top 10 list at the time of our 2nd Birthday, but it seems that post 1000 gives an excuse that is just as good. I found it impossible to narrow the list to 10, even getting down to 20 was difficult. I’d be interested in what others think should be on the top 20 list – going back to the days of Alphaville. A lot of early posts make my list, but this is in part due to their historical importance and in part due to nostalgia. What I’m saying is that these are my choices at the moment, YMMV. –Uri

Post 36 – Interview with SSG’s Snow White
Post 49 – Evangeline: Interview with a Child cyber-Prostitute in TSO
Post 66 – Interview with Anonymous, on Alphaville’s Bondage, Discipline & Sadomasochism Community
Post 70 – History of the SSG, part 2: Interview with Mia Wallace on the formation of SSG
Post 75 -Interview with Gorean Mistress Maria LaVeaux and her Slave, Toy
Post 117 – Interview with Don Hopkins
Post 164 – Election Shocker! Mr-President Enlisted Mafia to “oversee” election
Post 454 – A History of the Second Jessie War
Post 501 – E-L-I-T-E spells drama! As dancers defect to The Deck, Big John vows: “I will burn u down!”
Post 589 – BallerMoMo King: “They Know they Can’t Fuck With Me”
Post 626 – Extortion! Anshe Chung Accuses SL Gangs of Using Criminal Tactics to Force Below Market Land Sales
Post 686 -Controversial German Designer Returns from Her 8th Suspension
Post 702 – Showdown in Street City
Post 743 – The Making of a Post 6 Grrrl
Post 771 – Extra Extra! Love, Betrayal, Seized GOM Accounts and Bannings
Post 794 -DoveVogue Drama?
Post 800 – The W-Hat Birthday: Cake, Ice Cream, and Murdered-Hooker Bloodbath
Post 846 – Editorial: Sympathy for Prokofy Neva
Post 857 – All on the Same Page: IRC Chat Logs Support Linden Conspiracy vs. Prok.
Post 916 – Post Mortem: A Brief History of the Simcast Project

5 Responses to “Opus 1000: The 20 Greatest Herald Stories?”

  1. Walker Spaight

    Oct 30th, 2005

    Post #1,000!!! woo-h00t!

  2. Prokofy Neva

    Oct 30th, 2005

    Wow, that’s 1.36 stories a day for 2 years, an incredible output for the blog world. Congrats! Well, even though I’m over-represented in that list, I’d have to say that my Selena Witch hoax really should go in any top 25 list. Also, the “Linden Phuck GOM” ought to be up there because you were the first to react and tell that particular story the way it needed to be told. Also I’m thinking Neal Stewart’s story on free speech issues and some other Neal stories are missing. Geez, it’s hard to pick. Really, you ought to have a links page by these topics you’ve bothered to tag everything with, and have them all up there in a grand archive.

  3. Post 501 is the followup to the very first article I read on the SL Herald, which was 457. I was still awestruck by flying at the time, and the piccie of BigJohn Jade was particularly iconic. I then went to Club Elite. :)

  4. Prokofy Neva

    Oct 31st, 2005

    Oops you DO have a links page already by topic head DER, it’s in the column over on the lower right called Categories — well it takes a lot of scrolling, so a more concise page with just headlines linked might work.

  5. Maria LaVeaux / Angel LaFollette

    Nov 4th, 2005

    It’s been a while since i’ve Posted, Missed you all.

    Well, #5 on the List, I’m Pleased Mes Ami. I was never very interested in Being #1, But it’s nice to be well thought of, Thank you.

    I’ll E-Mail toy (She has retired games to tend to RL, but we still love each other, and are still in Contact) she will be Pleased as well.

    Be well my friends

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