Party On! The SLH is Turning Two!

by Alphaville Herald on 14/10/05 at 7:47 am

Help celebrate at the second birthday party of that most august newspaper of cyberspace, the Second Life Herald! (And Jeff Brown thought we wouldn’t see our second month, tsk tsk.)

Hosted by the illustrious _blacklibrary, located in Second Life‘s Furness sim, the Herald birthday party will commence on Saturday, October 22, at noon game-time (that’s 3pm Eastern), and will feature–well, we’re not quite sure what it will feature exactly, except we’re hoping it will include some choice reading material from over the last year, assembled in that inimitable always_black style (with our undying gratitude, it must be said). Meet Herald Editorial Director Walker Spaight (that’s me), Herald Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Urizenus Sklar and the rest of the Herald staff (are there any left?), as well as many of the people we’ve featured in our pages over the years (hopefully). We’ll remind you as the big day nears, but for now, save the date. And expect the sparks to fly.

(Yes, Cory, there will be goldfish!)

12 Responses to “Party On! The SLH is Turning Two!”

  1. RB

    Oct 14th, 2005

    H.B to * Herald. :D

    and hah @ JB, he’ll have left his job before you do.

    - RB.

  2. seldon metropolitan

    Oct 14th, 2005

    sounds like a good time. Ill be there fashionably late for RL work.

  3. Walker Spaight

    Oct 14th, 2005

    No such thing as fashionably late. I expect people will just show up as they please. No end to the festivities is planned, they’ll just go on and on until Walker’s typist drops onto his keyboard from exhaustion.

  4. Tony Walsh

    Oct 15th, 2005

    Happy birthday you fat bastards. I hope to be able to make your shindig.

  5. Prokofy Neva

    Oct 15th, 2005

    You know, both Uri and Walker are actually svelte. They’re actually pumped. Both of them get the babes, always. It’s annoying. It’s why they get to be gonzozzz gamerz journorrz I guess.

  6. Urizenus

    Oct 15th, 2005

    Yes, but the chix don’t dig us cuz we’re steroid enhanced yet ripped adoni, nor even because we are filthy rich and wrote the manual on how to Pahr-Tay in the internet age. No, it is because beneath it all, chix can see that we are deeply sensitive, morally conflicted, and just depressed enough to be sexxxy, metaverse poets.

  7. simon Lameth

    Oct 15th, 2005

    Ill try to be there! Kewl!

  8. montserrat

    Oct 15th, 2005

    oooh. i will be there. maybe i will even WEAR something!!!


  9. Savonna Divonna

    Oct 17th, 2005

    Hmph. I wont be caught dead at such a stupid party.

    Uri, you are a pathetic bald man!

  10. Gina Fatale

    Oct 17th, 2005

    not sure if the “savonna divonna” post above is trying to make it look like the Savonna Dinova i know in game but i know for a fact its not the one I know in SL who posted that uri bald comment lol. Sorry I missed the party :(

  11. Walker Spaight

    Oct 17th, 2005

    Gina, Gina, Gina… The party is *next* Saturday, October 22nd. We just know how busy everyone’s cyberlives are, so we wanted to give you some advance notice.

  12. Prokofy Neva

    Oct 22nd, 2005

    I realize the sim will lag and crash with the numerous patrons coming to visit so I’m happy to provide spillover parties in next-door Ravenglass and Maryport lol.

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