The Wages of Play, Part I

by Alphaville Herald on 10/10/05 at 5:01 pm

Philip Linden expresses shock at finding SL residents almost as s3xxy as he is

The virtual world descended on New York City this weekend at the first ever Second Life Community Convention and the third annual State of Play conference — and the key word here is “descended.” Throughout the weekend, primal screams, neanderthal utterances and fond expressions of rutting lust echoed down the corridors of lower Manhattan, from the Herald editorial suite at the Tribeca Grand Hotel to the New York Law School, where the events were not quite held in check.

Words fail us. So we took some pictures. Did we mention they’re exclusive?

Convention organizer FlipperPA Peregrine (left) eavesdrops on Linden plans for world domination

The red carpet was rolled out for a star appearance by SL’s most fashionable couple, Neil and Nephilaine Protagonist

The highlight of the SLCC party was undoubtedly the dance contest, won by couple #12, Prokofy Neva (left) and Anshe Chung (right), despite an unidentified SL resident (maroon shirt) continually attempting to cut in.

Virtual journalists Hamlet Linden and Walker Spaight with convention organizers SNOOPYbrown Zamboni and Hiro Pendragon (l – r)

The Herald had hoped to bring you live reports from the two gatherings, but staff were kept from their work by Hamlet Linden and his entourage of groupies, who descended on the Herald’s offices just before deadline. Here, Hamlet attempts to get as horizontal as he managed at last year’s State of Play:

The Herald suite was later site of the weekend’s hottest party, attracting Second Lifers, Lindens, lawyers, cyberlebrities and Terra Novans alike. Only Pat the Rat knows for sure why Cory treated that goldfish the way he did, but Pat’s still sleeping it off.

Ted Castronova (left) waits for fellow Terra Novan Julian Dibbell to make him a better offer on the Elixir of After-Party Debauchery he recently acquired on eBay. [addition: note Terra Novan Dan Hunter trying to boost Julian's wallet.]

Ren’s new ‘do

Herald editor Urizenus Sklar: “Thank god I don’t have to drink any of that Moet crap they were trying to feed me at the Ludium!”

Not that Moet crap

Backstage at the Linden Horror Picture Show

Stay tuned for more exclusive photos in Part II of this series (including, I’m promised, Cory and the goldfish), provided Pat the Rat’s film had been developed by the time your correspondent recovers from his blood transfusion.

12 Responses to “The Wages of Play, Part I”


    Who is/are the photogs?

  2. Cocoanut

    Oct 10th, 2005

    Wow! Everybody looks so . . .well, everybody looks so . . . well, the Protagonist couple look good!

    As for Philip, I think whoever got him into that getup has finally managed to make me not turned on by him. Almost.


  3. Walker Spaight

    Oct 10th, 2005

    Hi Torley! (Pics of Jade on their way, don’tcha know.)

    All photos by Walker Spaight and Urizenus Sklar.

  4. Very kewl… thanx Walker. ^_^

  5. doug Donovan

    Oct 11th, 2005

    when is the west coast convention? *sulk*

  6. Dildo Baggins

    Oct 11th, 2005

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… is that first photo one of King pHil about to give a blow job to proky?

  7. RB

    Oct 11th, 2005

    lol. For some reason, that picture showing the real person that is Prok seems very appropiately matched to what you’d expect given his persona here.

    - RB.

  8. Budka Groshomme

    Oct 11th, 2005

    Nice to put a human face on the names at last.

  9. Mr. F

    Oct 14th, 2005

    Cool, a white dude convention!

    Now I understand why the lindens are so against homo bashing.

  10. Chance Abattoir

    Oct 14th, 2005

    Philip looks cute- has kind of a boyish charm thing going for him. Who knew?

  11. TrannyPet Barmy

    Oct 14th, 2005

    lol is it just me or does Phil look a bit on the ‘batty’ side ?


  12. Prokofy Neva

    Oct 14th, 2005

    Actually, as I wrote in my blog, while they didn’t have much diversity at SOP, they did at SLCC. There were mainly white dudes at SOP but SLCC had also white glas and you could see African-Americans, Asians, Latinos, it wasn’t totally white dudes. Although like a said they were all pasty-faced geeks : )

    Yeah, Philip seems like Donny Osmond in RL except Donny Osmond as a really geeky engineer talking about Sun Servers and such all the time. Plus, I think he’s kinda like Tony Robbins when he talks, you know, motivational, going on about a better world and such.

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