Announcement: Nightly Meditation for Troops

by Alphaville Herald on 19/11/05 at 8:08 pm

meditation for safety of soldiers in Iraq
Date: Every Night
Time: 8:00PM – 9:00PM Linden Time (60 minutes)
Location: Shivar (226,187)
Host: Montserrat Snakeankle
Category: Charity/Support Groups
Cover Charge? No

If you have a friend or loved one in Iraq, please come to Tenaya Cathedral at Shivar for a time of quietness and good intention towards all military and other people in Iraq. the Shivari will refuse to discuss politics at this event: our focus is to support the soldiers (and their loved ones) who are in Iraq. Stay as little or as long as you want. pick up a free Tibetan prayer flag while you’re at Shivar to take home with you. THIS EVENT WILL BE HELD EVERY NIGHT UNTIL THE WAR IS OVER. IM montserrat snakeankle for TP.

3 Responses to “Announcement: Nightly Meditation for Troops”

  1. One Song

    Nov 20th, 2005

    WOW! So I see, we’re starting to get creative war profitiers.

    A meditation event every night. Sounds like a nice way to get dwell and SL devoloper bonuses.

    I wish I thought of that roflmao! (kidding it’s quiet sad really)

  2. Stellsy ( Fallen Hasp )

    Nov 20th, 2005

    John Lennon would dig that.

  3. montserrat

    Nov 21st, 2005

    mr/ms one song is entitled to his/her/its opinion.

    i am, and the Shivari tribe is, very well aware why the soldier support meditation event takes place on shivar and that is what matters to me. the meditation has the full support of the Shivari tribe. it is fine with me whatever one song wants to think and say to the general community.

    i want to say that one song has never been to Shivar as one song. one song was on the ban list when i received the land. i never took one song off the list.

    were i to receive dwell or any money for this event, which i don’t, i would ask the shivari council to convene to vote to determine which SL charitable organization would receive it. Shivar is a small, out of the way, quiet little sim. we Shivari keep to ourselves. We don’t mind visitors, but we’re not looking for them either. the Shivari tribe is self-supporting. we do NOT need dwell to pay tier. sometimes i think myself that the cost of getting dwell, in terms of visitor racket and lag, well, its not worth it because it wrecks the quietness of Shivar. i have turned down offers that would have brought money to Shivar, because these offers would have also brought traffic to Shivar.

    people are welcome, certainly, to come and see the work of YadNi Monde, which is magnificent. Tenaya Cathedral is probably one of YadNi’s masterpieces. i am very grateful that YadNi chose to build at Shivar. one is always honored to be able provide a place for the work of a master artist like YadNi, and one has a responsibility to share that work with the community.

    last night i thought that i would not respond to this ridiculous remark. but then i remembered something i read about how silence implies consent.

    i do not consent to one song’s remarks. that is what i want to say.

    -montserrat snakeankle {RdS}
    member, Shivari Council

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