Fashion Show Review: Munchflower at Cloud 9

by Alphaville Herald on 30/11/05 at 11:22 pm

by Chipsen Queso and the Mystery Collaborator

After a nice, long, refreshing break from the harsh and painful world of SecondLife’s modeling industry, I decided to come back to review a show that ended up being harsh and painful. For a change of pace, a highly-respected figure from SecondLife and I collaborated on this review in order to get more than one perspective on the outfits and the models themselves. In other words, two opinions on just how bad they were.

Let’s start off with the outfit shown above at the top. The model is the unfortunate Babyblues Boffin wearing “Clover.” Instead of being Clover, this outfit should either be called “I Stole Overgrown Ostrich Feathers” or “Venus Flytrap Forever.” Perhaps it could even be called “Overgrown Dinosaur Egg,” not that you’d even want to touch what’s inside of it. The boots make no sense whatsoever. They’re just a pair of clodhoppers that don’t match. This outfit is a complete and total bust.

This next picture is Gabriel Montagne, wearing Genesis. Yes, that’s a male. No, it doesn’t look like one. Instead, we at the Herald are speculating that Cher forgot to put on makeup, and somehow ended up in a Munchflower outfit on the Cloud Nine runway, arched backwards. The outfit itself actually is quite nice, it just needs a different look to accent it.

This next picture is the two outfits by Tiffany Martini, “Moonstone” on the left, “Ornaments” on the right. Honestly, Moonstone looks horrid in my opinion, as it has very little detail. Tiffany’s poses also distort the dress completely, as well as breaking her ankles. Ornaments is a bit better detail-wise, but both suffer from one huge flaw on the model’s side – HER SKIN IS ABSOLUTELY ABOMINABLE! That makeup is from Deep Space 9 or something, and the skin is totally non-detailed. I think I’ve seen two-year-olds who have created work better than this skin. Just a hint, Tiffany: go out and buy either something by KatanaBlade Anubis or Santana. You’ll actually look like an Earthling next show if you do.

This next model is Melyissa Glitterbuck in “Vienne”. The dress is actually quite lovely, but Melyissa’s shape isn’t. A word to the wise: YOU HAVE A PROBLEM IF YOUR HIPS ARE THREE TIMES LARGER THAN YOUR WAIST. Also, those white shoes don’t match whatsoever. They’re color-changing, so why not change to, oh, I don’t know, a deep purple to match the dress? Oh, I’m sorry, that requires a brain.

This trio is Khayman Armitage, Queenie Extraordinaire, and Musimba Yellowknife in Munchflower’s “Gauze” sets. The two men’s sets come bundled. These are actually quite nice, as are the models. We would like to applaud Cloud Nine for being courageous enough to hire a furry model – that’s not something very frequent, and is a refreshing sight.

This final outfit is “Thread,” modeled by Mystique Suavage. On first glimpse, it’s no wonder this outfit is falling apart – her hips are bigger than her shoulders! Good grief! It seems that Mystique is also currently suffering from the dangerous “Model Colorblindness Disorder,” a very serious condition that makes it so that you have no idea how to match the color of your color-changing shoes to the color of your outfit. A black would have been ideal with that outfit in order to match the black in the outfit itself.

Well, it looks like the show came to a close. I’m not a fan of the runway myself – it looks like it’s still not completely finished or something. These models need to REALLY work on their shapes and skins. Munchflower, this clothing is honestly lacking a bit. Better luck next time.

By the way, if you’re wondering who I collaborated with on this article, let’s just say that we’ve buried the hatchet. ;-) Look at the picture below of yours truly and my collaborator to get perhaps a bit of a glimpse of the future of the Herald fashion section (also including our glorious editor, of course).

27 Responses to “Fashion Show Review: Munchflower at Cloud 9”

  1. Darm Yaffle

    Nov 30th, 2005

    Well Chipsen, evidently you total missed the point on the first outfit. Quite franly i though it was the best done poofy dress i’ve seen as it doesn’t eat up 3 meter radius around the person. The Black boots and shoulders complimented it well, making that one of the coolest Goth outfits i’ve seen to date.

    As to Tiff’s skin, evidently you didn;t look close enough once again, that skin has very subtle shading. It’s a lot better done then those gloing hard shaded skins that might look cool, are totaly unrealistic. If you think her skin is that bad, why not put your money where your mouth is and ber her a new one, instead of pitching a fit about it. Big hint, a fassion show is more about outfits, then the models. Those were also nice outfits, especialy the first.

    Onto Gabe…what you have issues with long hair on men or something? Again you focus your review on the people and not the outfits…seems your stuck on people…

    (Insert wake up call)

    I’ll give you kudo’s on the hip issue though, cannot argue that one.

    On the Thread review. Huh? what glasses were you wearing, the solid obisidian ones? Black hair, Black and pink mixed dress, pink shoes. It’s called point/counter point, both of wich you once again missed.

    As to the runway itself, i take you would rather enjoy the over objectized, lag fest runways? Quite frankely it was a unique experince to be at a show where one could atully watch the models move and walk. Sorry you don;t like walking…maybe you should buy yourself a power scotter or something.

    Not everyone like everything they see, so you didn;t like the runway. WHat bearing does that even -have- on the outfits? eh? Anyone? I thought not…

  2. Queenie

    Dec 1st, 2005

    Wow Chipsen, just WOW! Some of that was pretty harsh!!
    Even though you didn’t specifically dis me at all (wipes sweat from brow) I feel the need to respond to your article as well as Darm’s comments ;-)

    As someone who has been a model for Le Cadre, Dove Vogue, and past Cloud Nine shows, as well as being an Officer/model of Bella Notte, I have to come to the models’ defense here. We received the clothing VERY close to showtime. Call me a perfectionist but normally you meet an hour prior to the show and have that much time to pick out the best shoes, hair, skin, poses, etc for EACH outfit. As a modeling veteran, I barely had my poses up and ready by the start of the show this time. I can tell you I certainly had no time for color change shoes LOL

    I think its safe to say thats why some agencies have at least 2 people “running” a show…one to host and one to manage and give advice. There was no time for advice tonight. (And yes Seri, I <3 you and you did wonderful under the circumstances).

    As for Darm’s comments, (and please note that I also love him to death, as well as the fact that he is one of our beloved DJ’s *wink*), I think it has a LOT to do with the models…an agency should be chosen by a designer for its professionalism and overall presentation. I have seen a lot of HORRID fashion shows that would have done the clothes and the designer much more justice if presented properly. Read the previous Herald fashion reviews (however harsh as they may be), get out there to shows from a variety of modeling agencies…you WILL see what I am talking about. For the models out there in SL, if you do not take it seriously, QUIT MODELING. Have I screwed up BIGTIME and worn horrid hair, picked wrong poses, etc? Oh you can bet your ass I have, and it WILL happen again! But models need torealize their mistakes in order to improve. Oh but its just a game right?? Maybe to you, but not to the designers who spend countless hours perfecting their skills and rely on their SL sales to help pay some bills! Recognize and respect this!!

    As for the runway….well yes Chipsen, its kind of plain. But I agree with Darm, it was VERY refreshing to not LAG to death out there! Bravo for that!!!

  3. Daphne

    Dec 1st, 2005

    Before I start I am going to say that I never thought in a million years that I would be posting here in this fashion. First off because just the utter thought of collaborating with Chipsen of all people is insane. (yes that IS me in the picture at the bottom) And second the sheer and blatent disappointment of watching tonights show without wanting to hurl tomatoes at most of the models.

    How far in advance did you know this show was taking place? I trained most of you girls and was in SHOCK to see that you could go on stage in a shape for a skirt that made your ass look as if it could cause a solar eclipse. REGARDLESS of knowing what outfits you have you ALWAYS should be prepared with the shape that I have given out NUMEROUS times with the proportions set for the dimentions of the mesh of a skirt here in SL.

    Next…when in doubt….BLACK shoes…especially if there is black in the outfit itself. Good lord and have any of you learned that you NEVER where white shoes or pocketbooks (ok there were none in this show) AFTER labor day??

    No matter how bad clothing may be, and yes there were some outfits that I did not care for, but yet some that I did…were ruined by complete fashion amnesia of EVERYTHING that I thought I taught most of you girls. Some of you have come down from Dove and by now I thought these things were like second nature in the modeling world.

    I respect Queenies response in the sense that due to unfortunate circumstances there was understaffing during the show and Seri did well for what she was dealing with. And will not single her out because she of all the models presented herself as a professional model and has never faultered to do her very best and work and completely kept her composure even under the pressure of recieving her clothing minutes before the show.

    I will not apologize for being open and honest about my feelings of tonights show, it is one of the reasons I have taken a break from the modeling industry here in SL. (and other reasons beyond my control), but tonight just confirmed that I do not plan on getting back into it any time soon, seeing that all the months of training apparently did not pay off, and as with other aspects of SL another industry gone to shit.

  4. Bob the Tomato

    Dec 1st, 2005

    Hmmmm remind me never to organise a fashion show when I start creating SL clothing. A response like this would most likely send me heading straight to the “Cancel Account” button in tears.


  5. Daphne

    Dec 1st, 2005


    Don’t be discouraged from designing or having your clothing shown at a fashion show. There have been many wonderful ones here in SL and I am sure there will be again. The point that was trying to be made is that the obvious lack of professionalism from the models that evening after being trained and also being in shows before, looking incredible I might add. Last nights performance was just a display of laziness from the length between the last show that they may have been in…till now. As Queenie had mentioned in her post…in reference to this being only a game…but to the designer it is an income…was right on target. Designers contract an agency to present their clothing and in return I personally feel (and obviously Queenie does too), that regardless whether this is a game or not, models are hired, trained and expected to present that designers work impecibly. I am an officer, trainer, recruiter for past agencies such as Dove Vogue and Top Models, and currently officer/manager of C9, model officer and trainer at LeCadre and also founder of my own agency Bella Notte, as well as being a designer myself. For over a year I have seen models come and go, and have taken on models of my own that show the qualities needed to make a designers experience with their show, one that would give them a reason to do it again. (Queenie being one of my right hand officers in Bella).

    I have been called a bitch, Hostess from Hell, and Hitler of the Fashion Show circut. Why? Because I loved my work and when I put on a show I have been known to have my models do a detach ALL and start from scratch before a show to make sure that they did not lag the other models out, made sure that they wore accessories that complimented outfits, and most of all, through my own training at Dove…possesed a shape that as mentioned, worked with the mesh of the skirts in SL, AND have passed that knowledge onto any model that I have trained.

    So there you have it. I just hope that lessons have been learned and the future of Fashion Shows comes back full swing to SL. Whether I am a part of it….or not.

  6. urizenus

    Dec 1st, 2005

    Daph, you are such a domme.

  7. Palomma

    Dec 1st, 2005

    This will never end… it is a shame and all thanks to this “wonderful” magazine and the “amazing fashion reporters”

    I dont see anything amuzing in hurting other people’s talent.

    I give a big applause to the wonderful designers, models and modeling staff/officers that always work hard to bring SL their creations, talents and fashion abilities.

    Too bad others dont see how much they hurt by putting others down the way they do.

    But Merry Christmas to all, I am happy now with my break, I never left…. I am still around *wink*

  8. Daphne

    Dec 1st, 2005

    Uri, you are such a bitch…mine. *wink*

  9. Asri Falcone

    Dec 1st, 2005

    Im so….so…embarassed and livid! WOW… JUST WOW!…..
    breaktime is ova ladies and gentleman!

  10. Seri

    Dec 1st, 2005

    I have always strived for my models to keep their identity. I hate the cookie-cutter model, the typical cheap skin, cheap hair, cheap shoes. I have seen my models at their best putting care and thought into their poses and accessories, but unfortunetly last night was not our best.

    When Cloud Nine first opened, there was a spark in my models. Since then, I’m not sure what happened, I don’t know if perhaps they all had a bad night or if they were just going through the motions. Yes, back stage was VERY stressful and I wasn’t exactly ready to sort through 5 folders of unsorted clothes. But models are trained to do one thing: look good. Wear the clothes I give you, wear good hair, good shoes, good skins. Pick nice poses. Have a backup, be ready for anything. Somehow, that’s all been lost.

    Regardless though, I am taking full responsibility for the models last night. I am a model too and should have known to say “wear a shape without a huge ass” as all of the female outfits were skirts.

    I did take your advice to heart, Chipsen, and you will see improvments. You can bet on it.

  11. Bob the Tomato

    Dec 1st, 2005

    Oh don’t worry, I’m under no illusions that my creations are ‘top quality’… I merely dabble in a few things, and so far clothing doesn’t feature highly on my list of creations, neither do I currently plan to make a lot because, frankly, being male clothing is something you wear to keep warm rather than trying to achieve ‘a look’. There doesn’t seem to be a great market for male clothing anyway, most stores seem to do nothing but revealing outfits for women.

    By the way, this isn’t my SL name. In case you hadn’t guessed.


  12. Queenie

    Dec 1st, 2005

    Seri said: should have known to say “wear a shape without a huge ass” as all of the female outfits were skirts.

    For the majority, if not all, of the models last night this should not have been needed to be said…it should be second nature by now. Sure, a reminder never hurts and is sometimes needed when you are rushing but the fact remains that its Basic Modeling 101.

  13. Webgoddess

    Dec 1st, 2005

    All I can is WOW…I’ve yet to see any SL fashion show get a good review by the SL Herald. HMMM..I wonder why? Could it be they have nothing better to do then be nasty and catty? I am just horrified that simply because its an opinion and thats ALL it is an opinion you and your helper make it sound like fact.

  14. Matthias

    Dec 1st, 2005

    In response to Webgoddess’ post, I’ll just say this.

    The Herald’s fashion reviews are often harsh, Chipsen’s especially. I personally couldn’t review last night’s show as my wife was the one hosting and the agency was the one that I founded. Bias is evident there.

    I personally feel that from what I’ve heard and seen, Chipsen had a rather accurate review, but was perhaps a bit harsh in my opinion. Some things got a bit personal, which isn’t necessary, but it is time for the SL Fashion Industry to perhaps shape up a bit and get back into good standing.

    I just went through and counted, for those who are curious. This review makes an even dozen fashion shows that have been reviewed here in the Herald. Six of those have been positive reviews, six have been negative. In my opinion, that more than accurately reflects the balance of good and lower-quality designers in SecondLife today, and so I do not feel personally that we have been overall too harsh with our reviews.

    I’ll post another comment later with some disagreements with Chipsen’s review after reflecting on it a bit more and organizing my thoughts.


  15. whatevr

    Dec 1st, 2005

    This paper is full of biased bullshit.This review only proves it more.

    It’s rather humorous that I posted a reply in another article to Miss Cinda Valentino and it did not get posted HMMM…. wonder why?

    Because what I said was the truth. I’m going to attempt to post this question to her once more: How is Tino? [elided by Uri] Need I say more?

    Someone pull the plug on this biased piece of crap.

  16. Musimba

    Dec 1st, 2005

    While constructive criticism is useful, this reveiw just seemed to be a bit on the personally nasty side. So a few of the models went out there with big butts, not that I had time to notice. Then there was the comment on Gabriel’s long hair. As the white lion in that show, I have long hair too and you seemed to offer praise to Seraph for hiring me, but I certainly wasn’t perfect. If you actually took the time to notice what we were wearing, you might have noticed the first time I came out, I forgot to make my feet smaller so they were bigger than the shoes I was wearing. Gives you an idea how unusually chaotic things were that day, but that is something that those in the audience should ever have to concern themselves with. The next time I came out, my feet fit the shoes. My mistake and my fault. No one else to blame if I screw up.
    Some ideas of how the designer can improve her fashions or what is wrong with them would be better than simply making nasty comments. Look at that first outfit, called Clover. Very unusual and creative. Then your next photo shows Gabriel wearing Genesis. When I saw him in that outfit, I thought he had the perfect look for it. Perhaps those that wrote this review spent too much time looking for flaws and not balancing their opinions.
    BTW. Seraph didn’t hire me for my fur. Her concern was with my attitude, skills and profesionalism. At no time did she ever ask me to bob my tail or to shave.

  17. Dairen

    Dec 1st, 2005

    I’d like to be quoted in saying “Opinions are like A**holes, everybody’s got one.” With that said, it seems that’s most of what im seeing here are , “opinions”. One person enjoy’s Harry Potter, another hates the films. I would think that a “paper” like The Herald here would understand this concept and consider that playing in the best interest of everyone’s opinions wont always work but try to realize, if you say something bad, you should say something good. Constant negative remarks can only cause more negative behavior/response. Tell someone daily they are a failure, they eventually will think it. Tell someone they made a mistake and suggest a good response to help that mistake helps them become the person they are capable of becoming. I was at the show, and so far with this entire thing, all I saw that was wrong with the show… is this “Paper” So I’d like to say in fairness, Cloud 9, It was a wonderful show with what was given to you and I look forward to the next. :)

  18. Munch

    Dec 1st, 2005

    Wow….way to take me down a notch.

    A couple things. The clothes were high fashion inspired. Anime inspired. Sue me for trying to break the mold and do something unique.
    Secondly, I didn’t even get to come to the show. The models didn’t get the clothes till shortly before it, because I’m having foot surgery TOMORROW and life is chaotic right now. Sue me again.
    Third – I want to agree with the cookie cutter mold. God forbid we show some individuality here.
    Fourth – CHILL OUT! you want MY opinion?? This was nothing more than a flamefest with absolutely no professionalism. Mudslingling. Hogwash. Bullsh%t.
    That said, have a nice day!

    - Munchflower Zaius – evil fashionista.

  19. Gloria Gide

    Dec 1st, 2005

    The show was bad? The clothing wasnt good? I guess all those people that own Munchflower cloths and skins must have bad eyes. I mean ask 10 people where they got their cloths from and Im sure 8 will say Nomine. nuff said

  20. Stellsy ( Fallen Hasp )

    Dec 1st, 2005

    Munch, you shouldnt have to defend yourself. Youve given alot to the Second Life community during your time in world. Youre a treasure.

    I dont mind the article. Nothin wrong with constructive criticism, altho I highly doubt that is the spirit in which this article was written.

    I realize fashion is an industry where people make real life dollars from it. And, in real life you can expect a certain level of professionalism. But, youre deluding yourself if you think every designer is concerned with making money off you or gaining your esteem. Some artists just wanna give something back to the game and community. Offer their visions and ideas of beauty. Designers do not get paid enough to take shit off critics or anyone else in Second Life. Its best to have the attitude that its a game and the priority is to have fun. When you start bringing real life expectations into it youll quickly realize it doesnt translate. This debate is absurd and a wee bit mean spirited.

  21. Daphne

    Dec 2nd, 2005

    I think something has gone a little awry here. There was really no personal attack on Munch (at least by me). What was tried to be brought forward by me is that these girls that were in the show, were trained in a certain way to look a certain way to conform to an issue in SL that has been known since day one. I personally own many of Munches’ designs and even had one on that night of the show (it’s actually one of my favorite outfits). Not everyone is going to like everything, but by far Munch is one of the most talented designers in the game. (Did you get a glimpse of her Halloween Costumes?? OMG)

    In the fashion circut we train and teach the girls how to walk, accessorize, deal with lag, and present themselves in a manner condusive to what a RL agency would. Granted it is just a game you all say but it is a role playing game that simulates real life and we do treat our businesses as we would in RL. Designers create clothing to sell, builders create items to sell…all with the hopes or achieving realism.

    So why is it so hard to understand that as an owner/officer/trainer of more than one modeling agency to expect perfection in each and every model under my employ? (I am an officer in C9 which is the agency mentioned here)

    What I presented here is the same as I would present in a meeting with the models directly to their face and have on numerous occasions. So to get furious with them about the size of their ass is not something new. I am a designer myself and I have shown my clothing in more than one show and I know I’d be disappointed if something I created looked horrible due to lack of professionalism in a model wearing my designs.

    I am a bit disappointed in some of the comments here, considering that I have been side by side with more than one that has trained models with me, who passed a comment about the helper who makes it sound like a fact. Funny…it was a fact for 2 months training girls for Fashion Week. *sigh*

    I do not agree with all of Chipsens reviews, like I mentioned in my first comment…to even collaborate with her was insane. But I felt that this show truly lacked in the professionalism that has been presented over and over again in any agency that I have been a part of. And regardless of what anyone says, if you possess a tag from more than one agency, you REPRESENT each and every one when someone looks at your profile and views that. And if you look like shit, it falls back on owners such as myself, Asri, Sensual, Seraph, Matthias etc etc etc. We are here to make sure that ANY designer who is to contract us is represented well and his/her designs are presented PERFECTLY, cookie cut out or not. IF you applied to be a model; just as if you were under the employ of a RL agency such as Ford, you are being paid in either Lindens, or clothing or both to BE THAT COOKIE CUT OUT. IF you don’t want that then jesus, don’t apply. Above and beyond that, once you leave that runway if you want to revert back to your own shape with a huge ass, then by all means go for it. But while on my stage or any stage I represent, those models will look perfect and so will the designs they wear.

    So for those of you that just come sit at a show and watch, try to understand ALL the work that goes into putting together a show. From the moment we contract a designer to the final round of applause at the end of a show. What WE as coordinators do is way more than any of you can possibly imagine … and for the dedicated models (even if your ass was big the other night) THANK YOU … because whether I yell at you or not, without you, these shows would not be possible. Just understand where I (and others that share this passion for modeling/coordinating) are coming from. We only yell at you because we love you and want the best for you…*giggles* (that was so MOM like) You are our babies, we take you from ugly duckling in some cases, to fashion model because we care for what we do, and want you to shine when on that stage.(and spare you “harsh” comments from that other bitch Chipsen) *sticks out tongue*

  22. Meh

    Dec 2nd, 2005

    The SL Herald is known to occasionally eviscerate folks with razor sharp wit and a touch of sly humor. And that’s OK! It makes for interesting reading and we should all be able to laugh at ourselves. This article, however, is a curious departure from SLH’s wit.

    “Oh, I’m sorry, that requires a brain.”

    Huh??!! Chipsen stops short of calling Munchflower a “big fat poopie head” but the juvenile tone is loud and clear. The uninspired analysis makes it obvious that the author already had in mind to write a no-holds-barred scathing review that would “really make people’s toes curl.” So she found a designer, ANY designer, upon which to heap her high-school-and-a-little-community-college writing skills.

    This whole article would have been great flame bait in the comments section of a fashion article, but to be published by SL Herald?! Uri, you guys are normally so witty. Why the change in direction?

  23. Matthias

    Dec 2nd, 2005

    Let me start by saying that as Chipsen’s editor, I’ve never censored anything she’s said. She’s able to express her opinion in the fashion reviews she does, just as the rest of us are able to express our opinions through the comments that we provide and in our own minds.

    That said, I do have to disagree with Chipsen on a few of her statements in this review.

    I am used to Chipsen being scathing, but this took it further than she’s gone before, in my opinion. Sure, I can see a couple of things in the headliner dress that aren’t my favorite things, but Munchflower was trying to create a unique look with the petaled prims (are they prims? they look like prims from the picture). Like previous posters, I agree that the “Cher look-alike” comment was unnecessary. Just because both a guy and Cher have long hair, it doesn’t mean that a similarity has to be drawn between the two of them. Actually, seeing that picture makes me want to go to Munchflower’s store and look at it closer to see if it’d be something I’d wear. Chipsen’s personal attacks on Tiffany, one of SL’s better models in my opinion, were also unnecessary. It’s not the best skin I’ve seen, and the makeup doesn’t quite match, but I think the main issue is that it may distract attention from the dress a bit. Implying that Melyissa doesn’t have a brain was simply uncalled-for in my opinion. I do see the point of changing the color on the shoes to match the dress, but that’s all that needed to be said. I’ll be completely honest here – I find it utterly hillarious that people are saying there are no positive reviews in this review, but then there’s Chipsen’s overview of Gauze. I’d also like to reiterate that when Seri and I hired Musimba, it wasn’t because he was a furry. It was because we saw talent and potential in him that we have felt could be developed to make him a better model who just happens to be a lion. In Mystique’s defense, the shoes she is wearing is a set that I made called “Silver Elegance.” It has a limited spectrum of color-changing, so that is the best one to match the dress itself if you were looking for a color in that family. I agree with Chipsen, though, that perhaps a black would have been better. Finally, Chipsen’s comments on the runway itself didn’t really come as a surprise to me. I’ve been looking at it thinking I needed to develop it a bit more, but didn’t want to risk adding any lag in that area.

    I’ll also say that I agree with much that Daphne has said. Having trained and worked with all but one of the models pictured above, I do think that they had been trained better than some of the mistakes that were made. I’m sure that these errors are working to be improved-upon and that Cloud Nine’s next fashion show will be their best yet.

  24. The Real whatever

    Dec 2nd, 2005

    Wow, this was a pretty catty article by some apparently cattier women.

    The one girl Melissa I think it was, was said to have hips 3 TIMES BIGGER THAN HER WAIST OMG, well sorry but I don’t see that. She has to be one of the most proportioned avs I have seen in a show such as this. Aren’t women supposed to have some hip? I think so, otherwise they would all look like men with tits.

    Seems the writers may have a bit of jealousy creeping into their article here. Munchflowers creations are always awesome and unique. What exactly have the writers created because I have never heard of either of them. I’d love to see what the hell they can produce so I can make my opinion on them and their designs.

    They can dish it, but can they take it?

  25. Daphne

    Dec 2nd, 2005

    Real Whatever…

    Here is a link to a few of my creations.

    Definately a bit different from Munch but since you brought it up and obviously did not read the responses you may go a make your opinion on my work.

    There is no jealousy involved what so ever on my part. I more than appreciate Munches talent. My critique was on my models who were not using their head before getting on the runway.

    *shakes head* at the utter ignorance of people who type before they read.

  26. Cinda Valentino

    Dec 2nd, 2005

    lol someone told me to look at comment 15 of this article. Whatever, Why dont you ask Tino how he is yourself? Since you can’t even sign your name, I highly doubt anything you say can be taken seriously. Why the hiding? Someone scared of lil ol’ Cinda?

  27. Alaska Metropolitan

    Dec 4th, 2005

    Hmmm. After hiring Melyissa and Mystique myself and working with them, I have to say that I don’t think there is anything at all wrong with their “modeling” shape… even in a skirt. Indeed, I think they’re the prettiest and best-proportioned AVs I’ve seen, as well as professional and nice people.

    I think she’s very nicely proportioned. (Mystique)

    I agree that the “Moonstone” outfit could benefit from some basic Photoshop knowledge, however, the rest of the outfits really depend on personal taste. They’re hardly poorly executed. I don’t know that they really deserved the bashing the Herald gave them.

    I gotta echo the Tomato here and say I’m kinda nervous about the Herald ever reviewing me as a designer. Assuming my 9am-10pm ever lets up so I can finish my collection. ;)

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