Avatar of the Year, Third Place: Plastic Duck

by Alphaville Herald on 25/12/05 at 5:02 pm

The Herald Brain Trust was working overtime, struggling with the very difficult decision of who should be third place in the coveted SL Herald Avatar of the Year Award (the award given to those avatars who change the news the most, for better or for worse). Last year the third place winners were Mr. President and Ashley Richardson of TSO. Who was ready to take the mantle — the responsibility — the inevitable fame and the paparazzi? Would it be Squagmire Stravinsky for his brilliant work on Infonet? Or would it be an entire group of griefers — the W-Hats? In the end it was the letter from Catherine Linden to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that clinched the award for Plastic Duck. According to her, he has…

- Stolen scripts and republished them on the web
- Hired residents to negative rate other residents
- Dropped the infamous Goatse image all over Second Life
- Harassed the furry community
- Sexually harassed female residents
- Spammed other with Penis images
- Was part of the group that recreated a flaming World Trade Center in Second Life with a smashed plane smashed and falling bodies.

With a resume like that, how could we deny him the award? Indeed it was Plastic Duck’s alleged involvement in the script-spying hack that finally got those fattie huffing Lindens to stub out their roaches, take a bracing sip of peppermint tea and ask themselves: gee, should we be doing something about this? When waves of Something Awful droogs poured into the game chanting “Remember Plastic Duck” and crashed the grid with self-replicating scripts, the Lindens finally called in the Feds. I guess we like to think it was Mr. Duck that started it all. Indeed, after all that how could he only win third place? Well, stay tuned…

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  1. Plastic Duck

    Dec 25th, 2005

    I guess winning any award is nice… though I can’t really take credit for most of what was said there.

    I’d prefer to be remembered for some of the slightly more positive changes I’ve made to SL, such as:

    - Creating a custom animation to bury my avatar 15 feet underground in effect being invisible, and giving the animation to some of the coder lindens which resulted in avatar name tags being set to a fixed position so that people can’t use animations to hide.

    - Abused negative ratings by giving out over 500 total using multiple alts in an effort to have them removed, I think we can all agree how pointless those were.

    - Created and still create many open source freebies used by many people such as useful HUD attachments, animations, objects, and various scripts.

    - Actively helped in finding bugs and exploits and reported them to LL.

    But I guess Linden Lab doesn’t keep logs of the nice things people do. They just like to make up mean stories about me.

    It’s funny, Catherine Linden is in charge of making decisions that are supposed to make Linden Lab the most money. She’s either smart and knows that even bad publicity is enough to get you in the news, or she’s just making the wrong damn decisions over at LL. Hell, I’m not even bothered so much over the lies of me republishing scripts or hiring residents to neg rate (those neg rates were all me, I’ve had as many as 5 alts at any given time). Even saying I sexually harassed females I can deal with (I’ve never discriminated, I sexually harassed both sexes equally!). But to list group association as an “offence” is just plain stupid.


    So who wants to touch me?

  2. Brasilia Bom Bom

    Dec 25th, 2005

    Dear Uripenis Scar,

    You are an idiot.

    Make sure to slip a little tongue to Prokofy when you announce “his” award!

  3. One Song/Mr Fariplay

    Dec 26th, 2005

    Congrats Plastic Duck, well disorved 3rd place. And your totally right they only remember you for the worse things/acts you have performed/commited its a real shame it works out what way. Nethertheless, welcome to the bad sets of examples that Linden Lab reflects upon humanity. Amen!

    Happy Holidays all.

  4. Melted Plastic

    Dec 27th, 2005

    Plastic Duck AKA K/O/W at somethingawful.com thinks a lot of himself.

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