Let the Island Wars Begin

by Alphaville Herald on 11/12/05 at 2:15 pm

by Dow Jonas

No sooner did Linden Lab put an island + frills up for sale on eBay (apparently to show Project Entropia they ain’t all that), but now Anshe Chung has raised the stakes, challenging with an island of her own for sale on eBay, and she has sweetened the pot with additional perks.

The Business Girl’s offering has some of the exact same features as the LL ad, i.e. 120 hours of top designer building valued at $6000 US and $2340 in paid maintenance fees for a year. But to compete against the hand that feeds her, Anshe ups the ante with “20 ANSHECHUNG.COM content packages for you and your friends valued at $2000.

The extras include “exclusive content such as fashion, furniture, art and animations for your avatar and home. From famous creators including Vicious Volos, Anshe Chung, Koji Anansi and other big names” (Vicious Volos is one of the accounts with popular content creation which Anshe purchased to take over the business).

The Private Island Queen also offers *real life* swag including anshechung.com t-shirts and “3 large framed prints featuring your avatar together with online celebrity Anshe Chung on your very own island.”

What will really clinch the deal for Anshe though is this: “An exclusive virtual date with our celebrity CEO Anshe Chung valued beyond imagination.” (Although a date with Uri would clearly have earned bigger bucks.)

Priceless. (details under the fold)

-120 Hours of design, landscaping and building development to turn your island into the place of your dreams valued at $6,000
-One year of paid maintenance fees valued at $2340
-20 ANSHECHUNG.COM content packages for you and your friends valued at $2000
Includes exclusive content such as fashion, furniture, art and animations for your avatar and home. From famous creators including Vicious Volos, Anshe Chung, Koji Anansi and other big names.
-ANSHECHUNG.COM real-life merchandise valued at $1000
-Includes 20 limited edition ANSHECHUNG.COM Dreamland posters
-Includes 20 ANSHECHUNG.COM polo shirts
-Includes 3 large framed prints featuring your avatar together with online celebrity Anshe Chung on your very own island.
-An exclusive virtual date with our celebrity CEO Anshe Chung valued beyond imagination

This is clearly a shot across the bow of Linden Lab, which has angered Anshe in recent weeks with their new teleportation policies that may well undermine land value near telehub areas. Anshe has already countered with a massive advertising campaign agains the Linden policy (see ad below this post).

21 Responses to “Let the Island Wars Begin”

  1. Raven Page

    Dec 11th, 2005

    All I have to say about this eBay thing is “Pfft” and on that stupid advertisement “Pfft”. Seems to me that everything was all hunky dory with Governor Linden and Linden Labs when shmoozing with them at their big party and such. AND making money hand over fist, but now that the game plan has changed a little .. “Turn Your Back On Governor Linden” and talk all kinds of trash. Don’t like SL? Leave. Certainly won’t break my heart. Personally sick of all your dayum signs everywhere anyways. *big smile*

  2. TrannyPet Barmy

    Dec 11th, 2005

    Hey Anshe

    land and all the virtual stuff isn’t much use to me being banned an all, but how about we do a deal ?

    Turn your back on TrannyPet Barmy, and let him pop you good one up the dirty pooper shooter ? Yeah screw the virtual land and the virtual date, how much then for a plain old buggery session ?


    Mind you saying that, i’d love to get me an anshechung.com t-shirt and poster, any chance Anshe ?

    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL One

  3. Takashi

    Dec 11th, 2005

    sock it to em Anshe!

  4. Verbena

    Dec 11th, 2005

    Ohh, I am so bidding on this deal. In fact, anshe can keep the Island, the value packages, and everything! I just want the date. WHo’se still got the ol’ Anshe Chung notecard? I need to know my options for when I hit the skybox with her, fot that “lovemaking class”.

  5. urizenus sklar

    Dec 11th, 2005

    If she dumps that German guy I’ll bid.

  6. Szentasha

    Dec 11th, 2005

    “Act on your island like an adult and enjoy the wildest parties you can imagine. If you don’t want your Mom to visit, just ban her.”

    Thats on the main grid, right?

  7. TrannyPet Barmy

    Dec 11th, 2005

    damnit, looks like we all have the same idea ………… but remember, get in the QUEUE !!!!

    behind me !!!!

    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

  8. Bob the Tomato

    Dec 12th, 2005

    Pathetic… truly pathetic. Anshe, can’t you come up with your own ‘great idea’, instead of steamrolling in a rival bid which devalues both auctions?

    Honestly, for a ‘business expert’ you are pretty dumb. I would have thought the best way would have been to watch how the official Linden auction went, to decide whether it’s worth your while in bothering to do one yourself.

    Just because you’re pissed that LL didn’t bow down to your pressure and reverse their great idea of dumping telehubs (and devaluing your virtual investment), doesn’t give you the right to ruin something they thought was a good idea – before you decided to use it.

    Poor bitter little girl. Must really suck being you right now, watching your little empire crumble around you.


  9. Bcreative Wilde

    Dec 12th, 2005

    Funny Anshe is worried about the land value near telehubs. Maybe it’s cause she will loose money from what she bought already and is hoping to get. Sure didn’t stop her from buying protected land near mine devaluing my water front property near the telehub. I paid a high price cause it was waterfront thinking protected ment just that a week later it was bought to be sold by guess who. I guess protected means just not protected from some people.


  10. Raven Page

    Dec 12th, 2005

    Simply amazing isn’t Bcreative? *sigh* I see this all the time. I think this is why I’m bothered by this whole thing so much. Everything is hunky dory until she doesn’t get her way. It’s like the little kid that says… “I’m just gonna take my ball and go home”. < > Well then go home *grin*.

  11. whatevr

    Dec 13th, 2005

    Anshe is what I refer to as a land whore. Personally I don’t get her “I own xxx amount of land in SL, therefore I should get special attention” attitude.

    We all should be treated the same, even the basic accounts that are FREE.

    She works for this biased paper. Maybe that explains some of this.

    Impeach the Herald!

  12. Harlequin Salome

    Dec 13th, 2005

    I think this is the last itme I’m reading the SLHerald. Between their treatment of the p2p issue, and now the idiotic ad that Anshe posted, I just can’t take it.

    You know what, Anshe? Turn your back on LL, who are doing something to benifit the masses.
    You don’t like it because you feel that you wants and needs outweigh the rest of us? Then Leave.

    Its that simple. You are not the single star around which we all revolve. You are one of many people in this game.

    Now dissent is one thing, being upset, but your approach, I feel, is just going too damned far. *shrug*

    And the Herald should be ashamed of itself for supporting it.

  13. Urizenus Sklar

    Dec 13th, 2005

    Hey, we’ll post your ad too, Harlequin. All you gotta do is show us the Linden Dollars!

  14. Harlequin Salome

    Dec 13th, 2005

    Ack, my thoughts on that got garbled, Uri *laughs*

    The Ad is something I think Anshe should be chastized for. I totally get your position of posting an ad by anyone paying… sorry I’m too much of a mushbrain to be clear *g*

  15. Sniper Rebel

    Dec 13th, 2005

    This has got to be the funniest crap that I have ever read, Chung crying b/c of P2P and b/c LL is selling and island. Chung see what happens when you think that you can’t be knocked off your high pedestal? This goes to show you that not only should you tick off residents and future customers but also LL. GO GOV LINDEN!!!! Man I love this shit!!!

  16. Fallen Hasp

    Dec 13th, 2005

    Rip them to shreds Anshe. You go girl.

  17. Bob the Tomato

    Dec 14th, 2005

    Honestly Anshe, just leave and do us all a favor. Life can be unfair, deal with it. I probably visited more places last night through p2p than I have in any other similar time period in the game because I know I don’t have to waste time waiting for crap mall builds to rez around me, and dodge too tall buildings that serve no purpose except to be seen.

    Hopefully over the next few months we’ll see some of these dreadful eyesores disappear, when they realise that they have to offer a quality, unique product to get visitors rather than sit back and rest assured of traffic simply because of their position.

    Incidently, how much does SLH advertising cost? Maybe we can put together an “Impeach Anshe” campaign?


  18. Nite Page

    Dec 14th, 2005

    Virtual land investments, just like RL, are a gamble. If I were you Anshe, I’d count my lucky stars that I got to sit on my ass and make what you have made without having to actually *work* for it.

    Oh yes, I’m quite sure there were some organizational skills involved. Big deal. We’ve all watched you since you started out. Buying up land cheaply, and slowly inflating the prices to the point that you’ve almost single-handedly inflated the SL economy.

    You’ve never had the interests of the SL community in mind. You’ve had Anshe in mind. I’ve read the little ‘interviews’ you’ve done. You know, the ones where you saw that people didn’t want to buy land and have a mall or club go up next to it. So you just graciously started these themed communities…allll for the people. Bullshit. All for Anshe. And Anshe’s profits.

    Go ahead – take your businesses and money to other games. The way word is spreading of you, there is no suprise anymore. Everyone will know your game ahead of time, and it won’t turn into the money mill this one has. You may also be interested to know, btw, that a LOT of us play ‘other online games’ too, and will make it a personal endeavor to make damn sure you don’t get the leverage in them that you’ve gotten at the expense of everyone in SL. Be seein’ ya.

  19. Cocoanut

    Dec 15th, 2005

    Anyone who thinks Anshe doesn’t work is ridiculously mistaken. Maybe you are think “work” just means putting prims together.

    Of course she has the interests of Anshe in mind. I have the interests of Coco in mind. I don’t doubt that Nexus Nash has the interests of Nexus Nash in mind. That doesn’t mean a person can’t also provide something wonderful, for other people, for the joy of giving to other people.

    I’m glad Nexus Nash has Nexus Nash in mind. It enables those of us to live on Azure Islands to enjoy a beautiful environment. Just the other night, workaholic me actually took time to sit at night at the simple, lovely Christmas tree Adam Zaius, Nexus’s business partner, created in Azure Islands. (Course, workaholic that I am, I was sending out SL Christmas gifts at the same time, but still . . .)

    It’s clear to me that it wouldn’t matter WHO is on top of the business heap in SL. There are always going to be a lot of people who want that person gone, mainly because they are on top.


    P.S. To be grammatically correct, I should say “mainly because he/she is on top.” Knowing that (a grammatical rule I don’t stick to in informal writing) made me start to think – I wonder if it is the “she” part of it that makes her success so hard for people to swallow?

  20. TrannyPet Barmy

    Dec 15th, 2005



    you can always come in my place Anshe lovely :)

    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

  21. TrannyPet Barmy

    Dec 15th, 2005

    and Anshe my love, just say the word if you want some free advertising on SecondCentral.com, i’d be delighted to have your advert shown there :)


    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

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