Roleplay or Landgrab? As the Elf Council Debates, only the Orcs Know for Sure!!!

by Alphaville Herald on 20/12/05 at 12:40 pm

Are these guys fugly or what?

In the hall of mirrors that is Second Life, what does it mean when a band of plug ugly Orcs invite the peaceful elven folk to a game of combat roleplay? Is it all in fun, or does something more sinister lurk beneath the surface? Elven Queen Forcythia, seeing the good in all, says it is all in fun. But wise — some would say jaded — Elven King Wayfinder is not so sanguine, as documents exposing a deep rift in the Elven council were leaked to the Herald:

Role play? What role play? Don’t buy that story. The Orcs are trying to take over Elven Lands, pure and simple. Forcythia is always ready to believe the best in everyone. Don’t buy the Orc claim that this is role play. Elven are not so easily fooled. –Wayfinder

When the battle finally took place, of course the servers were overloaded, prims vanished, and the Elvenlands server had to be reset. Gosh, now there’s a surprise.

This Orc pretends to be engaged in RPG. Would you trust him? Not me!


7 Responses to “Roleplay or Landgrab? As the Elf Council Debates, only the Orcs Know for Sure!!!”

  1. Elle Pollack

    Dec 20th, 2005

    Harhar. I take back an offhand comment I made earlier about the Herald not generaly making news up. ;)

    Funny tho! Wish I had time to throw on my dragon or farie AV and jump in.

  2. Maxis Churchill

    Dec 20th, 2005

    I am curious as to how they deleted prims? How is this possible? This article basically is entitled to state this is a land hijacking basically, but when you read it and if you play Second Life, land jacking really isn’t possible unless the owner of the land is a complete retard.

  3. Elle Pollack

    Dec 21st, 2005

    Translation: the spells and other script effects being fired in the sim somehow triggered a bug that got a bunch of stuff returned. I’ve seen it happen to islands under much less entertaining circumstances.

  4. Maury Lehane

    Dec 21st, 2005

    This was not made up at all! it is quite real and … what do you expect of orcs ? they dont ever brush there teeth!

  5. forcythia Wishbringer

    Dec 22nd, 2005

    What? No mention of how I was kidnapped and sent to limbo? And how I grew weak in the three days I was there?

    (((This was so much fun! hilarious events happened, everyone had a great time)))

    No orcs nor elven were harmed in the making of this mayhem!

  6. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Dec 22nd, 2005

    Oh, those Orcs were such a pain! Just as you’d knock off one, here’d come another! Constantly had to scrape off my shoes at night. They came near to infesting the whole place. Good thing we had that secret weapon.

    RPG? What do folks think, this is a fantasy world? This here’s more RL than RL! Ask Anshe Chung! Land is valuable and you can be sure that no Orc is going to swipe one meter from the Elven.

    Don’t tell them that. They think they won. Fortunately, they can’t read these posts.

    (RE prim destruction: Uri was 100% right. We actually crashed TWO sims trying to conduct simple melee. One we seriously trashed and and to call for a rollback when an old and well-documented SL bug caused newly created prims to destroy already existing prims– which is exactly the trick griefers have intentionally used to crash the grid lately. Since there have been numerous suggestions made to the powers that be how to stop this, one must wonder why this problem remains.

    The seond crash occurred when we dared to have 32 avatars meleeing with scripted swords on a sim at the same time. How silly of us. ;)

  7. Schlitzie Martini

    Dec 22nd, 2005

    This was a very real event put on by ELF CLAN (elves) and The WAAAGH! (orcs). Both groups have members in common (though someone can belong to one and not the other ;) ). It was a very spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, but it shows what a little creativity can accomplish…..heck it even dragged me away from pvp in WoW ;)

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