The Furni Whores of Habbo Hotel

by Alphaville Herald on 10/12/05 at 10:47 am

I must live under a rock. So many scandals and incidents of elemental weirdness manage to just pass me by. Yet, now and then I get a chance to play catch-up. Last night it was in an underground dive bar known as the 8-Ball, and a kindly grad student told me about the “furni whores” of Habbo Hotel. It seems that on Habbo the only thing you actually have to pay for is furniture, and there is a TSO-quality culture that has arisen where kids will scam people for furniture and yes, cyber for furniture. Since Habbo has a draconian chat filter, the preferred invitation is something like this: “I will babbo for furniture.” There is a nice discussion of the phenomenon in this post on the BBC web site.

And I quote: When you hear a female habbo say, “I WILL BOBBA FOR FURNI,” then you’ve met your first virtual furniture whore. This behavio(u)r is quite against the rules of Habbo, but it would not take much to find a quiet room somewhere, or create your own room, then get your groove on with the furni whore. It’s not like the little cartoons are programmed to fornicate, or even touch each other, but she’ll offer to reply in character to your one-handed typing of what you want to do to her. She may not be acting out the words, but it’s enough for some people to imagine that this female knows what you’re doing with one hand under your keyboard. It must be a very compelling situation for a lonely person, if you can ignore the possibility that the female avatar named “Cumilla” may be operated by a 67 year old man.

8 Responses to “The Furni Whores of Habbo Hotel”

  1. RB

    Dec 10th, 2005

    It’s like a much much simpler mini version of T afk SO. haha. :-)

    - RB.


    Dec 21st, 2005

    im so horny

  3. Urizenus

    Dec 21st, 2005

    well then I hope you have lots of furniture.

  4. Mikayla (hottasfire0901 on habbo)

    Jan 1st, 2006

    It so horny

    Add me on habbo hottasfire0901 and

  5. Urizenus

    Jan 1st, 2006

    don’t tell me you babbo for furni.

  6. Avah (Fallen Hasp)

    Jan 2nd, 2006

    this thread is startin to freak me out a tiny bit

  7. Scotishsk8

    Mar 15th, 2007

    Im sCOTSHK8 aND i NEED Coins I also Ned Ppeps Password

  8. Jocie

    Apr 17th, 2007

    Um I dont work for furni cuz i have alot of it and i dnt pay ppl Either. Lolz
    but if you wanna add me then my name is Sh0ut–x

    That O is a zero in my name ♥

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