Crew 88 Vows to Take Back SL from the Perverts (Whores, Furries, Elves and Emo Goths)

by Urizenus Sklar on 16/01/06 at 10:00 am


Last night I ran across a crew of 4 skinheads brandishing baseball bats, tire irons, and lag inducing weapons, torching a suburban cul de sac in second life. I invited the group – called Crew 88 for purposes of the interview – back to Herald Media Inc. HQ in Jessie for a chat about their motives, their plans, and their methods. In short, they are on a mission to take back second like from all the degenerate perverts (including prostitutes, druggies, furries, elves, Goths, goreans, emos, etc. etc.). So who’s left? Interview below the fold.


You: so why are you doing this?
D 88: to stop oppression of SL
You: by what?
R 88: Were all about taking pride in what we are
You: which is what?
You: besides avatars
R 88: Our history
R 88: of our people
D 88: our goal is to take down anyone that isn’t for our dream and right
You: anyway why did you pick on those houses besides that they are fugly
D 88: we had to run from lindens
F 88: because we must secure the existence for our people and a future for white children
You: yeah ok, but the question remains. why *those* houses
D 88: we pick thoese houses for who;s in them
D 88: druggys, whores, pervs
You: druggys whores and pervs are in every house in SL
D 88: scum of the game
D 88: we don’t go in every house
D: but they are in many houses
D 88: yes
D 88: we are trying to clean the game up
F 88: Totally against drugees and perverts
You: what’s wrong with druggies and whores and perverts?
R 88: What makes one want to be one of them?
R 88: I don’t see the glamour of living in a shack with your dope and a 40 oz of Malt Liquior
You: fun and money I suppose
You: I could use a 40 about now
F 88: money has nothing to do with our cause
B 88: We thought that there was too much scum and disrespect going on in this game, and we aim to change it
You: how you gonna change it?
B 88: Have something that people will fear
R 88: Were going to change it any way we have to
B 88: That maybe if they mess with someone, then they will end up with us following them
You: so why don’t you break up a club instead of suburban houses?
B 88: The worst things are happening right under your nose
B 88: Where you would LEAST expect it
R 88: Thats right
You: yeah like in the Herald HQ!
F 88: you’ll never know where we’re going to hit next
F 88: be it a suburban house, a strip club, or a mall
You: can we expect more attacks?
G 88: yes
F 88: Hell yes
G 88: most likey as soon as we are done with this
G 88: we will hit the streets again
You: who you gonna attack next
F 88: Never know
F 88: it could be anywhere
G 88: at anytime
You: any last message for the pervs ?
B 88: No matter who you are
B 88: Well find you.
You: they aren’t hard to find here
R 88: When we see them – were gonna give them a boot party
D 88: Furry, BDSM all of that will end
You: Goreans too?
G 88: yes goreans
F 88: down with the elves
You: Elves? what do they do?
D 88: too goths emos
B 88: Especially emos
D 88: vampires
You: I’m with you on the emo stuff
D 88: they are all scum
D 88: ghetto people all
You: yeah emo is straight from the ghetto
You: any message for the Lindens?
d: Lindens need to let free-speech rule and stop being Communist
You: amen to that!
B 88: Fuckin commys
You: alright guys, have a good night. try not to get permabanned
You: or sent to the corn field
D 88: lol
B 88: heh
D 88 we will try not
You: are you afraid of the cornfield?
D 88: haha
D 88: maybe
D 88: B loves it
B 88: lol
You: I hear the tractor is a sweet ride
F 88: lol
D 88: yeah
D 88: wouldn’t know
D 88: lets go do some houses
F 88: right on
You: Night guys, have fun, thanks for stopping by
D 88: np
D 88: hey uri are u a elf
You: are my ears pointy?
D 88: haha no
You: tonight they are having a party you know
You: 500 members
D 88 god damn
F 88: :O
You: and you guys are just 4
D 88: we can go out swinging
You: hehe
You: ok guys later


86 Responses to “Crew 88 Vows to Take Back SL from the Perverts (Whores, Furries, Elves and Emo Goths)”

  1. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 20th, 2006

    I think certain individuals have overlooked the point too. Regardless of how it was done, the attack was done, was done by me and I did not get suspended becuase I did it without scripting or hacking. Deal with it. =)

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  2. Tired of Tranny

    Jan 20th, 2006


    You are obviously extremely bitter over the fact that you got banned and others haven’t. You could do us ALL a favor and stop making five paragraph comments about how much you DON’T care. It’s QUITE OBVIOUS that you do.

  3. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 20th, 2006

    haha Toy, so true…

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  4. TrannyPet Barmy

    Jan 20th, 2006

    *smirks* You used “social engineering” did you Mr Big Bad hacker ……… so instead of harping on trying to worm your way out of the bs you’ve buried yourself in so far to date, why don’t you :-

    a) prove to us that you even know what “social engineering” refers to, instead of just slipping the phrase into as much conversation as you can, over and over, hoping you’re fooling some one.

    b) explain to us just exactly what the fuck “social engineering” has to do with putting a few poorly scripted particle effect objects with a bit of poor push on some one else’s land for 5 minutes ?

    and furthermore

    c) we’re still waiting for you to post some where we can see proof of your previous claims of being some super uber-coder, why don’t you finally prove this to ?

    I’ll tell you why not Mr Uber-Code Marsellout, because, on the contrary to claims you make of me, it’s actually you who is completely full of shit, and it’s doesn’t seem to be just me telling you this either. Perhaps you should wake up, listen to popular conjecture here, and realise that you’re not fooling any one :) You’ve been talk talk talking it ever since i started reading the herald, and yet, i’ve never once seen you support anything you say or claim.

    Nice try at asking for proof over something you know as well as i do, i have no access to records of any longer, being banned, as you so rightly point out. Still doesn’t hide the fact that you won’t(more likely can’t) do the above a, b and c points does it ?

    Finally Marsellout let me finish on what you start with, refarding “And how he always says the same thing over and over again without actually saying anything new or pertanent to the facts” – well obviously the same things will get asked over and over again Marsellout, why don’t you just prove what you make claims of, that way i’d feel no need to repeat myself in questioning the authenticity of anything you say or claim :)

    You have issues dude, dillusions of grandjure on the most part by the looks of things, you really need to work on them.

    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

    ps. Marsellout, yes what a creative name Marsellout is :) thanks for pointing it out. You don’t know what it pertains to ? Or is it that you’d rather it wasn’t common knowledge what it pertains to ? *smirks* kind of goes hand in hand with your other mention of how you manage to grief as you have with out having gotten banned for it now doesn’t it ;)

  5. Avah (Fallen Hasp)

    Jan 20th, 2006

    “Now you all will have to excuse me, I must prep for my interview with New Scientist magazine later today.”

    LOL! oh gawd PUKE

    “Marsellus, you thick fuck . . ”

    LOL . .

    “You are obviously extremely bitter over the fact that you got banned and others haven’t. You could do us ALL a favor and stop making five paragraph comments about how much you DON’T care. It’s QUITE OBVIOUS that you do.”

    Leave tranny alone. He can be pissy if he wants to. Im really bitchy about Second Life and I wasnt even banned. So you can stop now.

    “You have issues dude, dillusions of grandjure on the most part by the looks of things, you really need to work on them.”


  6. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 20th, 2006

    hehe You dig yourself deeper actually, not me. You just said your records indicate I bought it. Yet, now you have no records. Shut the f*ck up. Your full of it and now everyone knows.

    Once again too, read posts thoroughly before replying. Whether it be this story or another one, I have never ever once claimed I was an Uber Coder. Your the one that claims you’re an uber programmer, not me. You did not like the fact and never do when someone disagrees with you and makes valid points that make you look stupid. You try hard to recover, but you just crash harder like in your previous post.

    BTW, not sure what’s up the whole Plastic Duck interview thing, but that lady who is the Director of Marketing just e-mailed me about my interview later tonight with New Scientist magazine. She was real nice. Everyone kinda made her out to be a b*tch. When you going to be in a real interview Tranny? I mean you ARE an uber programmer and all that got banned becuase he was so 3lit3 and uber.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  7. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 20th, 2006

    In order to put this sh*t to rest I will tell you how I did the attack.
    Social engineering at it’s finest like I said. The best attack is a simple attack. Anyway, I’ll finally update and finish our website this weekend and you can read about it there then.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

    P.S. You have yet to say how I am a sellout. Just thought I’d point that out. But yes, give you kudos on the creativity. ‘Bout time. =)

  8. TrannyPet Barmy

    Jan 20th, 2006

    Tired of Tranny

    where exactly do i appear bitter or bothered over being banned ? Perhaps when i was first removed maybe i was, however, no postings any where on this site would appear to display any form of bitterness in my opinion, if you feel otherwise please do feel free to show where ? While you’re at it, you might also like to show where i am showing in 5 paragraphs that “i dont care” ?

    But, lets face it, you can’t, because anything even faintly close to your description doesn’t exist. You’re more than likely another one of the same type as Marsellout, blabbing on a load of shit that you cant/wont support, for all to see what a moronic fool you really are :) Why dont you people support what you say, it would be so much harder to dispute anything you claim then, i dont understand what difficulty it is that you seem to have with this concept ?

    Since you mention it though, no i’m not really all that bothered at all over being banned, here’s the one and only paragraph you’ll see about it. If you’re judging me by how you think you’d feel, then SL really must be a HUGE part of your life, unhealthly so, if you feel i should care too much about it. SecondLife isn’t the only online game out there, there’s plenty plenty more to play, just as good if not better, so no, i’m really not at all bothered by it.

    As for 5 paragraph posts, don’t knock it, simply because you’re not capable ;)

    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

  9. TrannyPet Barmy

    Jan 20th, 2006

    be sure to post us the link for the site won’t you Marsellout ?

    *smirks* some how i think it wont emerge :) and if it does, it’ll be the first time he’s shown his work now won’t it ;)

    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

  10. TrannyPet Barmy

    Jan 20th, 2006

    oh and just for all of those who tried to tell me i was full of shit regarding the FBI story, and over what is/isnt regarded as illegal :-

    Taken from PC-Plus issue#238 Jan 2006

    DoS Attacks “not illegal”
    Industry demands advice as Judge rules DoS attacks not against the law.

    A teenager walked free from a Wimbledon magistrates court after being told launching denial of service attacks wasn’t illegal under UK Law. The ruling has increased pressure on the government to amend the Computer Misuse Act(1990).

    The teenager, who can’t be named for legal reasons, is alleged to have crashed his ex-employers mail server by bombarding it with millions of messages.

    In court he faced specific charges under Section Three of the Act, criminalises unauthorised access to or modification of computer systems. In this case however, despite lots of emails being sent, there had been no illegal access gained so, the teenager walked free.

    The judgement has caused consternation among industry experts and heightened calls for the government to act.

    Passed in 1990, the Computer Misuse Act is now clearly showing it’s age, and MPs including Labour’s Derek Wyatt are pushing for change. Wyatt, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group(APIG), has for some time been championing amendments which include making denial of service attacks a specific offence. This, according to a statement from the APIG would “send a clear signal to the police, CPS and Courts that those attacks should be taken seriously”. Publicity of the proposed new offence may also deter anyone considering an attack.

    Derek Wyatt is also calling on the government to increase the tariff for offences under Section 1 of the Act(hacking) from six months to two years, consequently making the offence extraditable.

    Richard Allan MP, Liberal Democrat spokesman for IT, and Vice Chairman of APIG echoed these sentiments in a statement which read : “This Bill will strengthen the arm of the law enforcement agencies to deal with those who maliciously attack networks through denial of service attacks. This reform is necessary if we are to treat these attacks with the seriousness which they deserve.”

  11. blaze

    Jan 20th, 2006

    You know the first time someone abuse reports you guys you’ll be permabanned. Isn’t hate crime like one of the major no nos?

  12. Avah (Fallen Hasp)

    Jan 20th, 2006

    Do you think anyone gives a flying fuck the scientist interviewed you? Will you have my baby now that youre famous.

  13. Nice Guy 3nf0rc3r

    Jan 21st, 2006

    I find it amusing how far these comments have diverted away from the original topic. But, some of it has validity to it. Maybe if people would continue to post like this, then maybe Mars wont try to get his name in the Herald every two minutes to try to prove his hopes that hes “big time”.

    Seriously, this is pathetic, bringing up that hes travels around with “friends” and “big people” trust me, i know who the “big people” are in SL and im pretty damn sure that Mars doesnt travel around with them. And as far as being interveiwed by the New Science or whatever the fuck science it is. Who the fuck cares? This is just a game, if your getting interveiwed over it, whop te do. You get a 2in column in half of a page discribing ‘Whats happening in the virtual world’ like any reader is going to want to know what the fuck the mafias are doing in second life. Theyll all just skip past it anyways like it isnt there.

    Seriously, Mars, just get over yourself, and you wouldnt have this problem of people bashing you like crazy anytime you do something. I mean come on, theres a point when it needs to end, this whole ‘Im the legend mafia boss’ shit. I seriously dont think that even YOU believe that for a second, unless you are seriously dillusional.

  14. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 21st, 2006

    Tranny, the website will be updated this weekend and I assure you it is not the first time I have showed my work. And yes, you do come off bitter in a lot of your posts whether you mean to or not. And what we told you in regards to the FBI story was that applies to UK law which does not apply in the United Stated where the servers reside. Let’s not start that debate again though.

    Blaze, yes it is and yes they most likely will be.

    Avah, sure you can have my baby… hahaha

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  15. TrannyPet Barmy

    Jan 21st, 2006

    Talk about hypocrite. What was it he was saying about repeating myself over and over ? Read his last post, not only is he repeating, but he’s repeating my words !!!!

    LMAO Marsellout, you’re a joke my friend, and why are you a sellout ? I guess i’ll have to make it more clear for you won’t I. Well, look at the facts, you’re a known trouble maker, you run an ‘ultra tough Mafia’, you ‘firebomb’ places, you’re quite obviously a griefer, it’s all publicised here, no doubt you’ve been AR’d on many occassions, and yet, you’re not permbanned. Now doesn’t that kind of raise the question of ‘Why ?’.

    Well there’s only one possible reason now isn’t there ? You’ve sold your ring to the Lindens. The only question that remains to be answered here, is which Linden’s bitch are you ? The closest you ever get to ‘social-engineering’ my friend is sticking your tongue up a linden’s backside.

    Also goes to show the level of corruption that must exist within LindenLab, that Marsellout can get away with this.

    As for having been interviewed, *shrugs*, no biggy, i don’t see that proves alot, what do you feel it proves ? That you ‘firebombing’ some casino, or lmao getting married in-game to some trollop that i cyber fucked on many occassions, is something special worthy of some huge news ? Personally i see it as more a space filler ;) As for myself ever being interviewed, i really don’t think it would happen, mainly for legal reasons, over the things i could expose about LL/SL. But then i don’t see Marsellus Wallace mentioned any where in the secondlife history site, where as i do see mine :) So you do your interviews, and i’ll go down in history ;)


    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

  16. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 21st, 2006

    Mr. Nice Guy:

    If people pass it over, I wouldn’t be getting interviewed. Usually my interviews are a lot more than a couple of paragraphs too. For example, one magazine did a 6 page spread on me. People love to read about the Mafia whether it’s virtual or real. Deal with that fact.

    You may know the big people in game too, but when did you gain access to my friends list to see who is on it??? That’s what I thought.

    You think I care about people bashing me on here? It’s not necessarily a bad thing. For one, it’s keeps the story or topic on me. Bad press is still press. Besides, most of the time it’s the same people saying the same shit over and over and over with no validity to most of it. If you notice, I handle myself very well on the message boards which pisses people off even more and in some cases actually changes some peoples minds about me for the better. As I said before, I am not running a popularity contest and I am definently not Unicef. =)

    *yawn* it’s early, I am half awake and this is still too easy.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  17. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 21st, 2006

    haha You cyber fucked my girl? haha you really are a retard. She just started playing a couple of months ago and she is my real life girlfriend as well. She would never sleep with a crusty ass old man like you in real life or virtual. Besides, if your cyber fucking girls, you really need to get a life (as I am sure someone else will say I need one too). I get the real thing. =)

    From your comment though, I have obviously gotten to you (which you will deny, but it is clear here to everyone else). I can sense your anger, frustration and definently your bitterness. Go take some Ensure, put on your Depends and calm down. It’s only a game remember? Oh wait that’s right, you can’t play so it’s not a game to you. HAHAHA

    BTW, you need to look up the definition of sell out. You obviously have no idea what it means… As usual you are talking out your ass without checking out what you post.

    Also, you are coming off very bitter again. You got banned, I didn’t. Get over it. I am smarter than you in that area which is why I get away with shit most can’t. I think about all the possible angles of how I can get busted for something and I figure a strategy around that, even if that means not actually breaking game rules. My social engineering attack did not technically break a single game rule, therefore, I cannot be supended/banned for it.

    We can go round and round more if you want, but it’s obviously going no where and I have proved you incorrect and caught you in several lies already. It’s time to end the post old man. Agree to disagree and move on as I am doing now. Feel free to reply back and tell us more on how you get none in real life becuase you are so busy being bitter and whining about being banned from SL that you have to cyber fuck girls.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

    P.S. Who cares about Second Life history? I am in gaming history, a much bigger arena.

  18. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 21st, 2006

    I’m done I decided with commenting on this story. It’s been derailed long enough and I am tired of making Tranny look bad here. So Tranny can feel free to reply back and talk more smack (which we all know he will most likely do), but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he will no longer derail this story.

    Have a good day everyone (including you Tranny, my #1 fan) and if you want to continue this debate or whatever feel free to comment on the Red Dragon Casino story where it actually applies. =)

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  19. whateva

    Jan 21st, 2006

    Marsellus I have to disagree – its not tranny that looks like an ass on here. It’s you.

  20. TrannyPet Barmy

    Jan 21st, 2006

    Hmmm there he goes again, uncreatively repeating what others have said, you really need to cover your inadequacies more thoroughly Marsellout, perhaps think up some of your own dialogs ?

    Look up the meaning of “sellout” ? It’s a slang term you fool, it refers to some one who does something that is against general popular acceptability, like you, selling out to the Lindens, licking ass, giving money, what ever you’re doing, in order to be able to act as you wish in SL with no come back.

    I’m still waiting for your definition of “social engineering”, i some how suspect you have no idea what it is, or how to apply it. Where’s this site you were harping on about a few posts ago ? Yet again, still nothing to show huh Marsellout ? Well other than alot of talk and a few poncy particle effect & push scripts for a few mins on some one else’s land – DAMN you’re h@rDc0r3 man !!!!! LMAO

    I definately also suggest you learn to read my friend, i already covered the ‘bitterness at being banned’ issue, in a previous post, if you’d like to read any further, perhaps you might like to read here : where you will read quite clearly, i have no bitterness towards SL any longer. On top of which, do you really think that since TrannyPet Barmy i’ve not been in the game again ? Why don’t you ask which ever Linden who ownz you ……. which names has TrannyPet Barmy been back in as in the last 6 months ? ;)

    Oh and Marsellout, just to end this little post, *smirks*, i’ll give you some credit to, at least you know when you’re beat, and it’s time to shut up ;) albeit trying to guise yourself as some good guy as a get out. I guess, on the contrary to what you might claim, it’s actually you feeling your blood pressure rising and you don’t want to end up crying in your posts again, as you have previously “but i am right, i am right, honest” PMSL


    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

    ps. As for getting it in real matey, lmao wtf are you doing playing a computer game all the fucking time for then ??? If your cyber girl, is your real life girl to, then explain, why would you want to be cyber nobbing her as oppossed to drilling her in real life ?? Some how i think Marsellout is talking yet more BS ;)

  21. TrannyPet Barmy

    Jan 21st, 2006

    Oh and i nearly forgot to address “P.S. Who cares about Second Life history? I am in gaming history, a much bigger arena.”

    You are so sad man it’s unreal. So what you’re saying is, i go down in SL History, where as you get an interview on here, and you’re response is “who cares about Second Life History” ? That’s like saying that you feel you call the shots over what is relevant and what is not. How incorrect and how arrogant of you, not to mention how typical. Trying to make up your own reality as you progress with your bs. You may fool the fools who follow you, but there are plenty more here who see you for what i have shown you to be :) A wannabe.

    The arrogance is only heightened further with your following words of “I am gaming history”. Just goes to show just who really thinks he’s something he isn’t here, but then, as i’ve said a few times now, it’s something i’ve suspected all along ;)

    Funny thing is, i’d never even heard of you or your crappy mafia before i started reading this site. Cinquetti’s yes, TBH yes, Giovani’s yes, to name but a few, but Sopranos ? LMAO never heard of you, so i guess that kind of destroys yet another claim of yours as to “being game history”


    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

  22. Marsellus Wallace

    Jan 22nd, 2006

    See Red Dragon Casino story for your reply. As I previously said, stop derailing the topic. Do I need to type slower so you can understand what I am saying? lol

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia
    As seen on TV, heard on radio and read in print.

  23. ZabaX

    Jan 25th, 2006

    The typical “American Idiot” guys. I don’t know where are they from but they just look 99%.
    Stupid wanna be Nazi’s. Go fuck yourselves.

  24. Maria LaVeaux

    Jan 27th, 2006

    Three observations here:

    #1, When i first read this, i didn’t comment directly, but spoke to a few friends in game who agree with me, this group will have a very short, and undistinguished Second life, and their passing will, no doubt, go Unmourned.

    #2, about 75% of the posts here seem completely off topic. Flaming is amusing at times, But it does get in the way of Useful discussion.

    #3, Possible technical fault, a number of the posts seem to be under the “Posted by” heading of the wrong person.Someone from the herald staff might want to look into this, and tighten things up. Just in case that happens here, This post is by Maria LaVeaux, AKA Angelique LaFollette.

    Be well.

  25. TrannyPet Barmy

    Jan 27th, 2006

    looked in Red Dragon Post, still see no answer ?

    “See Red Dragon Casino story for your reply. As I previously said, stop derailing the topic.” – isn’t that intrinsically hypocritical of you ?

    “Do I need to type slower so you can understand what I am saying? ” – no you need to come up with some answers, as yet we’ve seen none.


    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

  26. GOD

    Jan 31st, 2006


  27. Lillika Leandros

    Feb 13th, 2006

    I wonder if I am the only one here who actually noticed this and found it funny… one of the guys with the bats is wearing a shirt for SHARP’s. Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice… Real skinheads who know what the movement was originally about aren’t rascist, but its boneheads like these that like to further the BS propoganda.

  28. Bleeding-Heart Reganite

    Apr 12th, 2006

    I’ve only known about Second Life for a few days now but from the articles I’ve read and the podcast interview of Mars, it sounds like he is a major ass. Who the hell do you think you are coercing people like that. You should take yourself and your inferiority complex and go back to Wisconson where you belong you megalomaniacal social parasite. But as for Tranny, you’re claiming that you’ve cybermounted the VirtWife of our sociopathic, bullyish, psuedo-intellectual friend with the same psychological profile of H. Lee Oswald. Can you prove this claim? Do you have any evidence to support this claim? From the other articles I’ve seen, the SL Herald seems to be a very open-minded site and I don’t think Uri’s inner journalist would resist such a scandalous story. So prove it, it would be the only article on this site that ol’ Mars hasn’t commented on. But if you can’t prove it, then I’m forced to assume your bs’ing us and that would make you no better than Mars.

  29. Bleeding-Heart Reganite

    Apr 12th, 2006

    Oh and about the actual article, I hope LL either permbans them, sends them to the cornfield, or turn them into some sort of human jack-in-the-box. But seriously they are such whack-jobs, “we go about terrorizing SL denizens because of Freedom of Speech, by which we mean attacking everyone who isn’t a backwards, biggoted ass-hat.” I say LL should take Patton’s advice and “grab them by the nose and kick them in the ass.”

  30. Marsellus Wallace

    Apr 13th, 2006

    Boo hoo! Cry me a river.. For real. lol

    First off, why you commenting on a hella old story about things unrelated to this story? Second, with you being new to Second Life (which doesn’t mean you even play, you just have known about it) and all you got no room to talk. Otherwise, you come off as an ass just as much as me or Tranny does. I don’t mind being an ass though. At least I am making something of myself as a result. What are you doing besides sitting there bitching about something you don’t even participate in?

    And FYI, not that I need to defend myself on getting that guy whacked in TSO, but he had it coming. I don’t arrange/do that type of stuff without just cause. Perhaps you should relisten to the interview and in the future, get your facts straight before you make a post and come off as an even bigger ass than myself or anyone else.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

    P.S. Wisconsin? lol Moron, I’m in Cali, but thanks for the laugh… Much appreciated!

  31. Marsellus Wallace

    Apr 13th, 2006

    Oh and in regards to the VirtMout or whatever that word is you made up, that is my real life gf as well, not just my “virtual” one. That is just an example of Tranny getting real life and virtual life mixed up and taking the game far too seriously. He has been banned for god knows how many months… Long before she ever joined the game. He thinks lil jabs like that bother me, when in fact they amuse me and make him come off EXTREMELY stupid. (that should get a comment from him lol) =P

    For the record, I already commented on that topic some time ago.. Perhaps you should read ALL the threads before you reply, just like you should have fully listened to the Podcast before you posted. I think perhaps you need a hug or something. It’s just a game, get over it lol

    Also, there is a difference between being open minded and publishing almost anything given to you as the Herald generally does. That type of story is not a story at all, but yes it helps prove Tranny is full of it and needs to step away from the computer.

    Honestly, all you’re trying to do is stir a pot that’s already been stirred… Careful, may get ya burned. =P

    Marsellus Wallace
    Boss, The Sim Mafia

  32. Murderfiend Juutilainen

    Jan 25th, 2007

    “I wonder if I am the only one here who actually noticed this and found it funny… one of the guys with the bats is wearing a shirt for SHARP’s. Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice.”

    Yeah… I saw that and i’m thinking this may just be a prank of some kind. They seem to know their stuff regarding Neo-Nazi propaganda, though.


    Jun 26th, 2007

    What game is this lol

    And im a SKINHEAD not a Nazi im a S.H.A.R.P.

  34. clem white

    Jan 11th, 2008

    i live in n.z and i’ve been a racist skin for 27yrs now, as a teenager it was all about hate hence being whitepower,now that i’m older i’m moreso whitepride.out of all the nations that take pride in their cultral identy !ONLY WHITEPRIDE IS CONSIDERED RACIST!

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  36. Skinhead

    Mar 16th, 2015

    Nice nazi crew. with a member on this crew wearing SHARP shirt. Skinheads Against Racist Prejudice(SHARP). well done. :D Hahaha!

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