Enough about You, Let’s Talk about Me!

by Alphaville Herald on 19/01/06 at 6:03 pm


TSO refugees may remember Realsimsonline.com, which was a site that allowed TSO denizens to post their real life information (now known as first life information).  Although supposedly banned by EA, the site was very popular, and there were thousands of users that posted their information there.  Now Second Life has a similar option — www.sl.me.com — which allows users to post relevant information, graphics, videos, etc.  The site has been holding a series of kick-off parties, with the next one coming tomorrow, Friday the 20th.

Meanwhile, realsimsonline.com is threatening to return to action in the near future, with a service not just for TSO but MMORPGs ranging from WoW to SL.  Should be interesting.

2 Responses to “Enough about You, Let’s Talk about Me!”

  1. Daphne

    Jan 20th, 2006

    LOL it’s the MySpace of Second Life. ~shakes head~

  2. Jazmina Firefly

    Jan 21st, 2006

    Thank you Uri for posting about our site.We would like to say thank you to everyone that showed up yesterday we had a great turnout and gained almnost 100 new users yesterday.

    Daph yes it is sim. to that but also has more features then that site. =o)

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