Interview with TrannyPet Barmy

by Urizenus Sklar on 29/01/06 at 4:46 pm

In this interview we speak with TrannyPet Barmy, the gifted scripter and alleged griefer who made the Hand of Satan push gun and the DBomber notecard spamming weapon in addition to an advertising broadcasting system during his first incarnation on Second Life. After being permabanned for questionable reasons, he returned as AsterixLe Gall – better known as Foxy – and initiated the SuperFox TV network, went to war with the Cinquetti Mafia and worked on other projects before being outed and banned once again. Now he is working on his master plan SLAlt – a version of Second Life that he is coding himself which he plans on making available as a free download sometime this summer. Is it the ultimate Blakean story of revenge by the author of the Hand of Satan? Remaking Philip’s creation in the image of TrannyPet Barmy? Oh the hubris… the hubris…

Urizenus: OK, Tranny, the first question has to be this: WTF is it with that name — TrannyPet Barmy? Where did you get that and what is it about?
TranyPet: lmao
TranyPet: well, as i’ve said in a post about the bdsm thing, i’m actually a submissive(beleive it or not), and i’m one of those TV style subs, so the Tranny bit refers to Transvestite and Pet referring to being submissive, Barmy, because in the UK it kind of refers to being a little nutty
Urizenus: I see, so it doesn’t have to do with Barney the dinosaur.
TranyPet: lol who the fuck is Barney the Dinosaur?
Urizenus: Well if you have to ask…
Urizenus: When did you first come to SL?
TranyPet: i think it was either february or march last year
Urizenus: What was the name of your first avi?
TranyPet: TrannyPet Barmy
Urizenus: haha, Barmy was a Linden approved last name?
TranyPet: yeah, lol it was the only one that i saw as being applicable to myself so snatched one of them
Urizenus: And did you start scripting weapons right away or were you into other things?
TranyPet: hmmmmmm while back now, i think if i remember rightly, to start with i was just more interested in taking a look around, seeing what people were like, i saw with in a few days the scripting thing, but took me a few weeks before i really got into doing anything with that
Urizenus: When did you cook up the Hand of Satan ™?
TranyPet: that was actually my first proper script
TranyPet: as soon as i saw the llPushObject() command i saw huge potential for writing something that could be a lot of fun
TranyPet: weird thing is
TranyPet: all this crap going on about TrannyPet having stolen someone else’s code/work/idea etc etc, it’s all alot of bollox
TranyPet: thing is, when i wrote HoS, it didn’t actually have any name
TranyPet: i just wrote it, and probably left it as Test1 or something like that
TranyPet: then one day i hit a few folks with it, and some one said something along the lines of “is that HoG ?”
TranyPet: i’m like “wtf is HoG ?”, so at that time, i’d not even heard of Hand of God
TranyPet: the Hand of Satan name though, i will admit, and quite obviously, was a take off of Hand of God with out a doubt
Urizenus: for readers that don’t know, can you describe what HoS does and a little about how it does it?
TranyPet: it’s a push weapon, that built some notoriety last year
TranyPet: basically in it’s first incarnation it would emit larges amounts of push force to any avatar with in a 96m vacinity of it
TranyPet: pretty much send them flying
TranyPet: the thing with HoS is that it had the amount of force that it emits is set to the maximum allowed
TranyPet: LOL this was even confirmed by a Linden’s comment on the phone one time “it gives out some seriously hefty push”
TranyPet: the second carnation of it was HoS Ultra, which basically was the same thing, but put into 8 more prims, effectively x8′ing the push force, along with a few other features i added in, like targeting, and auto fire
Urizenus: Were there lots of fire and brimstone effects too?
TranyPet: no nothing, it was invisible, [except for] the msg that the linden’s asked me to put in it, during the afore mentioned phone conversation
Urizenus: message?
TranyPet: yeah basically they said a lot of folks had bought the weapon and were running around SL opening fire on clubs and events
TranyPet: and because there was no evidence of what was going on, it was hard for any one to abuse report it, unless they knew where to look for the PvP info
TranyPet: so i put a start up message in it, at the request of Linden Central
Urizenus: what did the message say?
TranyPet: something along the lines of “Hand of Satan –==[ULTRA]==–”
TranyPet: oh and when it started pushing it would say something like “BLASTING …….”
TranyPet: all since been removed from open view in the open source version of the script.
Urizenus: Were there other weapons projects before you got banned?
TranyPet: lmao yeah the final straw in it all was DBomber
Urizenus: What was that?
TranyPet: well it was a notecard spammer, it was fully intended as a one on one weapon, basically it was a ‘multithreaded’ notecard sender if you like. Because it was ‘multithreaded’ it was able to send MASSIVE amounts of notecards to any given user, last calculation i did on it i think i made an estimate of around 15000 notecards in a matter of a few minutes
TranyPet: the thing that made it nasty, was that even if the user logged out, due to the nature of notecards, they would still continue sendning, so when the user logged back in again, they’d have a hell of a mess to clean up, ie; closing all the notecards down and deleteing them
TranyPet: there were 2 reasons i got banned with that being the final straw
TranyPet: a) i used a notecard with my name on it – d0h – the biggest mistake i’ve made to date on anything similar
Urizenus: hahaha
TranyPet: b) there was an unfortunate side effect of the weapon – it caused massive lag on ‘The Grid’, and so despite all the reasoning in the world, the Lindens wouldn’t see sense that it wasn’t an intended grid attack, damn all they had to do was look at the code to see it was only intended as one on one
TranyPet: adam linden didnt help much either, glory seeking idiot
Urizenus: glory seeking idiot?
TranyPet: yeah well what happened at the end was
TranyPet: i had gotten involved with some mafia family, and one of them somebody koolhaus, i cant remember his full name, was kind of involved with the Costello family and the one i was hanging with
TranyPet: any way the fool set off a DBomber on the godmother of the costellos, and she reported it to the lindens
TranyPet: first i hear of it is Adam saying to me “ok Tranny, you’re quite a scripter aren’t you” followed by “if you help me to get this resolved, i’ll do what i can to make sure you dont get permabanned”
TranyPet: so i give him the script and try to help him out and he turns ultra nasty on me, abusive at some points
TranyPet: just wanted to be the man claiming he was the one who resolved the issue i’m sure, but had to lick my ass to get there LMAO
TranyPet: any way following that
TranyPet: i got a call for help from the costello getting hit by the DBomber
TranyPet: so i go over to help, and tell them what we’re looking for, ie; the object thats spitting the note cards at them, so they could delete it from their land and end the attack
TranyPet: so i pull out a DBomber to show them, and the God Mother gets all tough on me, “who the hell do you think you are pulling stuff out with out permission” or words to that effect
TranyPet: and then the push attacks start, so heh my thoughts were “well i’m sure as hell permbanned any way, so lets have some fun”, and blew them up with C4s and Stinger, LMAO, it sure as hell was fun going out with a bang, and fucking with the mafia on the way too.
Urizenus: But I thought you had issues with the Cinquetti Mafia.
TranyPet: that was when i snuck back into SL as AsterixLe Gall, or as some will know him Super Fox of the SuperFox Show
Urizenus: ok, good we’ll get to that in a sec
Urizenus: but after you C4-ed the costellos you got permabanned?
TranyPet: yep
TranyPet: for a supposed grid attack
Urizenus: They thought that was a grid attack? Did any simulators go down?
TranyPet: apparently so. i got a msg in yahoo a few days later, from one of the mafia that i was hanging with, who told me the whole grid was taken down to be rebooted, due to DBomber causing so much trouble for it
TranyPet: and no, i don’t think it’s something ultra cool, or ultra elite to have done, like i say, it totally wasn’t intended, which reading the code would support, had the Lindens bothered doing so.
Urizenus: Well, lemme understand, were you banned for *making* the weapon or for *using* it.
TranyPet: good point, i’d never actually thought about that
TranyPet: infact thats a damn good point
TranyPet: it must have been simply for making it, since i only actually ran it for a few short test runs
TranyPet: the one that i was permbanned for wasn’t me running it, the only reason it came back to me was my name was on the Notecard as creator – d0h(kicks self hard)
Urizenus: So you got permabanned because someone else misused your weapon.
Urizenus: sorry, a weapon that you scripted.
TranyPet: no i got permbanned for lots of reasons i believe
TranyPet: that was just the excuse they used to appear to be permabanning me for something [that *looked* like a good reason]
Urizenus: well, what were some of the others?
TranyPet: well, for starters there were PLENTY of bogus ARs sent about me
TranyPet: and i know for a fact, that the ARs are not properly investigated, i wont name a name, but a certain Linden did tell me that LL doesn’t have the time, resources or cash to spend on investigating every single AR
TranyPet: so the way i see it, had a lot of the bogus ones been investigated properly, LL would have seen i’m not the bad-ass they think and want people to think i am
TranyPet: admittedly, when i first started, i was griefer #1
TranyPet: but that was only for a few weeks until i realized the potential of making real money in SL, then i was more into working on my projects
TranyPet: one of which included a networked advertising system
Urizenus: oh sweet
TranyPet: again when i was on the phone with the lindens one of them mentioned something along the lines of “oh man you really do have lots of 16m’s dont you”
TranyPet: the thing being
TranyPet: my advertising rates were going to be dirt cheap, and it was coming right at a time when SL was planning on doing the classifieds
TranyPet: competition ?
TranyPet: eliminate ?
Urizenus: So the 16m land parcels you were going to use to post ads?
TranyPet: yep
TranyPet: basically i’d scripted up an advertising client prim
TranyPet: and a central server, worked like a dream to
Urizenus: ok, now before we move of t\the weapons…
Urizenus: What does it help to permaban you given that you can still sell the weapons on the web. And you do, right?
TranyPet: lol yeah, and it’s not just LL who should listen to that too
TranyPet: the Hand of Satan Ultra source code is freely available at my site, and i’ve also just reopened the forum to, i took it down for a while, had my reasons, but it’s all back up and running again now plug plug plug
TranyPet: but one point
TranyPet: i’m not selling it, it’s free, come and take it away, enjoy and have fun
TranyPet: real shame thing was
TranyPet: that yeah i’d done some griefer stuff in the past
TranyPet: but prior to getting permbanned, i was coming more towards just getting on with my projects, infact probably for maybe 6 weeks prior to getting banned, i’d hardly gotten into anything shitty (oh bear in mind, Tranny lasted all of 3-4 months before getting permabanned)
TranyPet: and i had so many big ideas, that could have been really cool for me and for SL, but, because of the idiocy at LL, it wasn’t to be
Urizenus: alright, so in addition to the weapons you had the advertising network. anything else we should know about?
TranyPet: no nothing significant, i made quite a few smaller scripts, like the Retarded Keyboard, and this wierd glow thing, but once i got my head into the advertising thing i was full on with that, oh and i did make a Rental thing, you know like Rent-o-Matic ? I made one of those that used emails and XML-RPC to communicate stats back to a web server, never got to release with it though, because of the advertising project taking priority for me
Urizenus: So after you were banned, how long before you came back as AsterixLe Gall?
TranyPet: was either 2 weeks or a month
TranyPet: lol they banned me right at the end of my credit card expiry
Urizenus: So you had a fresh card to subscribe with.
TranyPet: yep
Urizenus: So when you came back what projects did you work on?
TranyPet: nothing scripting
TranyPet: infact when i came back in i wasn’t interested in it in that way any longer, just wanted to have a complete laugh, and just totally mess around, no financial gain incentive or anything
TranyPet: lol which i did, and right under LL’s noses, got quite well known for it to lmao
Urizenus: known for what?
TranyPet: SuperFox
Urizenus: OK, tell us about SuperFox TV
TranyPet: well lol when i got back in it was about the same time as LL started pushing the live stream onto their home page
TranyPet: anyway, i found the little fox av, and who ever made that av, MUCH RESPECT, i LOVE that av, it’s the cutest thing i’ve ever seen in SL
TranyPet: so i got myself one of those, i blagged the cash from from a friend for it
TranyPet: then i blagged some flaks
TranyPet: and this whole fox persona just formed
Urizenus: flaks?
TranyPet: flaks = combat clothing
Urizenus: gotcha
TranyPet: i dont know where SuperFox came from, something deep inside i guess, but he was awesome, he even had his own language
Urizenus: and SuperFox had a TV show
TranyPet: yeah
TranyPet: that was funny as hell
TranyPet: what i did was kept running up to the Video Linden
TranyPet: and telling him all about SL as the fox, and what i’d blown up in Rausch, and what i’d done, and it just turned into this whole show
Urizenus: I saw the interview with Flipper
TranyPet: yeah we had Flipper PA on the show
TranyPet: and despite him having his little pops over who knows what in previous posts on your site, Flipper was one of the nicest guests we had
TranyPet: we had Anshe on there to
TranyPet: and she was unexpectedly AMAZING, really game for a laugh, and just rolled with the blows as it were
Urizenus: What were your plans? Your own TV network?
TranyPet: well The SuperFox Show did build some significant momentum after a few weeks, we had like 12-18 in studio audience on average, and we even had our own alotted time on the home page stream, 4pm Game Time
TranyPet: so yeah i wanted to take it further
TranyPet: and did, until i got grassed up as to my true identity, was the site for the network, and despite only coming 2nd in the SLTV competition, i fully intended to continue the superfoxtv thing on our own stream
TranyPet: BTW the Lindens never did pay up the 50k prize money for winning 2nd place
Urizenus: hahahaha
Urizenus: did u really expect them to?
TranyPet: yeah sort of, in a way, it would have made up for all the cash i’d lost by the TrannyPet Permaban
TranyPet: ah well, never trust a Linden, that’s what i say
TranyPet: bar 2, and much respect to them
TranyPet: Jesse and Pathfinder – thanks for all the help on the superfox show it was much appreciated sorry it had to end how it did
Urizenus: OK, so then you got into the conflagration with the Cinquettis.
TranyPet: yeah that was during my stay as AsterixLe Gall
Urizenus: so what happened?
TranyPet: one of them was really nice, and i knew her before i knew she was in a mafia
TranyPet: and we got on real well
TranyPet: any way, to cut a long story short, i ended up being at the Cinquetti’s residency, just hanging out with B, and like one of them took a dislike to foxy, and got all tough and shot me with his virtual gun in a virtual world LOL
TranyPet: so in retaliation (as most of the real actions have been that any true AR has been raised over), i firebombed the place, and HoS’d them all up for hours
TranyPet: then invited some friends over for a Roof Party
TranyPet: lol, was so funny watching all these uber-elite mafia guys turning up and trying to get us to move with their piss poor weapons
TranyPet: but as expected, in the end the mafia called a linden in, and we got moved on LOL
TranyPet: got some nice screenshots of the Cinquetti’s place ablaze though
Urizenus: did that get foxy banned?
TranyPet: no
TranyPet: foxy did relatively little wrong, blew up the mafia once, and there was some other incident where the fox went into some one’s house and shouted “CLEAR” and then explained he was looking for “insurgents”, can you believe i got suspended for 2 or 3 days for something as harmless as that ???
TranyPet: but no, i didnt get banned for blowing up the mafia
TranyPet: i got banned because some whiney cry baby didnt like a wall on my land, and her bf knew who i was, so she decided to go tell on me
TranyPet: the Lindens were totally none the wiser as to my identity when i was in as AsterixLe Gall
TranyPet: and the funny thing there is, i didn’t do anything illegal, it was my real name and address on my verification on the sign up
TranyPet: i even dropped hints about Tranny in front of the lindens
TranyPet: the mere fact i mentioned his name should have really raised some alarm bells
TranyPet: but ultimately the reason i got permabanned as foxy was simply based upon who i was, nothing to do with anything i had done as the fox, which is pretty sad if you ask me
TranyPet: not to mention, that even according to the lindens themselves, my show had brought a number of new sign ups to SL
TranyPet: nice to know doing things good, and bringing in business for them is rewarded in such a decent way – many thanks LL
Urizenus: So what’s next for Tranny/Foxy?
TranyPet: hmmm well there’s a main project that i’m sure you’re about to ask about, SLAlt, but as well as this, i want to continue the foxy thing, but, since i’ve got no SL access, i’ve plans to make it Flash based some time in the future, it’s all time dependant really
Urizenus: And SLAlt is a kind of open source SL?
TranyPet: no, not open source
TranyPet: more open usage.
TranyPet: if all goes to plan what i intend to do is create a client, a sim server, and a universe server
TranyPet: the client and the sim server will be entirely free to download and use
TranyPet: the whole system will be very similar to SL’s
TranyPet: except that, ANYONE will be allowed to run a sim
TranyPet: and do as they wish with it
TranyPet: each of those sims will connect to the central universe server, to give continuity accross the whole universe of sims
TranyPet: pretty much the same as it works in SL, except SL calls it an asset server instead of universe i believe
Urizenus: And users will be able to move between sims?
TranyPet: yep, that’s partly what the universe server is for
TranyPet: it keeps a track of what sims are available, and possible at some future date, govern where they are in relation to one other with in game space
Urizenus: So why do people join SLAlt instead of SL?
TranyPet: well firstly because it will be truely free
TranyPet: secondly because it won’t have a draconian abuse reporting system that’s not fully investigated
TranyPet: thirdly because there wont just be one set of people governing who is allowed in or out, i don’t run things like that
TranyPet: that will be more down to sim ownership as to who is allowed in a sim or not
TranyPet: damn i could rattle of loads of reasons for using SLAlt when it’s available instead of SL, but, since most of it is not down to the technology, but how things are run, i dont want to give away too much to the opposition
Urizenus: but, horrors!, won’t this lead to ANARCHY! ™?
TranyPet: in some sims yes
TranyPet: but then the user will have the choice weather or not to goto that sim
TranyPet: just as it will be up to the owner of the sim, if he wants good levels of traffic, to ensure a reasonably well goverened environment
Urizenus: Why do you think you can make this happen? You are just one person, but the Lindens are legion and have Philip’s money.
TranyPet: well i admit it’s ALOT of work
TranyPet: and more importantly ALOT of thought
TranyPet: but i would disagree with any one who said it’s not doable by one person alone.
TranyPet: the test world i made that i’m sure a few have seen screenshots of, took maybe 2 or 3 days to code up, thats with learning the software that i’m using to generate it
TranyPet: admittedly that’s not got any network coding going on in it
TranyPet: but networking code has been a passion of mine for some years now, and i’m no newbie to writing server software
TranyPet: so i don’t see the network side as any great issue
Urizenus: So when are you going to start inviting us to join TrannyWorld
TranyPet: LOL @ TrannyWorld, i think i’m going to stick with SLAlt for now, i’m not sure TrannyWorld would be a seller
TranyPet: but in all honesty, i’ve been a bit slack since xmas, i’ve taken a bit of a break from all things code, BUT, have set Feb 1st for all systems go again
TranyPet: and i’m hoping to at least have a basic networked beta up by the summer, maybe sooner, although i wouldn’t like to predict what functionality will be available to users during beta.
TranyPet: it’s one of those projects that will just grow and grow as time goes by, very similar to how SL has
Urizenus: How do you make money off this?
TranyPet: i wont
TranyPet: i’m not in it for the cash
Urizenus: for what then, revenge?
TranyPet: some might think that
TranyPet: and perhaps when i first started the project, just like when i first started SecondCentral, there was the revenge thing
TranyPet: but
TranyPet: i’m long long past any feelings of that nature towards SL
TranyPet: i just want a place where i can go and build/script, and since LL wont let me use theirs, despite having proven that i’m not the person they think i am, i need to make my own
TranyPet: thing is SLAlt, just like SL would have been, has LOTS to think about and consider
TranyPet: and that thought-provoking stuff is what keeps it going for me, i like a challenge i guess, and this is challanging
TranyPet: i thought i knew how SL hung together prior to starting SLAlt, but boy do i have a feeling i know ALOT more about how it works now, ALOT MORE

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  1. TrannyPet Barmy

    Feb 3rd, 2006

    Does any one know when and where the next SL Convention is going to be held ?

    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

  2. Matthias

    Feb 3rd, 2006


    Let me begin by saying that I am by no means a first-generation student. Each of my parents and all four of my grandparents have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Out of my grandparents’ eight combined children, all but one has at least a Bachelor’s degree, with 6 Masters’ degrees between 5 of the 8. I personally am currently a college student at a college in the nation’s top 2%, on a track to have both a double-bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in 5 years. I do not say this to be cocky, I say this to show you how large and overbearing your assumptions are. Let me also say that I am by no meents “touch-feeling liberal-angsty” person. If you even knew a bit about me, you wouldn’t say that at all. In truth, I am one of the most conservative people you’ll ever meet in many, MANY ways. In fact, I’d daresay that on many issues, you’re too liberal for my tastes. Get the picture? Your first point falls through since both of your assumptions are the exact opposite of correct, and since your entire tirade was based on the assumption that I’m either a first-generation educated person or a “touch-feeling liberal-angsty” person, it can be safely assumed that the rest of what you said is false, as well. I’ll go ahead and point out all of your other logical fallacies while I’m at it, though.

    You say that I’m “jumping to the conclusion that I[Prokofy]‘ve made a statement that first-generation educated people are “stupid.” But [Prokofy] didn’t say that. Where do[es] [Prokofy] say that? [Prokofy] didn’t say that. [I] THOOUGHT it because [I was] in reaction mode, ready to fly off the handle at someone stepping on [my] corns.” Well, the last part can be safely discarded since as I’ve already pointed out, I’m no “touch-feeling liberal-angsty” person, nor am I a first-generation educated person. Since you asked, I’ll show you exactly where you imply that you feel that first-generation educated people are stupid. From all of the rest of your mile-long tirades here in the Herald, you obviously believe that TrannyPet is an idiot and stupid. In fact, you have said so multiple times that I have read. No, I will not search for hours on end to find an exact reference. So, by saying that “Anyone who has to work so hard and ensuring that someone else is constantly insulted and told that they are not an intellectual must be…um…first generation educated?”, you were saying that since TrannyPet was (in your mind) trying to constantly insult you, that he must be a first-generation eduacated person. Thus, you believe that Trannypet is both stupid and an idiot, and that he is a first-generation educated person, and you draw a connection with the very part that you have quoted. Congratulations on losing the challenge to show where you said this!

    Your third point is entirely laughable. By definition, a first-generation educated person is one who is the first in their family to graduate high school and/or college. By implying that they are stupid (as I showed just above), you are obviously assuming that those who have no education are even larger idiots than those who are first-generation educated. Actions speak louder than words, Prokofy, and even your words are showing that you’re quite discriminatory.

    Finally, your fourth point tries to convince me that you said that first-generation educated people are insecure and touchy. You never once say this before the post you just made. Obviously, that’s from some imaginary Herald. I’d challenge you to show where previous to that post, you had said that. “They have their own insecurity issues about their own education, fresh as it is, or inadequate as it is, so they lash out at the slightest implication that they may not be smart.” You make two absolutely HUGE assumptions here, Prokofy. First, you assume that first-generation educated people feel inadequate because of a fresh education. This is not always the case. Second, you assume that if it’s NOT inadequate because it’s fresh, that it is simply inadequate. Let me tell you about a good friend of mine here in that nice domain we call Real Life. I’ll call her Amber for now, though that is not her real name. She is a first-generation educated person attending the same university that I am, and is one of the most confident individuals that I have ever met. Now, she will not fit either one of these false assumptions. She and I have spent hours over the last year and a half discussing this. Her education will CERTAINLY be adequate (I can say this with confidence as her program is one of the two that I am getting a bachelor’s in). She certainly doesn’t feel that it is inadequate at all. She also certainly doesn’t “love to bash others,” as you try to project on to her. Are you sure you’re not giving the traits of yourself, Prokofy? All of this sure seems to describe you well.

    I’ll quote your next-to-last paragraph, Prokofy:
    “A person who is quick to lash out at another about their intellectual deficits, to slam them for being “pseudo-intellectuals” (this was Ulrika’s famous remark about me), to accuse them (as Tranny is doing to me) of only imagining they are intellectuals, blah blah blah is PROJECTING. They must have issues of their own. Therefore, it’s quite a helpful concept to ask them if they are first-generated educated — often you discover they are, and are a bundle of insecurity.”
    This is EXACTLY what you are doing now. You have been lashing out at TrannyPet, then at first-generation educated students, and now at me, claiming that we have intellectual defecits. As I said just above, you seem to be describing yourself here better than you are describing any first-generation educated students.

    Finally Prokofy, in your last paragraph, you state, “Education’s a good thing, but even being educated at “the best schools” is no guarantee of knowledge or wisdom. People acquire this in different ways. One thing’s for certain, Tranny — and Matthias — aren’t willing to argue about concepts or ideas or notions (about making weapons versus using them, whether creating something that can exact havoc manifests ill intent, etc.). They’re just fulminating and insulting, in full-blown flame mode.” I would agree that just because you are educated, it doesn’t mean you have wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience, but konwledge, especially of the factual kind, does come from education. As to it being certain that I’m not willing to argue about the concepts or ideas or notions of whether creating a weapon deserves the same punishment as using it, Prokofy, how would you even know? I haven’t even spoken on that issue, and I will continue not to. Assume all you want, but that doesn’t mean by any means that it’s true. By the way, I didn’t realize that this was “full-blown flame mode.” I suppose I missed that memo, as I typically try to stay civillized while arguing a point (unlike some that we know). Nice try, Prokofy, but I’m not fulminating, insulting, or flaming. Dream on.

  3. Andrew Linden

    Feb 23rd, 2006

    If TranyPet moves forward with SLAlt I’ve got some technical advice. He should take the time to design the central universe server such that it scales well. Also, sims should be able to weather momentary inaccessibility to the usiverse server and then reconnect. The universe server should actually be a cloud of servers. Better yet, split each important service of the universe (database, asset, login, http cache, etc) into its own cloud by design from the start. The benefits of such a start will be apparent when the world gets big.

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