Linux SL Client Gets Its Own Blog

by Alphaville Herald on 26/03/06 at 12:06 am

With the release of a Linux client for Second Life, we knew it was only a matter of time before the SL community would take to constructively picking the software apart for bugs, improvements and other cool stuff — as those wacky Linux users always do. To help them along and record their progress, SL resident ninjafoo Ng has started what looks to be the first Linux-centric blog devoted to SL, all about “a Second Life on Linux,” which has actually been running since February 5, when ninjafoo posted his first insights into Linux SL.

Though it looks like ninja’s had little news to report so far, he’s kept the posts coming in professional style, including news of weekly Linux Users Group meetings being held in Second Life.

The Herald wishes ninjafoo the best in his blogging efforts, and looks forward to reading about what the Linux SL community comes up with. This could just be the future, after all.

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