Stratics Confirms Mob Management for SL Portal

by Alphaville Herald on 18/03/06 at 12:01 pm

The Herald’s continuing investigation into the nomination of a renowned mafia boss to manage the Stratics SL portal has revealed that the story is indeed true. Teresk of Stratics has confirmed to the Herald that Marsellus Wallace will be the new manager of the SL Stratics site, as indicated in the Stratics and Stratics News groups that recently formed in SL. Teresk sounds excited about it too. “Yes! I have chosen Marsellus Wallace to manage the SL Stratics portal,” Teresk tells the Herald. “Why did I feel he was the right man for the job? Because of what I read in his correspondence to me. He confessed right up front that he was a Mafia Boss.”

Whether Marsellus made Stratics an offer they couldn’t refuse is unknown. Teresk is taking precautions, however, to ensure that mafia control of the Stratics SL boards does not get out of hand. “We have a Rules of Conduct (RoC). Prior to assigning [Marsellus] to this position I had him read that document so that he understood exactly what his behavior should be. Not only must our Stratics viewers adhere to our RoC, our staff MUST do the same as well. Further, we do NOT role-play our staff positions.”

“I will be watching [Marsellus] as I do all of my managers” Teresk added. “If things don’t work out as I expect and demand, within 30 minutes he will receive the proverbial “Kiss of Death” from me and we’ll happily move forward.”

The Herald wishes both Marsellus and the Stratics admins the best of luck in their new partnership, and hopes neither of them end up sleeping with the virtual fishes.

3 Responses to “Stratics Confirms Mob Management for SL Portal”

  1. Cocoanut

    Mar 18th, 2006

    I can think offhand of a great number of people who would be a whole lot worse in this position, so I will reserve judgment.


  2. Marsellus Wallace

    Mar 18th, 2006

    My Official Responce:

    Yes, I am the Portal Manager for the new branch of Stratics which focuses on Second Life. As Teresk put it “I want you to be the Portal Manager. What that means is that you would be responsible for the entire portal; news, content, administration of the forums, et al. You would be accepting applications and deciding who will be on your team to make the site come alive and be enjoyable to the public viewers.”

    My Mafia role-playing is just that. Role-playing. I have roughly 4 years experience with MMORPG’s, beta-testing, website management and player management. I am more than qualified for the job and Teresk agrees. Besides, they have rules I must follow (unlike the Herald). It is not like I have a green light to go crazy.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Stratics SL Portal Manager & Boss, The Sim Mafia /

  3. RB

    Mar 19th, 2006

    –quote– RoC, our staff MUST do the same as well. –unquote–

    That bit seemed to be missing alot back during the tso times. But then we know what kind of weird “community” (more like, loosely bound mob) that was on the boards.

    SL is much different, so here’s to good things ahead for those involved.

    - RB.

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