The Haunted House of Sinatra Cartier

by Alphaville Herald on 25/03/06 at 11:47 pm

A Second Life Diversion
by Daftcoho Callisto, Special to the Herald

While venturing through the massive land of SL, I encountered an odd, contorted being named Sinatra Cartier, black from head to toe, except for a pair of beady, dark-red eyes. Sinatra owned a few sims of land and, like many residents, sold clever scripted toys and other items there. But more interesting than his merchandise was “Sinatra’s Spook House,” the carnival-inspired theme-park ride that Sinatra himself created.

I decided to take a ride, and was given the amount of scares to be expected for one Linden. The ride itself was well scripted, with some decently creepy effects. From odd voices to that infamous picture of the possessed girl from “The Exorcist,” the ride was a fun little diversion, but it was by no means scary.

Fun inside, if not exactly fright

When I asked Cartier why he made this ride, I discovered that he had actually been a member of a family carnival group in high school, named the “Gorilla Theatre.” Sinatra also commented that he likes to hang around his ride, not just because of the chance to meet new people, but to call 911, “just in case another murder happens.”

Sinatra Cartier — spooky indeed

Interview with the spookster

There you have it, a few minutes in a virtual haunted house! I came, I saw, I even got the T-shirt (with “I survived Sinatra’s Spook House” on the back).

–Till next time
Daftcoho Callisto

6 Responses to “The Haunted House of Sinatra Cartier”

  1. Clark Ambassador

    Mar 26th, 2006

    One of my favorite places in SL.

    I recommend it to all the newcomers.

  2. Puck Goodliffe

    Mar 27th, 2006

    An SL haunted house is a *great* idea.

  3. Bryan Alexander

    May 8th, 2007

    What a fun ride! Thanks for that.

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