Cornfields Not Enough for Roma Victor

by Alphaville Herald on 03/04/06 at 8:51 am

The devs over at Red Bedlam, makers of the new MMO Roma Victor have come up with a novel new way to punish griefers in their virtual world: Rather than suspend their accounts or banish them to a virtual cornfield for a couple of days, they simply string them up on a cross. [Pic after the jump, so as not to offend anyone's delicate religious sensibilities.]


According to a story in TG Daily, a character named Cynewulf will hang nailed to a cross in a public square for seven days as punishment for repeatedly killing other players. Other players have reportedly stopped by to check it out or to taunt Cynewulf in good historically accurate Roman fashion.

It’s an interesting approach to griefer maintenance, but it just could work. If Red Bedlam’s goal is to both punish the player by taking away his game-time and give the griefer a bad name, a public crucifixion just might do the trick. Arguably, more players will be aware of Cynewulf’s crimes this way than if he was tacitly banned from the game for a few days, as most MMOs would do, or even if his name were to be posted to the game’s forums. What’s especially nice about this is that it’s an in-game solution to an in-game problem.

The Herald looks forward to seeing more such crucifixions in future. Errr. I mean… Ummm. Well…..

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  1. One Song

    Apr 6th, 2006

    There is something terribly wrong about that….even that I don’t know what it is….just doesn’t look right….and I’m not even religious.

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