SecondCast Gets Their Game On

by Alphaville Herald on 28/04/06 at 8:38 am

In Episode 17 of the most popular podcast on the Grid, we visit the annual game developers’ contest. Hear us try to figure out how to play the eight outstanding games on offer. A madcap soundscape through some of the most creative content to be found in Second Life.

One Response to “SecondCast Gets Their Game On”

  1. Peter Valentine

    Apr 28th, 2006

    in 2016 the metaverse might host games where human control is removed as much as possible. A person may be more concerned with the design of an avatar and where it begins its adventure and then the designer releases control and observes the avatar live out its own destiny (with minimal control/interference). In this way, the designer of the avatar becomes like a common conception of God— an observer of his creation who determines the big pieces of life: “who am i?” and “where do I come from?”… but who leaves “where do I go?” and “what should I do” up to the individual.

    It may be that in the future a new way of programming may be discovered that is based not on 1s and 0s, but on associative lateral connections (this is like this and that is like that). This might enable programs to approximate emotions and a non-linear decision making process. Maybe in 2016 when you wind up your avatar and let it go, you can enjoy watching its freedom of choice, its joy of discovery, or anguish with its fate.

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