Teh Clones Invade Friendster

by Alphaville Herald on 12/04/06 at 12:57 pm

Loyal readers of the Herald may recall several episodes of cloning that took place back when the Herald had its HQ in The Sims Online. Most notable was the episode involving a toon named Lead Architect, who was impersonated by a scammer named Lead Archeticht, who used the original’s good name to abscond with unsuspecting toons’ simoleans. Now comes a report of a cloning on social networking site Friendster, in which a man posed as a woman named Wendy, mostly, it seems, in order to garner a new set of friends. The Herald advises readers to be on the lookout for teh clones, as they have been known to strike anywhere. Always be sure the person you’re chatting to is the person you think you’re chatting to. This has been a public service announcement on behalf of avatars everywhere.

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  1. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 12th, 2006

    Wow. I had that happen over at Second Citizen yesterday where some goof made Prokofy-Neva and started doing these lame paradies. Like I publish a Bolshevik parody called Taking Over the Telegraph Post that’s really long and graphomanic rant about how the FIC stole the town halls — or tried to? And like Nolan or somebody makes this clone and puts “Post Takes Over Telegraph” or whatever.

    Second Life somehow seems impervious to those spoof sims. Not sure why. I think you can’t even impersonate people under the TOS, worth checking. I never see it done. That avatar named Anshe Trenchmouth was shut down after one “happening” at a town hall, and that one named Prokofy Noodle never even logged on.

    Anyway, remember the Mia Wallace clone? she had the *exact outfit* with the big boobs and the tiki outfit? that was hilarious. And like rude things written on her balloons?

    There were any number of Dyerbrook clones. I’m trying to remember what they called themselves. They had the *exact same* fishing boots and Duck jacket. They made this entire neighbourhood called Death Becomes You and opened up bars that were supposed to be like noir parodies of my Flamingo Court with names like Die Kill Skull or something. Freaky. They would grief me by sending me roomie invitations — remember that? Those invites that if you clicked on them and you were a sole property owner WHOOPS you’d lose your entire land and all its stuff (think they finally fixed that).

    The one Death dude with my outfit and look would just come and stand silently on the porch, never talking. Hours.

    There’s something especially creepy about walking around in a game, and then your exact body double comes up and talks to you. And what’s even MORE creepy is when people take a character out of your offline sims Family Album? Posted to the fan site? And they appear in TSO with that character’s name and outfit. It makes your hair stand on end.

    But what’s even MORE MORE WIERD. I once made this sim called Wont Wrong. As in, you know, “Will Wright’s opposite”. I had a fair number of people thinking it was Will because I made a point of faking out his old balloon buddies by playing to their quirks. They were furious at me later. I once crashed their party and the real Will’s sim (or so they claimed, we could never tell, eh?) said, “Hmm, interesting name” lol.

    He had the skin with the seafaring captain old man of the sea look, remember that one?

    So after I did that spoof, a few days later, all of a sudden this girl appears with a lot and her name is Mrs. Wrong, and she’s IMing me. And on her profile it says, “If loving Wont is Wrong I don’t want to be Wright.” Everybody said it was Den Spiel Koenig himself. You know, I think it was. Scared the bejesus out of me!

  2. RB

    Apr 14th, 2006

    Can’t wait for a uri clone in SL. Now there’s an interesting sight.

    - RB.

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