1.10 is Coming! 1.10 is Coming!

by Alphaville Herald on 21/05/06 at 9:25 am

Well, probably. Pending “final verification of all issues,” according to this forum announcement, it seems Second Life is getting its latest dot version upgrade, going from 1.9.whatever to a full 1.10.0 this coming Wednesday. Be ready for a half-day of downtime while the new version is put into place — and then a fewl weeks of crashes and asset server problems after that — but once things get rolling smoothly, it should mean a better Second Life for all. The main improvements coming with 1.10 include floppy prims that will immediately be made into flowing skirts, Elven robes and superhero capes; new lighting controls that someone else will have to snarkily explain; and the ability to make http calls from within a scripted object, which should significantly improve the kinds of things people can create in SL by cracking the world open that much wider in its interface with the rest of Teh IntarWeb. So strap on your new video card drivers and dive in.

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  1. VTOR - Virtual TO Reality

    May 22nd, 2006

    Second Life v1.10 arrives Wednesday

    Since becoming a resident 5 months, 23 days ago, Im looking most forward to this Wednesdays Second Life upgrade. The Second Life Herald writes about the highlights…

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