Grand Opening: Club Ecstasy With An S

by Alphaville Herald on 22/05/06 at 10:58 pm

From the Herald’s random press release department: This Tuesday, May 23, will see the grand opening of Club Ecstasy (not to be confused with Club Ecstacy) in the Ecstasy sim of Second Life, 5:00pm SL time. Owned and run by SL resident Steve Mahfouz, Club Ecstasy exists “to provide quality low-lag / lag-free dancing entertainment for all SL residents. Tomorrow’s party will see Steve and General Manager Icy Flasheart start a giveaway of one… million… Lindens… in cash prizes over the next 30 days. “We, the management and staff of Club Ecstasy, are going to strive to provide fun, lag-free entertainment for all groups of SL residents, and offer all popular music genres during themed events,” Steve says. It’s actually a noble goal, given the state of many of SL’s nightclubs. We look forward to the parties.

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  1. One Song

    May 24th, 2006


    Oh, and stupid wasn’t Tank Levy’s old club formed after the Second War of Jessie, called that too? Oh and there is another club Ecstasy in some sim called Ecstasy? Jesus H. Chist. Talk about lack of creativity and originality. I swear to god most people that play SL are retarded.

    Wait… I aint done yet, they are giving away 1M Lindens yeah f’ing right talk about false advertisement. I got few questions I expect being answered torwards the herald management: Is trash advertisment always welcomed on the Herald? Are they paying you THAT much, blimey!

  2. Random Writer

    Jun 4th, 2006

    1M Lindens? These people are gonna drop more than $3000 USD with no income whatsoever?

  3. steve Mahfouz

    Jun 5th, 2006

    If you doubt the progress of the One Million Lindens Give-Away, please spend time at the club and ask some of the lucky prize winners. They’ll verify it.

    steve Mahfouz, CEO

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