Star Wars Scavenger Hunt

by Alphaville Herald on 19/05/06 at 7:50 pm


Get to the Dantooine sim early for a Star Wars scavenger hunt, starting Saturday at 10am SL time. Revan Muromachi and the rest of the Star Wars afficionados of Second Life, who gather regularly in Dantooine and the Coruscant sim as well, are kicking off a party to launch their new Star Wars role-playing system in Second Life. Jedi and Sith relics will be planted around the sim, and in each one will be scripts that can be used to create objects as part of the RP system. A user-created game being created within a user-created game? Awesome. The Star Wars system that Revan and co. have worked out includes weapons and health systems and ten levels of progressive skills and Force powers. Though the system is still in development, the light-saber animations, pictured above, are looking awesome. (In this case, the master fell. A little meditation restored him to health, tho, no worries.) And Revan promises a startling surprise at some point during the proceedings. Buy your Star Wars kit at Dantooine (160, 60, 24) [<-- SL link] and head over.

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  1. Saiyne Aji

    Aug 17th, 2006

    I miss the old Dantooine. :,(

    Damn you Cell!


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