Send Philip Your Pants c/o SecondCast

by Alphaville Herald on 06/07/06 at 10:05 am

The SecondCast crew roped in Philip Linden for an interview again last week, and the results are now posted for your listening pleasure. Philip talks about a very cool new golf game in Second Life, LL’s new registration policies, the No Fear policy of Linden Lab as regards lawsuits, and his need for a new pair of trousers. To that last point: SecondCast is holding a competition to design Philip’s new pants! Send your (transferable) pants designs to Johnny Ming and we’ll model them on a future SecondCast, with the best design becoming Philip’s new in-world uniform, or so he promises. That’s US pants, by the way, not UK pants — those are Aimee’s province.

2 Responses to “Send Philip Your Pants c/o SecondCast”

  1. Seonaid Barrett

    Jul 6th, 2006

    Hmm… I figure that his pants should be unbuttoned… that is, wide open just like SL registration is now.

    Anyone could then get into his pants.

    If he has a problem, he could start a petition to be allowed to button his pants again, but we’ll just ignore it.

    Maybe we’ll give him some tools to control what people do once they’re in his pants… eventually. Maybe a chastity belt or something?

  2. TrannyPet Barmy

    Jul 6th, 2006

    I’d be happy to send a well soiled pair of UK pants to LindenLab, heh, should have thought of that before.

    *looks up LindenLab’s address*

    TrannyPet Barmy
    The REAL ONE

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