The Sophisticate: Fashion Designer Grace Winnfield

by Alphaville Herald on 23/07/06 at 8:30 pm

by Emerie Mauriac

Grace Winnfield

On a random visit to Grace Winnfield’s shop at Pierce (6, 62, 58) [<-- SL link] I met Grace herself, who at the time was less than 60 days in-world but no less impressive a designer for it. Grace came in with a plan, and with obvious talent. As I spoke with her, her bubbly personality and her style intrigued me. She’s a slight gal with bright green hair, and a huge smile. I enjoyed talking with her so much, and enjoyed her designs, which are so retro feeling and feminine, that she became the natural candidate for my June/July interview.


Emerie: So Grace, you’re smiling, happy to be here today?

Grace Winnfield: yes, very. I love SecondLife, it is a wonderful life!

Emerie: lol, how did you find out about SL?

Grace Winnfield: I found out about SL from a staff member at my office. He told me about it and I could not resist. I just sort of peetered around for a bit, then decided I wanted to do something, so I tried building… and I’m terrible at it. I tried modeling, not much for a model of my stature and proportions though.

Emerie: well, you have a unique look.

Grace Winnfield: yes, I do … lol, thank you. I think. So then I tried to make a skirt, and it worked. My first skirt was the flex skirt floral green retro. Getting the swish just right was hard, but people like it. Then it was like an addiction. I can’t stop!

Emerie: The floral green retro is very cute, and different from alot that’s offered. You are pretty busy then, making items?

Grace Winnfield: Yes, lol. So I am now learning shading, alpha and Photoshop. Alpha took me a minute, but I am familiar with Photoshop so that helped.

Emerie: All the hard work you are putting in will help you stay ahead of the game, I bet.

Grace Winnfield: lol, yes. It also helps that Secondlife is like an odd addiction. I need to sell clothes to support my habit so to speak. lol and it seems to be working.

Emerie: Good thing Secondlife doesn’t cause cancer, unless you can get it from staring at the computer monitor for hours and hours… So, how long have you been officially in game?

Grace Winnfield: ummm, lemme see, March 30, 2006. I just started designing though, the week after flexis arrived. I was really curious about them.

Emerie: What was it about SL that interested you so much?

Grace Winnfield: I have been fortunate enough to meet some really wonderful people here. My office mate told me that SL was a place where you could go to have any life you want and that the transactions were in real U.S. dollars. That was very intriguing. He said that some people make alot of money. But I really liked the idea of just living in a fantasy, like my green hair. I’ve always wanted to have green hair.

Emerie: love the green hair btw, it will become your trademark.

Grace Winnfield: thanks, it isn’t feasible in my RL profession

Emerie: Even here not many gals have green.

Grace Winnfield: yes, someone told me to keep it in the photos, so i did. Only have run into two people who commented poorly. I also am a big fiction fantasy geek and fashion freak, so this place is perfect for me.

Emerie: Lol, well, that brings up a question about where you see your designs going? Will you branch out into fantasy stuff?

Grace Winnfield: I love conservative classic designs like my name. But I do see perhaps a place for me to try Gorean fashions. They seem fun, at some point. Right now I am sticking to very, very classy Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn styles, I love retro.

Emerie: so Grace, in RL you’re an optometrist and a actress?

Grace Winnfield: yes, I work full time as an optometrist and part time as a model/actress. I do some commercials and industrials.

Emerie: ok, so your designs so far have been classically inspired?

Grace Winnfield: yes mostly. I try also to design for my friends and good customers. I try to use their fave colors and incorporate it into designs.

Emerie: so, what do you think about accessories?

Grace Winnfield: I haven’t tried that yet, but perhaps I will. I am a studier. I like to read before I try.

Emerie: Do you have any faves that you would recommend to go along with your designs

Grace Winnfield: I have some stores I like. Shiny Things.

Emerie Mauriac has a bit of a shoe fetish.

Grace Winnfield: I love the store

Emerie: I do too, that is my fave. I have one of every color of shoe, i think

Grace Winnfield: there are some really unique styles there. I love my glasses from Persinckety. I love hair from Rita Groshomme

Emerie: have you tried any hats with your creations?

Grace Winnfield: I will probably try hats at some point

Emerie: I love the textures you have chosen for your formals

Grace Winnfield: I adore the 40′s, I find real photos of fabric folded delicately, then incorporate them. They have to look just so. I have made some of the textures myself too. Mynx is painted and the Babydoll by me.

Emerie: so do you have something you’re currently working on that we’ll see in the store soon?

Grace Winnfield: I want to do some more cute tops and skirts to match with neat fabrics. I just released this one and will most likely release another very soon. Maybe a mint green. I seem to like that color, lol

Emerie: it’s your signature color

Grace Winnfield: I am making a tee for free to give away at the door, something that will be handpainted and have “I’m a Gracie Girl” printed on it. I am also getting a box together for newbies.

Emerie: have you planned a fashion show yet? Or will you?

Grace Winnfield: I am working on that right now. I have 2 firm locations, and a third in the works. The first show should be end of July in Venice

Emerie: what a great choice of location

Grace Winnfield: that one will probably be invite only. Then one in an agency location.

Emerie: so, let’s go look at your designs, and talk about them

Grace Winnfield: I should mention there are 2 distinct lines. Winnfield formals and Gracie Girl which is more casual, that is why they are named as such. Winnfield Sophisticate is one of the most under-appreciated designs. It looks so great on.

Emerie: I love the design of that one.

Grace Winnfield: the motion on it is my favorite so far.

Emerie: They are all beautiful. Well, Grace it was a pleasure talking with you today, getting the tour of your store in Pierce, and getting to try some of your designs. They are stunning, and I wish you the best of luck with your new business! Thanks for the interview!

Grace: You’re welcome Emerie, Thank you.

6 Responses to “The Sophisticate: Fashion Designer Grace Winnfield”

  1. Grace Winnfield

    Jul 24th, 2006

    Thank you for the nice comments! I hope that anyone who tries my clothes will really enjoy them!
    We held a model search and found some wonderful models to represent the line, Maxine Heart, Isabella Lazarno, Saige Garden, Milena Minogue, Minky Mousehold, Annabelle Nicholas, Kea Amarula, and Jennifer Gardner; these girls are truly spectacular… of the 8 girls 6 will be participating in our very first show August 25th in Venice, as well as many shows following. I will be releasing 5 new outfits at this next show! Thank you so much again, for the nice comments!

  2. whatever

    Jul 26th, 2006

    Ha, she’s the same one who ‘claims’ to be a model on a shopping channel on tv. However do you find the time to be a model, actress, optometrist, make clothes for SL and be online all the time? There must be more hours in your days than in normal peoples days lol.

    Why can’t people be honest??????

  3. Grace Winnfield

    Jul 28th, 2006

    Dear “Whatever”,
    I found your comment rather entertaining, my staff and I got quite a chuckle over it. I actually DO all of those things…in fact I was on QVC last night and today… it is unfortunate that there are enough people in SL that would LIE about this sort of thing and make it unbelievable for those of us who are honest. I’m sorry that you have such distrust. If you lived my life you would understand that it is just NOT all that difficult to do all of these things, if you have the ambition to. I spend about 2 to 4 hours in the evening and weekends on SL, I design in between patients at work, and modeling/acting is part time for me about 1.5 days per week… so in that light… time is not really an issue. You CAN do anything if you have the drive to.

  4. emerie

    Jul 28th, 2006

    you go girl!!!! Its all about ambition and balance. You inspire me , thats for sure :-)

  5. Christy

    Oct 4th, 2006

    I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer since I was little. I had started drawing in middle school and I was so convinced that it’s what i’m going to be. Right now i’m a Junior in high school confused about the career. I’ve been doing alot of research on it to see if this is the field i should be in. I heard it’s very stressful and it takes alot of competition. I’m not sure if i can handle that… but I love Fashion Design. I just wanted to ask Grace Winnfield what it was like for her when she first began her career as a Fashion Designer.

  6. Carla

    Sep 9th, 2008

    Dear Christy
    as far as I can tell gracie is not a fashion designer .. she is someone who has some time to sketch stuff.
    I am a fashion student in australian and it is hard believe you me but i wouldnt do anything else
    There is a lot more to just designing .. the concept the toiles(mock up) all the pattern making sewing journal work … it is hard but i enjoy it
    maybe you should ask the schools that have fahsion instead of some lady who does a 1.5 day of designing for virtual people.
    It is a lot more difficult on a rael person trust me.

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