Portraits from SLCC

by Alphaville Herald on 23/08/06 at 11:51 am

SL residents attempt hallway camping at SLCC in hopes of earning L$2 per 10 minutes

With the Herald on a shoestring budget this year, we had little opportunity to see Hamlet get horizontal, but there were plenty of faces on display among the crowd of 400+ devoted SL residents in attendance. Without further ado, we bring you a small selection of portraiture from the event. We look forward to seeing your mug at next year’s party.

Linden Lab CTO Cory Ondrejka contemplates what life would be like if his shirt came true

Vehicle maker Cubey Terra, with the shape that bears his name

Metaversal journalist Daniel Terdiman, with Robin Linden, looking as happy as ever to be associated with the Herald

Elf queen Forcythia Wishbringer, Elven weaponsmith Amulius Lioncourt, and High Preistess Rhiannon Chatnoir

Hiro Pendragon, with new business partner Boliver Oddfellow in background

Cancer fighters Jade Lily and RC Mars

SecondCast’s own Lordfly Digeridoo, with Moo Money

qDot Bunnyhug, wincing after a teledildonics demonstration

Mitch Kapor trashes the Second Life skeptics

A flock of Electric Sheep rock out to DNA Prototype’s excellent techno DJ’ing

3 Responses to “Portraits from SLCC”

  1. Mr. F

    Aug 27th, 2006

    Anybody not white show up?

  2. FURIO

    Aug 27th, 2006

    hahahaha oh lord why dont you just go to work instead of camping out to make L$

  3. Random Writer

    Aug 29th, 2006

    I know several of those people and it’s quite funny to put faces with names.

    Anyone else think Robin looks like she should be NOWHERE hear a gaming company? It’s funny to think that she’s partly responsible for SL. She looks like she doesn’t care. :P

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