Cardie Mahoney – Post 6 Grrrl

by Pixeleen Mistral on 24/11/06 at 11:49 am

[Editor’s note: This week our Post 6 Grrrl is infamous Second Life Escort/Supermodel Cardie Mahoney, as photographed by the incomparable Marilyn Murphy - the photographer/visionary behind Players, SL’s in-world erotica magazine.]


How can you improve on someone boiling your entire SL plan down to “some bint of a hoochie escort set up her own temple of worship to herself and demands 14.95 a month to see her poorly made masturbatory screenshots of her generic nude avatar?” I’m not really sure, but it’s a great opening line. Sure beats “I’m Cardie Mahoney and I’m a Second-Life-a-holic!”

But let’s put it another way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for every tongue in cheek critique like the above, I have people talking to me every day, reading my site, admiring my pictures and generally really pleased they’ve met someone genuine and engaging online. And you know what? I love it as well. Second Life is a massive playground, where there are very few preconceptions about who we meet and what they do. I love that.


I’ve spent my time walking and drifting around the world, and I started to put roots down in September. I started on my website at the end of September, and launched it mid October. As well as my ongoing blog with my thoughts on SL, the changes in the world, and all the things I get up to, it also offers a chance to know me better with it’s members section, something that an RL model site would have trouble doing. You don’t see them organizing member discos and massive meetings!


The site, and what I’m doing, is more than an experiment, but not as concrete (yet) as a business. What happens in the future I don’t know, but right now I’m having a blast of a time meeting people, chatting, and hanging out You should all join me and do the same. And if you have an idea, just go with it and see what happens.

13 Responses to “Cardie Mahoney – Post 6 Grrrl”

  1. Urizenus

    Nov 24th, 2006

    I still want to know what you were doing on Crayon Island!

  2. Cardie Mahoney

    Nov 24th, 2006

    If I said “Well obviously I was scoping out the hidden cellar under the Crayonville Diner for a potential new dungeon/lair” would that satisfy your curiosity?

  3. Urizenus

    Nov 24th, 2006

    Please Cardie, you know we want the screenshots!

  4. Cardie Mahoney

    Nov 24th, 2006

    Discretion, m’dear. Key part of any relationship *winks*

  5. Freddy

    Nov 24th, 2006

    Talk about uncanny valley…

  6. Cardie Mahoney

    Nov 25th, 2006

    Which one Freddy? Or have you found a good pic on my site?

  7. Kingston Augustus

    Nov 27th, 2006

    SL is filled with diverse tastes and interests, and I’m all for that – no matter how bizarre or abominable (god help us with this Gor shit). Setting up your own fan site to make Ls: fabulous! It’s creative, it’s expressive, it’s an excercise in virtual marketing. Good luck to you. But, one question, if you’re charging a $14.95 USD/month – which is quite a pretty penny – why is your hair (the only thing you’re pretty much wearing) $1?

  8. Tomas Hausdorff

    Nov 27th, 2006

    Good comments, Kingston.

    People like to be judgemental. Humans also like to “clan up” and parrot the same opinion, I assume to save themselves from exercising that slushy stuff between their ears.

    I don’t particularly care to partake of Cardie’s wares. Likewise, I’m not a fan of Gor, or BDSM, or Ponygirls, or…well, you get the drift. But those are all personal preferences: opinions. I feel little need to gather other citizens together to parrot my opinion, to warm myself in the reflected heat from the woolly coats of the sheep-like masses.

    In fact, if there is one thing I get a bit angry about it is people who form opinions not based on what goes on in their own heads, but based on what others will think of their opinion. These are usually the same folks who throw insults at people with contradictory opinions, as if having *their* particular collection of biases is the only true sign of intelligence.

    Cardie is having fun, or at least finding a business niche and filling it. Other people enjoy looking at her pixellated images and letting their own imagination fill in the blanks. Eroticism is mostly in the mind, and for those who don’t get this, I feel sorry for you and your partners. So long as she hurts no one but herself, I’d say “hurrah for Cardie”.

    And frankly, for the folks who look at a real-life supermodel or a girl with staples in her navel in their favorite gentleman’s magazine…if those folks think *that’s* real, they really do have some problems to work through :)

  9. Cardie Mahoney

    Nov 28th, 2006

    Kingston – simply because I love the hair! I’ve a number of items from Panache, some of them a lot more than $1. You know what though? That hair works for a lot of people, especially for me. On the $14.95 a month, I’d point out that it’s in the low end of the glamour model website – Erica Campbell (who you can’t meet in Second Life, doesn’t have a freely accessible blog, and is probably less approachable than myself), asks for £24.95 a month.

    Thomas – I think your last two paragraphs are wonderful, and sum up my thoughts completely.

  10. Kingston Augustus

    Dec 1st, 2006

    Cardie, I’ll never subscribe to your service or necessarily agree with pushing pixels (on a personal level) in that way, but I commend you for being resourceful in expanding your SL business.

    One of the key things about business here is looking at areas in which your competitors are not as developed and explioting those “gaps” to your advantage. Something that you are actively doing with your assessment of Miss Erica Campbell’s initiative.

    In my opinion, SL is all about people pushing boundaries – which is great because we don’t necessarily have the courage or confidence to do that in our first lives. Taboos and all, yanno. So, I’ll give it up for ya there. The hair comment wasn’t an insult, just a suggestion on keeping things visually appealing for your customers. Good luck ;)

  11. Artemis Fate

    Dec 1st, 2006

    She’s exploiting a lot of “gaps” for financial advantage, that’s for sure.

  12. Zmajrws

    Jun 3rd, 2007

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