My Ass Ain’t for Sale! Why? What Were You Going to Offer Me?

by Urizenus Sklar on 28/11/06 at 6:41 pm

Is Linden Lab for Sale? Or rather, Would they sell it? Well, PR/Marketing blogger B.L. Ochman has speculated that it is just a matter of weeks before it sells. And David Fleck (who has since been forced to walk the plank on the Leaky Ship Linden) told the Times of London that LL was open to a sale. But now our Mainstream Media buddy Adam Reuters reports an interview in which Philip says that Second Life Isn’t for Sale.

“I’ve got no plans but to build a solid standalone company,” he said on the Yi-Tan Weekly Technology Call run by consultant Jerry Michalski and technology strategist Pip Coburn. “We’re at a place now, we’re very close to profitability, we have lots of money in the bank.”

Funny, I thought turning a profit would make easier to sell if they wanted. Silly me. Meanwhile Tony Walsh and the droogs in the comment thread on Clickable Culture attempt to parse what the Linens *really* mean. Without much success.

10 Responses to “My Ass Ain’t for Sale! Why? What Were You Going to Offer Me?”

  1. Gungible

    Nov 28th, 2006

    Is there any hope of completely replacing the staff of the Herald with people who don’t make their noxious opinions the focus of the articles?

    Oh well, at least it keeps the retractions coming fast and furious around here. Interesting if nothing else.

  2. Gungible

    Nov 28th, 2006

    Is there any hope of completely replacing the staff of the Herald with people who don’t make their noxious opinions the focus of the articles?

    Oh well, at least it keeps the retractions coming fast and furious around here. Interesting if nothing else.

  3. Urizenus

    Nov 28th, 2006

    No hope at all, is my guess.

    But you know what? I heard that there are *other* *blogs* on the internet. At least a dozen or so. You should see if you can find them! If that doesn’t work out you can watch TV or read comic books or something.

  4. Tomas Hausdorff

    Nov 28th, 2006

    There is a huge difference between the question “would you consider selling Linden Lab if the price was right?” and “are you actively trying to sell Linden Lab?”

    I’m sure that Philip is honestly not actively trying to sell the company. But I imagine if someone came along with buckets o’ cash, and with a commitment to continue investing/building the Second Life platform based on it’s current values/model…he’d probably think about it.

    Honestly, though…the speculation about whether LL is for sale has become extremely tiresome to me. I guess it’s just another way to “stir the pot”, which is what folks like to do.

  5. Daisy Beauchamp

    Nov 28th, 2006

    Of course it’s for sale Philip would be crazy not to sell it, at least in a few months.

  6. Nacon

    Nov 29th, 2006

    Daisy, you’re a retard who like to stir a pot. It’s NOT for sale!

    Learn to read better, shall we? geez..

  7. humanoid

    Nov 29th, 2006

    I saw a Mercedes 250c for sale four days ago. From the street it looked fantastic. When I got up close, I noticed that it had a Maaco-level repaint job, rust bubbles around the fender and rocker panel areas, and lots of freshly fallen rust flakes underneath. I’ve dealt with cars like this before. I’m never making that mistake again. I took a few photos of the Germanic relic and walked away. The current state of SL reminds me of that Mercedes. Nobody should buy it, unless they get it for a song, and are willing to do a herculean amount of work just to make it a decent specimen.

  8. urizenus

    Nov 29th, 2006

    I think its a mistake to think people would buy it to get the technology. The customer list alone could be worth gazzilions.

    Imagine that someone build their own version of SL that had a better game engine and better scripting software, and better everything else. Why not buy, SL, shut it down, and offer everyone par value of land in the new space and free porting of textures.

  9. Daisy Beauchamp

    Nov 29th, 2006

    Yes Nacon, I need to read better, while you should enhance your vocabulary a bit instead of using offensive words. It IS for sale. Take some business courses, eh? geez.

  10. Nacon

    Nov 29th, 2006

    Oh fine, Daisy, I will use uppermost heathen fine syntactic structure to pleases your virtuous round meat balls, which I like to call it “eyes” for your wonderful reading.

    Do I need to pick up my silly hot sexy dreaming gay phone number just to call Philip Linden, asking him what’s his favorite color and see if Second Life is for sale?

    He said no, bitch. (Damn, forgot to enhance my offensive vocabulary for you in that one.)

    Ever heard of “Final Fantasy”? That company is one bad ass but they made one god damn mistake to produce their first movie, “Final Fantasy: Spirit Within”, they wasted so much money on that crappy storyline movie and they MERGED with another company which I can’t call them Squaresoft anymore.

    How about Red Alert? Westwood Studio screwed up by reproducing same thing over again in their game plan and failed to meet consumer expectations and commercial goals. Their last action was selling their asses to enormous gas-releasing kool-aid company, Electronic Arts!

    Total Annihilation by Cavedog? What Cavedog? Oh right, they wasn’t doing well with their sales, so the hot classic power-horse company, Atari brought them!

    ClayFighter by Interplay is GONE! They had a share NASDAQ, due to the company’s low share price and lack of taxes paid on time, they nearly got $11 million USD in debt!! I CAN’T PLAY CLAYFIGHTER 3!

    A wonderful game once called Kingpin: Life of Crime by Gray Matter decided to mutent their asses into another company because their boss wasn’t paying them enough… but that’s because their boss wasn’t getting all his money from the market sale! So Activision brought them out and gave them their new gang name, Treyarch. Get it? Tret = Gray, arch = anarchy? Ha ha ha ha, funny. They ditched him and turn over for Activision’s MONEY!

    SBC and AT&T are merging because AT&T knew they got no chance up against TimeWarner with AOL riding on their back, thus AT&T is being smart enough to join up instead of wasting the money that they don’t even have! Hell, they openned up for more investors to have at lease around to 16 billion dollars to create this one almighty company together.

    AMD, the CPU microprocessor chip industry has been battling with horse-shit Intel because they have been choking AMD down by covering their asses all over the PC market and ads, so no one knows what the hell AMD is. Nvidia has been doing the same against ATI, the graphics videocard industry as well. Right now, there’s a chance that AMD will buy ATI to shove Nvidia and Intel down once for all… why? They want their market money!

    I got two lovely old friends (way older than me, of course, like in their 50′s) had their own shop in a main city. They decided to break the walls in between them because they want to grow and expand their profit. But now it’s pointless because a company called Kroger built a giant warehouse-like store. Just one block away from those two old buds. Now they are out of business because Kroger had enough money to plants some silly dingy fancy shiney lights to attract zombie people to their store. Those two guys don’t have enough money to buy something silly like that to maintain their profit, which all is lost on their end.

    What did Philip say about his money?! HE GOT MONEY IN HIS BANK!


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