Reuters+Nintendo Blink in Linden Upgrade Scheduling Showdown

by Pixeleen Mistral on 28/11/06 at 4:30 pm

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Evidently the combined might of Nintendo and Reuters is not powerful enough to reschedule the Linden’s wednesday metaverse-wide update. We reported on this potential clash of the titans earlier today and wondered how an interview scheduled for 7:30 am on an update wednesday might turn out – perhaps slightly curtailed?

Adam Reuters just send around a revised time announcement via mojo wire — his event will be moved forward by 90 minutes averting the excitement of running a major media hypervent only to be preempted by a scheduled Linden grid takedown. This is just the sort of in-depth in-world expertise we all hope for from our news services – but wouldn’t it have been better to have scheduled the event at a safe time in the first place? As Alaska Tallahassee from the SL Blingsider might say, Just Askin’.

In any case, everyone in the office is impressed with Adam’s ability to roll with the punches, and are pleased to see that he reads – and heeds – the Herald. Let’s hope 6 am isn’t too early for our west coast friends.

date: Nov 28, 2006 2:05 PM

subject: NEW TIME — Reuters to interview Nintendo, Warner Music execs in Second Life

Hi –

Due to the Second Life update on Wednesday, Nov 29, the Reggie Fils-Aime interview has been moved to 9 am EST (6 am PST). My apologies for the last-minute change and the inconvenient time for those of you on the West Coast.

I will be posting this information on the Reuters Second Life site shortly



7 Responses to “Reuters+Nintendo Blink in Linden Upgrade Scheduling Showdown”

  1. Nacon

    Nov 28th, 2006

    What kind of retard set interview schedule on Wednesday where LINDEN ALWAYS UPDATE/UPGRADE ON THAT DAY OF THE WEEK!? Damn… total retard.

    I can ensure you that the interview won’t go too well.

  2. Urizenus

    Nov 28th, 2006

    mmm 6 AM. Guess the Lindens won’t be attending — they’ll be out picking the dewy chewy buds they’re going to fire up during that update.

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