Alex Fitzsimmons – Post 6 Grrrl

by Pixeleen Mistral on 29/12/06 at 3:15 pm

[Editor’s note: This week we feature a sword and statuette making gorean slave as our Post 6 Grrrl - Alex Fitzsimmons. I'd like to thank Alex for taking the time to share a little of herself with us courtesy of my favorite visionary - the amazing Marilyn Murphy. Marilyn is the force behind Players, SL’s in-world erotica magazine and I think everyone agrees her photographs are fabulous!]


Come now. You aren’t here for the article, are you? ;)

Still with me?

Okay. It may be pointless, but I spent a lot of time thinking about what to write and just how to say it. I guess I wanted to promote my little sword- and statuette-making business (called Alex’s), but I think maybe I have something more valuable to say than just “please buy my stuff.”

Some of you, those who know me in-world, may have noticed I’m not speaking in third person as I always do in-world. The reasons for that are simply these: one, Mistress allows it for these purposes, and two, it seems less cumbersome and confusing, at least here, for the uninitiated.

Speaking of confusing, the rest of you may be wondering just what I’m going on about! It is simply this: in-world, and in my heart, I am a slave. I am the property of Mistress Angelique LaFollette, formerly Maria LaVeaux in The Sims Online. I’m trained generally in the manner of a Gorean kajira, although my involvement with Second Life Gor, given my avatar’s appearance and Mistress’s differences with many of the SL Goreans, is complicated to say the least.

I’m not forced to be a slave, and yet I’m not sure I’d call it a choice exactly, either. This gets into a very complicated subject, but the gist of it is that I believe that some people are born with an inclination to be happiest in the service of others: “natural slaves,” as some people call us.

A strict reading of Gorean ideals holds that this is true of women, that it is perhaps true to some degree of all women, and that it is perhaps not true of any men, but I disagree. (Yes, shockingly, I think it’s possible to get some value from something without slavishly — pardon the expression — following every detail. I don’t see any contradiction in that. Would you give total obedience to every idea put forth by any one philosopher?) However, I agree that there are natural slaves, and it may even be true that women are more inclined toward it, in general, than men. I agree that first comes the sword, then laws, and I believe that history bears this out. And I agree that there are no “mere” points of honor.


So just what is a Gorean, anyway? In a general sense, they, or perhaps we (depending on how you see Mistress and me), are people who model their behavior — in SL, outside of SL, or both — more or less on some novels written by one John Norman. Here it seems important to clarify a point: in SL at least, Goreans are divided between the “lifestylers” and the “roleplayers,” or just “players.” If you’ve visited SL Gor, odds are very high that you’ve interacted with the players, as their influence mostly dominates. As roleplayers, they don’t necessarily have any personal emotional investment in what they do — it’s “just a game.” This is in direct contrast to the lifestylers, who consider what they do more than just a game.

It would be accurate to say that lifestyler Goreans are a kind of D/s (Dominance/submission) lifestyler, but it’s important to understand that while all Gorean lifestylers are by definition a kind of D/s lifestyler, not all D/s lifestylers are Gorean.

By definition, any natural slaves, and any dominants who have a real understanding of what they’re doing, are lifestylers to some extent. Unfortunately, people who don’t know what they’re doing and aren’t emotionally invested besides (read: roleplayers) can do a lot of damage in such an intense relationship, which is one of the complaints against SL Gor especially among D/s lifestylers who aren’t Gorean. This leads to the claim that Goreans emotionally damage slaves, which as with many generalizations has a kernel of truth in it but isn’t fair when applied in such a blanket manner to such a diverse group of people.


I could go on and on with this subject given the time, but here are the most important things I’ve learned about D/s relationships in general and about honor from Mistress:

1. A slave is owned, but that does not make her the same as a chair. A thoroughbred is also owned, and only a fool would treat it like a chair.

2. Love matters.

3. True honor means not compromising your principles, even a little bit, for anyone or for any reason.

4. There is no such thing as a good “lie in support of a greater truth.”

Okay, that’s it. Other than in-world, you can find me over on Second Citizen from time to time with the rest of that crazy, dysfunctional crowd. Hi guys! Told you I’d sneak in a mention! ;)

There. I said that’s it. Look, boobies!

56 Responses to “Alex Fitzsimmons – Post 6 Grrrl”

  1. Alex Fitzsimmons

    Jan 2nd, 2007


    “Actually, Honor is defined as a synonym for respect, something that gor characteristically lacks. What you’re describing is best defined as “fanaticism” something that is common with cults and religious extremists.” offers the following as one of its definitions:

    1. honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions: “a man of honor.”

    There are others, and yes, the word “honor” can be used as a synonym of “respect” as well, as in “You honor me.” However, that is a different usage of the word entirely and really has nothing to do with what I was saying in the article.

    “Alex: I think you seriously have the most comments on any Post 6 grrl ever :P

    When I peeked in and saw the comments at 49, I almost fell out of my chair. O.O

  2. Seola Sassoon a.k.a Random Writer

    Jan 2nd, 2007

    “”"”I dare call this ownage.”"”"

    lol Artemis

  3. Seola Sassoon a.k.a Random Writer

    Jan 2nd, 2007

    Alex: Gor in it’s purest, directly book driven lifestyle, the slaves are not only whipped when they have been displeasing. They are also whipped in discipline to keep them in line. As sorts of “I’m the boss, you’re the slave, here’s your reminder.”

    So maybe you haven’t displeased your mistress so much as what she thought you needed. ;)

  4. Alex Fitzsimmons

    Jan 2nd, 2007

    Seola: Oh, I know. Mistress doesn’t do that particularly often, but when She does, I always know the difference. Whipping for punishment, whipping mostly as a reminder, and employing the whip purely for sexual pleasure are all very, very different things, as I’m sure you’re aware. In the hands of a skilled owner, it should never be unclear which one is being done.

  5. Andale Charming

    Jan 3rd, 2007

    Lovely article Alex, I always have enjoyed your adventures into writing and it’s always a pleasure to see you naked, especially as a Drow. Your Mistress is a very lucky woman to have such a sexy, talented and intelligent girl. Love you and very proud of you.

  6. Taurus Gemini

    Jan 9th, 2007

    Alex, FANTASTIC article. Before my “birth” in November, I never even heard of people volunteering to be slaves, and to the extent I had seen Dom/Sub and BDSM I thought it entirely game playing. Since joining, I have read a few fascinating first person accounts of slavery, one even from a former slave who valued the hell out of her slave experiences. I wonder what all the lessons might be, but I am sure by my reaction that I have much more to learn from its contemplation.

    One connection I consider is with my own Imago therapy (relationship therapy in a RL marriage). There an important theme is that in asymetrical relationships, generally each partner has “disowned” some part of their potential identity, and generally that they will be happier and more functional if they can reclaim the powers they have disowned. This seems an opposite approach to entering a Master/Slave relationship (as either Master or Slave), and yet from what I have reading it is obvious that people learn a lot about themselves by taking this approach.

    I wonder are there people who switch from Master to Slave or vice versa? I can imagine becoming in touch with more parts of myself trying both roles than just one. But I suppose my approach is more about finding a Platonic ideal of an integrated man rather than letting run my true inner self as Master or Slave.

    Your pictures with your post are charming. I read a modesty in your words that make your public display of your body more poignant. I imagine I have seen a part of what your mistress sees in the master slave relationship when I see that. Thank you for sharing :)

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