AvaStar Moves to Silence Critics: Issues Bans, Files Frivolous Abuse Reports, and Seeks Real Life Information on One Critic.

by Alphaville Herald on 27/12/06 at 1:55 pm


It’s times like this we wish we weren’t so “fairly unbalanced” all the time, because it is very important to us that you take this particular story seriously. We aren’t kidding, and we aren’t poking fun this time. The Herald has seen many hamfisted efforts to silence critics through the years, but this one is right up there at the top. Avastar General Manager Ikarus Santos has banned a number of avatars from Avastar Island, including (1) Cheri Horton, who caught them trying to swipe one of her screen shots, (2) Tenshi Vielle who refused to advertise with the AvaStar and was highly critical of their advertising rates on her blog. (3) Billie Scaggs, who was present during the initial conversation in which Tenshi refused to advertise with the AvaStar, (4) Wilbur Wilber, for wearing an AvaTard protest T-shirt at AvaStar Island, (5) Former employee Fredric Prevost, for being critical of the AvaStar in various SL blogs, (6) Albert Delacroix, who’s only involvement seems to be that Fred had him listed prominently on his profile. [update: subsequent to the writing of this article, the island bans have been lifted.]

In addition to the bannings, a number of these individuals have allegedly also been the victims of frivolous abuse reports from the AvaStar’s business manager. In some cases the allegations of abuse reporting have involved the posting of conversations, but in the case of Fredric Prevost, the issue seems to involve nothing more than criticism on various blogs. Most frightening of all, it is alleged that Ikarus Santos attempted to acquire the real life information of Tenshi Vielle. [update: we have no word on whether the abuse reports have been withdrawn]

Below the fold is an interview with Vielle, Scaggs, and Prevost, along with additional supporting documentation. The Herald also contacted Ikarus Santos for an interview, but has so far refused to speak with us.



SLH: ok what happened hear?
Tenshi Vielle: My whole branch of this started with Billie Scaggs pulling me in because of Ikarus’ outrageous prices for advertising. Billie owns Guinevere. And Ikarus was scamming for advertising.

SLH: What is Ikarus’ job?
Frederic Prevost: He is Business manager
SLH: is he German?
Tenshi Vielle: Yes, Ikarus is german.
Frederic Prevost: thats in Ikarus Santos’s profile

SLH: did this start with the ad pricing dispute?
Tenshi Vielle: Yes, this started when the majority of us, I believe, started laughing at him for his pricing in EVERYTHING. It’s all on my blog, word for word. I did, however, attempt to appease Ikarus by removing his name.

Tenshi Vielle

SLH: ok… so everyon is telling Ikarus that his pricing was stupid… Why was it stupid?
Tenshi Vielle: It’s outrageous. He’s targeting the newer SL users, which is completely idiotic, because most newbies don’t HAVE $150L to spend on a newspaper per WEEK. And, of course, I laughed at him for his price of nearly $80US per WEEK for advertising
Frederic Prevost: I did not say stupid, I said to them I don’t find anyone who said [they would] pay 150L so I left the team.
Frederic Prevost: I explained to them that ppl are working their asses off in clubs to get 150L tips .

SLH: that’s the price of a RL paper
Tenshi Vielle: Yes.
Frederic Prevost: He said “we are professional newspaper, so 89 cents us $ is reasonable”.
Tenshi Vielle: People that make money here do so well using in-game economics. He is trying to import outside economics into the game.
SLH: I thought they believed in the law of supply and demand in the real world
Frederic Prevost: So I told them I pay 5 bucks for Starbacks that does not mean I will pay 750L for SL coffee.
SLH: yeah, you can get a car for 400. Nissan sentra is free.
Tenshi Vielle: I personally think that he isn’t going to succeed much if he continues at the pace he is going with this. Not to mention he’s a dick.
Frederic Prevost: I do not want to write for such a clueless group of ppl.

SLH: what do they pay writers
Tenshi Vielle: quite a bit.
Frederic Prevost: 20K a months for two pages 300words for me. to start. I was told that it may be 30K

SLH: that’s it, you do 300 words/month?
Frederic Prevost: a week. two pages a week
Frederic Prevost: I’m not a professional mind you. No experience of writing. I did not speak nor write English till I was 23.
Tenshi Vielle: That was another thing Ikarus kept saying. He had “PROFESSIONAL” writers, [but] if he had you writing and you say you are not professional then how can he legitimately claim such a thing? I knew I smelled a rat.

SLH: ok so where was the convo posted?
Tenshi Vielle: http://www.wickedgoodonline.com
SLH: is that your site tenshi?
Tenshi Vielle: yes, that is my website. Most everything he said to me was posted, except today’s incident.

SLH: what was today’s incident?
Tenshi Vielle: Today’s incident involved poor (mostly) innocent, drunken Wilbur simply standing on the island, AFK, when Ikarus logs in and bans him on sight.
SLH: and Wilbur had the AvaTard T shirt? that was the crime?
Tenshi Vielle: Yes, he was wearing the Reuters one. he was wearing that shirt just because he forgot he was wearing it.

SLH: next, who is Billie Scaggs?
Tenshi Vielle: Billie Scaggs is a in-game friend of mine. Ikarus was trying to get him to advertise one day… Billie smelled a rat, and called me to come check it out. He gave me full clearance to say yay or nay to Ikarus and his “proposal” for “discounted rates”. And I, of course, laughed at him after he passed me their “non-copyable” rate card ( I got it to post on my blog ) and everything else after that is logged. It was just Ikarus whining to me and me telling him to stop crying because I blogged about something stupid he said and his outrageous prices. After that initial conversation, Billie was out of the picture.

Tenshi Vielle: However, today Ikarus seems to want to make a griefer report against Billie and Billie hasn’t done anything.
Frederic Prevost: His name is on Avastar island ban list.
Tenshi Vielle: Billie is on the ban list? holy crap.
Frederic Prevost: Yes He is on the list.
Tenshi Vielle: can I TP him here?

SLH: grief report for what? for not advertising with Astar?
Tenshi Vielle: Apparently. that’s Ikarus’ logic, yes, I guess so.

SLH: who is Albert.
Frederic Prevost: My friend
Frederic Prevost: He has nothing on his prof other than my store in his picks.
Billie Scaggs arrives
Tenshi Vielle: Everyone… this is Billie
SLH: He has Fred’s store in his picks and he’s banned?
SLH: what is alberts full name
Frederic Prevost: Albert Delacroix

Billie Scaggs

Billie Scaggs: talking about our buddy ikarus yes?
Tenshi Vielle: yup.
Billie Scaggs: that man has some serious issues
SLH: serious issues how, Billie?
Billie Scaggs: well, he is basically accusing me of greifing him when i refused to buy into his advertising scheme
Frederic Prevost: wow…

Billie Scaggs: Tenshi being the good friend she is, outed them and their rip offs
Tenshi Vielle: Billie has spent the past two weeks on the Guinevere sim, I have not seen him anywhere else on the map.
Billie Scaggs: i haven’t left my island in weeks yet I’m greifing someone

SLH: but what is the exact charge Billie?
Billie Scaggs: i dont know – i found about the allegation today through tenshi
Tenshi Vielle: And I can’t pull the damned log because SL is messing up today

SLH: What do you *think* it is, and do you know they AR’d you?
Billie Scaggs: all of my convo’s are logged, going to archive, cant AR me for no reason
Frederic Prevost: He ARed me for no reason.
SLH: wtf??? that’s incredible!
Tenshi Vielle: oh, yeah, he filed quite a few on me. So I filed one back that said he was a whiny jackass…
Frederic Prevost: I ARed ikarus on the basis of harrasment /threatening with unfounded ar accusation. I also E-mailed abuse manager at Linden Lab about the boundary of LL TOS.

SLH: holy shit
Billie Scaggs: and – i have my convo with him archived if anyone would like a read. i’ll just notcard it up.
Billie Scaggs: ok, this convo is over the cours of 2 days – too bad SL doesn’t datestamp it
SLH: ok

Billie Scaggs: i’ve got nothing to hide
Frederic Prevost: me neither.
Billie Scaggs: i’ll just pass to everyone
Billie Scaggs gave you Ikarus.

[20:06] Billie Scaggs: hi ikarus – one sec please

[20:07] Ikarus Santos: ?

[20:07] Billie Scaggs: why are you harassing tenshi?

[20:24] Ikarus Santos: # Disclosure Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Lives. Sharing personal information about a fellow Resident –including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, and real-world location beyond what is provided by the Resident in the First Life page of their Resident profile is a violation of that Resident’s privacy. Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.

[20:25] Ikarus Santos: Point 4 in the community standards

[20:25] Billie Scaggs: please dont quote the TOS to me. Harassment is also a breach of the TOS my friend

[20:26] Billie Scaggs: if you recall you also asked me for her RL info

[20:26] Billie Scaggs: which is a breach of the TOS

[20:26] Ikarus Santos: I have already reported this to Linden Labs

[20:27] Ikarus Santos: She is still quoting the whole conversation

[20:27] Billie Scaggs: she has removed your name from the conversation

[20:28] Ikarus Santos: But i have to consent to publish a conversation. In combination of the Topic “The Avastar” and the topic in our discussion, the person is still identifyable

[20:30] Billie Scaggs: then let the lindens handle it and leave it be

[20:31] Ikarus Santos: Ok. Excuse me for the inconveniences. But this topic is very important to me.

[20:31] Ikarus Santos: Have a good day.

[15:49] Billie Scaggs: Ikarus – can i ask you something? How is it i am greifing you? I havent spoken to you for some time and i never leave my island

[15:52] Billie Scaggs: Just for the record – Tenshi and i are friends but i am no way responsible for how people conduct themselves. The only thing i have done is suggested that you let the lindens handle the issuie between you and tenshi. That is not greifing

20:16] Ikarus Santos is offline.

SLH: omfg!
Tenshi Vielle: are you SHITTING me?~?!!?!?
Tenshi Vielle: He asked you for my RL info?!!?!?1
Billie Scaggs: yes, as if i would give it to him

SLH: yeah tell us about that
Tenshi Vielle: jesus.
Billie Scaggs: its all there
Tenshi Vielle squeeks!
Billie Scaggs: my response too

SLH: why did he want her RL info?
Billie Scaggs: no clue – did not ask
Tenshi Vielle: Well, holy crap. I love you now, Billie – considering you have most of my RL info through PayPal.
Tenshi Vielle: O_o
Billie Scaggs: it would be a violation of confidentiality and breach of SL tos to disclose RL information without the consent of the person the information is about
Tenshi Vielle: what day did he ask you for this?
Billie Scaggs: the day he went after you about the blog posting
Tenshi Vielle: I’m feeling a wee bit wary now along with pissed-off.
Billie Scaggs: so i said to him – don’t quote the TOS to me. I have read it many times over

SLH: how can a newspaper guy be so stupid?
Frederic Prevost: lol
Tenshi Vielle: Oh, he’s not “professional”

Frederic Prevost

SLH: alright, let’s get to the Fredric part of this
Frederic Prevost: ok
SLH: so Fred bitches to [Avastar] about their pricing, and then what?
Frederic Prevost: I posted few of my comments regarding Herald’s Avastar articles. That’s about it. I did not disclose any private convo nor info about them.
Tenshi Vielle: Yeah, and then Ikarus suddenly knows Frederic’s handle on-blog. He did put two and two together.
Frederic Prevost: But that’s not a SL abuse. Like I said, I did not say anything inside SL nor SL forum,

SLH: so you commented in the herald, not posting convos and what did they do in response
Frederic Prevost: All of a sudden, Ikarus AR me this morning with that IM. My behavior is wrong .. lol. that’s what his logic is.

SLH: how do you know he ARed you?
Frederic Prevost: He told me
SLH: do you have thatconvo?
Frederic Prevost gave you Greeting from Santos.

[8:19] Ikarus Santos: (Saved Tue Dec 26 07:46:22 2006) Hi Prettyboy, how are you?

[9:31] Frederic Prevost: Hello Santos, or should I say “unknown resident”? Let me know if you guys do any promotion. Your island’s traffic is abysmal 1400… that is like 4 of you stay there all day.

[9:31] Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[9:32] Frederic Prevost: I thought you guys spend a lot of money for 10days promotion. You post poned it till next year?

[9:32] Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.

[11:51] Ikarus Santos: I have reported an abuse against Frederic Prevoust to Linden Labs about your different synonyms you are writing in the blogs.

[11:51] Frederic Prevost: 1. Linden Labs does not regulate those blogs.

[11:51] Frederic Prevost: 2. I did not post anything in SL forum. therefore Linden Labs won’t do anything.

[11:52] Frederic Prevost: TOS only regulates SL, not RL. Have a good day.

[11:53] Ikarus Santos: Yes, but have you read the community standards. Several behaviours of yours are against them.

[11:53] Ikarus Santos: It doesnt matter where you are writing about these things, also often in a wrong way

[11:53] Ikarus Santos: you make part of second life.+

[11:53] Frederic Prevost: Thats none of LL’s business.

[11:54] Frederic Prevost: Tell it to Second life Herald, then.

Frederic Prevost: That simple one line convo. I got nothing else to say
SLH: wow

SLH: ok, but what did he object to you in your posts?
Frederic Prevost: He ARd me for writing in Herald.
SLH: haha
Tenshi Vielle: lol

SLH: come on
Frederic Prevost: I have no fucking clue.

SLH: did you repost any convos involving him?
Frederic Prevost: I did not post any private convo in anywhere untill few minutes ago. In here
SLH: holy shit
Frederic Prevost: You are the only guys that have ever have my private convo with anyone.
SLH: this is incredible
Frederic Prevost: Ikarus may not like the fact that I posted the Bild link of their RL picture, but that not the confidentila disclosure. Thats in their own website: http://www.cscout.com/blog/2006/12/15/news-cscout-brings-europes-largest-newspaper-into-second-life.html CScout is the one supposed to do “trend research” on SL for the Bild. Bild hired CScout especially for this bungled project. And sure enough, CScout’s staff members are… less than 3 months old as a SL residents!!! BTW, if you visit Bild’s website, there are a few pictures (Yes, RL!) Avastar/Bild/CScout staffs posted, including Gregor Stemmle,the CEO of Bild… Go to Bild.t- online and Check the page for Avastar page, Das Entwicklungsteam, in case the link was not showing fully. http://www.bild.t-online.de/BTO/tipps-trends/digital-leben/aktuell/200

SLH: So what do you guys make of the claim that the post of the picture ripped from Cheri was a mistake?
Tenshi Vielle: It’s utter bullshit. They knew they were ripping her off.

SLH: How do you know that?
Tenshi Vielle: Because I just understand how those things go, Uri. People use Google Image search for thousands of uses. People take images and use them elsewhere that they think will nto be detected.
Frederic Prevost: I did not see it in the officila online. I have the dummy before the launch as a confidential.

SLH: but did they accidently put up a dummy version or is that the version they were putting up all along?
Frederic Prevost: oh they ripped for their own use.
Tenshi Vielle: It was the version they were planning on using all along.

SLH: and you definitely quit, you weren’t fired.
Frederic Prevost: Oh yes . right after the press release. it was 12/17 or 12/18. Frederic Prevost: I can give you a copy of my resignation to editor.
SLH: sure!
Frederic Prevost: at that time, they were trying hard to retain me.

SLH: wow, it’s crazytown
Frederic Prevost: I knew they were not prepared because I also involved in preparation of promotion team.
SLH: what was the promotion team?
Frederic Prevost: Ikarus Solomon put together “Stars” for them. to promote the paper in world. they were planning to start the promotion on 12/3. giving them uniform and 10K for tendays or so.

SLH: oh like Naturelle Santos
Frederic Prevost: yes exactly
SLH: what was wrong with that?
Frederic Prevost: nothing, Solomon saw my picture in SLme. I was nothing more than pretty face to them at first., then solomon asked me to find designers to put together the uniforms in 5days… everything in full perm and special ordered exclusive items. they had no names of designers who will do their job 5 days before the 12/3 planned promotion launch.

SLH: that wasn’t enought time?
Frederic Prevost: to make 15 sets of special order outfits for male and female, make camera, notep[ads cars etc? Not many designers will do special order job, especially in 5days. However I found a coupel of designers and a scriptor to do just that. They gave me a RL runway pictures of some RL designers and some prototype of RL car campany.

SLH: Do any of the managers have experience in SL?
Frederic Prevost: less than3 months, earliest of them were born in 9/29
SLH: But Aimee Weber has some roll in this, no?
Frederic Prevost: thats what I was told, but she was building the island. I don’t think she was giving general consulting.

SLH: is the problem that they didn’t understand SL or they were just in general not organized
Frederic Prevost: both
Frederic Prevost: but especially SL.

35 Responses to “AvaStar Moves to Silence Critics: Issues Bans, Files Frivolous Abuse Reports, and Seeks Real Life Information on One Critic.”

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 27th, 2006

    That’s quite the story, Uri, good reporting.

    I guess I can’t be surprised that even a big RL corporation like Axel Springer would follow the path laid down for them by Linden Lab and immediately pick up on their police-informant culture and star-machine tactics — picking out a few to butter up, turning like junkyard dogs on any who become disloyal, etc.

    And I marvel at how they turn to LL to solve their problems (aren’t we all supposed to be governing ourselves soon). I wonder if they will get very far with that?

    Aimee wasn’t merely the builder for this job. She took a very active job in the PR flakking. Remember, she is on metaver.se dissing on the Herald as “undermining” SL, etc.

  2. Lewis Nerd

    Dec 27th, 2006

    This is the sort of thing that happens when people think that coming to SL with their corporation is a “good idea” – without actually having a clue.

    I wish some of the other developement directory companies would take their lead from me, and talk to people to make sure that what they are trying to do is practical and that they understand what SL is, instead of just taking the money for the project and running.

  3. Frederic Prevost

    Dec 27th, 2006

    Now, SLH, can I be your post 6 boi?

    I will take my clothes off ! (lmao)

  4. Myrrh Massiel

    Dec 27th, 2006

    …what is this, seventh grade?..

  5. Tenshi Vielle

    Dec 27th, 2006


  6. Inigo Chamerberlin

    Dec 27th, 2006

    One can only suppose that someone at Axel Springer GmbH heard about SL and decided that if they could capture, say 10% of the ’2 million plus and growing’ userbase, as regular readers, they would be making a nice bit of change for minimal risk, minimal investment and with maximum publicity – ‘ Ava-Tard, ooops, sorry, Ava-Star, SL’s first tabloid newspaper’ for instance…

    Shame no one told them a few home truths about SL, like ’2 million and growing’ is very likely no more than 200,000… And that SL is full of con-artists and rip-off merchants who have no idea of SL whatsoever, who’ll jump in and bullshit you into real trouble without a second thought…

    Ah well, one thing for sure, this is going to be highly entertaining to watch.
    Personally I hope they don’t get a clue and continue down the shambolic path they have embarked on – I do love a nice messy train-wreck!

  7. Cocoanut Koala

    Dec 27th, 2006

    Doesn’t sound to me like this newspaper has much of a future. (Or is much of a newspaper.)

    Avatard, indeed.


  8. Frederic Prevost

    Dec 27th, 2006

    Haha, Bild t-online/avastar website REMOVED the RL pictures/RL names of the project team from their own website.

    “Das Entwicklungsteam”

    Above page is removed completely.

    Apparently, they decided to hide behind their avatar in SL.

  9. Spankubux

    Dec 27th, 2006

    Urizenus, can you please keep your reporters from airing their personal vendettas on this blog? Prokofy Neva’s fixation on Aimee is really kind of sad, and it discredits the SLH.

    This was actually the first piece of decent reportage I’ve seen from you guys, but its ashame you let childish nicknames like the “avatard” and one reporter’s fixations degrade that. I’m sure the New York Times wouldn’t be printing letters from Adam Nagourney complaining about the Democratic Party. Prokofy should, at the least, be asked to refrain from using the comments as another front in his ongoing war with an imaginary enemy.

    It’s one thing if Prokofy’s prejudice guide his reporting. That can still lead to decent work. And it’s another thing if private user Prokofy uses your comment section to make his points. But it is unacceptable for someone who is working for this publication to use the equivalent of the letters to the editor section to promulgate his views as he does.

  10. urizenus

    Dec 27th, 2006

    I find it remarkable that in the comments to a story on how AvaStar is trying to censor people, including their ex-employee, the only morale you seem to be able to draw is that we should censor someone in the comments section on this blog.

  11. urizenus

    Dec 27th, 2006

    Oh, and so far as I’m aware, the term ‘Avatard’ is only used in the story above to talk about the ‘AvaTard’ T-shirt, which you see Vielle wearing. And it looks good on her if I may say so, but then I’m quite sure that *anything* does.

  12. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 27th, 2006

    The reader may judge for themselves about Aimee’s remarks about the Herald:


  13. Aimee Weber

    Dec 27th, 2006

    “Aimee wasn’t merely the builder for this job. She took a very active job in the PR flakking.” -Prokofy Neva

    Of course you don’t mean that literally. Frederic Prevost is right, my company just built the Avastar island. I’m not getting paid to do PR for the Avastar nor do I speak for them. The stuff I said on the metaver.se about this blog are my own gleefully offered opinions.

  14. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 27th, 2006

    >I’m not getting paid to do PR for the Avastar nor do I speak for them. The stuff I said on the metaver.se about this blog are my own gleefully offered opinions.

    No, I mean it very literally. You did not just build. You took a very active part in the PR flakking. Whether you did it for pay or just part of your naturally winning personality doesn’t matter.

    That’s why they hire you, just as much as for your building skills. They know which side the bread is buttered on.

  15. Tenshi Vielle

    Dec 27th, 2006

    I’m only sad that red is not my color of choice.

    I coined the phrase AvaTard, thank you very much, and I enjoy using it.

  16. urizenus

    Dec 27th, 2006

    Prok, there is a diff between Flakking the build and flakking the paper, and while I do note that Aimee did say the paper was going to fill a niche and that the Herald was a blog and basically sucked shit or something I don’t think she went beyond the call of duty here, given her involvement in the project. And in part of the interview that didn’t make it in, because the author of the story didn’t want to get off on an Aimee tangent, Fredric said something to the effect that the Avastar didn’t trust Aimee on the social end of the project. So the way I see it this project is off to a rough start because she *wasn’t* more involved.

    None of which is to say that I like or trust people who wear wings.

  17. Spankubux

    Dec 28th, 2006

    I find it remarkable that in the comments to a story on how AvaStar is trying to censor people, including their ex-employee, the only morale you seem to be able to draw is that we should censor someone in the comments section on this blog.

    Whether or not you find something remarkable is of no interest to me.

    Telling your reporters to keep their vendettas off the pages of your blog is the right thing to do. Many newspapers would go farther, and tell their staff to keep their personal opinions out of any media, blog or otherwise. Restricting the activities of your reporters within the confines of your media organ is the least you can do. If you don’t wish to run a responsible journalistic outfit, that’s entirely your call.

  18. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 28th, 2006

    Uri, what you’re not realizing about the way flak works in this instance, is that they had Aimee do what is called the “black PR” here. She advanced the cause of Avatard by dumping on the Herald — its main competitor — and appearing to be making these faux independent statements about where the Avatard positions itself in the media stream.

    The people doing Avatard hired Aimee not even so much for her building skills, but to have her name, and to get an “in” with the powers that be. That’s how it is done. And they could reliably count on her to dump on the Herald gratuitously.

    Spankubux, I don’t debate people who don’t have the integrity to post with an SL name so that one can see where their interests lie in SL.

  19. Warspite Fackler

    Dec 28th, 2006

    Gah, will the Bild ever learn, not only that I don’t read them, now they grief people like Frederic. Herr, schmeiss Hirn vom Himmel!

  20. Mako Mabellon

    Dec 28th, 2006

    To be honest, I don’t trust SLH’s reporting on anything to do with the AvaStar – not after the way they reported on the whole “stolen content” business.

    It’s blatently obvious that the version of the magazine with the stolen images was, as the AvaStar claimed, a dummy version, just from Cheri’s screenshots – notice the big grey space with the German word for “advertisment” on the lefh where there should be an ad.

    But despite apparently having an actual copy of the version in question, Urizenus still went around making such professional comments as:

    If you believe that was a “dummy” version of the AvaTard, then you actually managed to make this story even funnier…

    omfg, they actually got someone to believe the story! lmfao!

  21. urizenus

    Dec 28th, 2006

    Spankabux, anyone can write for the Herald if they want too, and many have, including Aimee. We are not about to tell Herald contributors what they can can’t say, nor where they can and can’t say it.

    Good point Mako, maybe that AvaStar “server problem” not only ripped, flipped, and “accidently” published Cheri’s photo, but then “accidently” banned her from AvaStar island, and then “accidently” banned Billie and Frederic and Tenishi and then “accidently” made Ikarus issue frivolous ARs and then “accidently” made him seek out Tenishi’s real life information. Dang, those server problems can be pesky. No wonder I keep losing inventory.

  22. urizenus

    Dec 28th, 2006

    Prok, I like it when Aimee dumps on the Herald, because then it makes it more fun to pick on the Blingsider.



    Anyway, you need to roll down your tube socks and enjoy life more.

  23. Mako Mabellon

    Dec 28th, 2006

    Good point Mako, maybe that AvaStar “server problem” not only ripped, flipped, and “accidently” published Cheri’s photo, but then “accidently” banned her from AvaStar island, and then “accidently” banned Billie and Frederic and Tenishi and then “accidently” made Ikarus issue frivolous ARs and then “accidently” made him seek out Tenishi’s real life information. Dang, those server problems can be pesky. No wonder I keep losing inventory.

    Nice strawman, but I wasn’t claiming that. It’s obvious that Cheri’s photo was deliberately (and unprofessionally IMO) included. It’s also obvious, despite the Second Life Horrid’s attempts to confuse matters, that the version of the AvaTard it was included in was never meant for publication (and Frederic Prevost even seems to imply as much in the interview above).

    As for the bans – well, at least one of the people who was banned was basically protesting on AvaStar’s property. Try doing something like that in real life and see how far you get. (And for all I know, they could’ve been orbiting people randomly or posting private convos to visitors as well – I doubt the Second Life Horrid would bother to check.)

    I’m guessing Tenshi Vielle was ARed for posting several private conversation on her blog (not actually a breach of the TOS, but it’s not exactly clear in stating that). The other ARs do seem extremely fishy, though.

    I think I’ll wait and see what the AvaStar has to say for itself, but at the moment I don’t trust the AvaTard or the Second Life Horrid.

  24. urizenus

    Dec 28th, 2006

    Would you like some help thinking of a better funny name for the Herald? We will hook you up for a one time consultancy fee of 1K US.

  25. Chavo Polonsky

    Dec 28th, 2006

    “The people doing Avatard hired Aimee not even so much for her building skills, but to have her name, and to get an ‘in’ with the powers that be.” – Prokofy Neva

    Evidence, please?


  26. Tenshi Vielle

    Dec 28th, 2006

    Mako, that is IF and WHEN we hear from the Avastar.

    I was AR’d for that. Ikarus Santos also threatened to AR me and my dear friend Billie Scaggs for “griefing”, which he and I have done nothing of the sort.

    As far as to go and seek my personal information? That’s a bit too far, but if he must, let him come.

  27. Frederic Prevost

    Dec 28th, 2006

    WOW, AvaStar/ Bild/ CScout should thank SLH for the free publicity!!!

    There “AvaStar island” traffic is now … (*tada-) 2277

    BTW, aren’t they supposed to publish the second issue today? I don’t see them.
    (It’s US time 8:14 AM 12/28 THU)

  28. urizenus

    Dec 28th, 2006

    Those traffic numbers must be from all the Herald Paparazzi camping the place.

  29. Arthur Fermi

    Dec 28th, 2006

    Wow traffic of 2277, that is completely amazingly, unimpressive. My little sandbox is regularly over 5000 and no one is writing about that, and I don’t have a big PR campaign.

  30. Latok Neuman

    Dec 28th, 2006

    “Crowd intelligence can fail (and fail spectacularly) when there’s too much information passed between members of the crowd. Members start to alter their opinions based on the opinions of others, which skews the results. The online communities that build up around any popular game would seem to promote exactly this kind of skew.”
    David Edery
    The article and related comments are confirming the theory above. A mixture of ideological partisanship and anti-corporation coalition.
    Anyway, guys, everybody knows that Second Life is ONLY A GAME. The players are there to have some fun, to share ideas and to partecipate in the community. Brands and corporations are just taking part of the community. Real life is hard enough – wars, fights, terror and death. It doesn´t make sense to fuel hostility in virtual world. Second Life could be the the best of all possible worlds or the worst. We are free to decide the game we want to play.

  31. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 28th, 2006

    Chavo, we see the results?

    The TOS explicitly states that you cannot copy transcripts *in Second Life* (inside the world of SL) and on the forums. LL has no jurisdiction outside of SL on third-party sites, and claims none. I recently reconfirmed this.

    Uri, I don’t wear tube socks.

  32. Frederic Prevost

    Dec 29th, 2006

    AvaStar DESOLVED the in world group for their staff writers and distributors.

    There are still two groups relating to them left at this time.

    Let’s see what happens…

  33. Warspite Fackler

    Dec 29th, 2006

    I wish the “Bild Zeitung” would desolve as well Fred. :D

  34. Upside Up

    Dec 29th, 2006

    This totally is in line of the ethics of BILD/Axel Springer. Welcome to RL.

  35. Warspite Fackler

    Dec 29th, 2006

    Since when did they develop ANY ethics? :D

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