Herald Paparazzi Camp Plastic Duck

by Alphaville Herald on 13/01/07 at 5:39 pm

Herald Paparazzi get a rare shot of Plastic Duck. Note how evil and gollumesque his hand is!

by Pat the Rat

You may live outside of the USA, safely hidden away in a big forbidding city, but it won’t stop the Herald paparazzi from tracking you down and camping you until they get that rare photo or video footage. Here our paparazzi score a rare photo of the infamous ubergriefer and client hacker Plastic Duck, a.k.a. Gene Replacement, and 50 other a.k.a.s.

No need to be impressed. It’s how we do. But see below the fold for a shot of Plastic Duck’s gear!

Behold the key chain to Plastic Duck’s Sweet Suburban Assault Vehicle!

14 Responses to “Herald Paparazzi Camp Plastic Duck”

  1. Petey

    Jan 13th, 2007

    Fuckin’ metal.

  2. Jesse Malthus

    Jan 13th, 2007

    That’s nothing, we’ve seen way more *revealing* pictures of Plastic.
    Also, is this not stalking of a greater order than that which Plastic allegedly imposed on Prokofykins?

  3. urizenus

    Jan 13th, 2007

    Tha’s right Jesse. If you call one of our reporters at home, we don’t just call back. We go to your house, bust in the door, play with your game consoles and steal shit from your fridge. Either that or we email you and say “hey, wanna meet up for a drink in town?” — but that’s only if we feel really nasty.

  4. Plastic Duck

    Jan 13th, 2007

    Urizenus raped my ducky.

  5. Baba

    Jan 13th, 2007

    That looks like a body double to me.. Plastic only does the crotch shots himself.

  6. Decomposing Monstre

    Jan 14th, 2007

    What, you had him right infront of you, in plain clear view and you didn’t try to catch him/call the cops?

    This is no laughing matter. This man is clearly guilty of several crimes, including mass fraud, bringing a small company to it’s knees in the form of malicious attacks AND
    raping children over the telephone.

    By not apprehending this man on site, you are not doing your civil duty as a resident of Second Life and thus I have lost all my faith in the Herald.

  7. soleil

    Jan 14th, 2007

    ‘raping children over the telephone.’

    huh? Hows that supposed to work

  8. Artemis Fate

    Jan 14th, 2007

    “huh? Hows that supposed to work”

    Ask Prokofy

  9. Hiro Pendragon

    Jan 14th, 2007

    I’m not disappointed that the Herald didn’t turn in P.D. – that’s a journalist’s right. However, the lack of dirt posted about Duck, such as bad eating habits, penchants for goat-loving, or nasty bodily disfigurations, is appalling and disheartening. *chuckles8

  10. Nacon

    Jan 16th, 2007

    That was Prok’s hand, or even Uri’s. They just want to stir around all cool-like journalism on themselves, knowing that they are losing the attention the require… yes, they having self-esteem problem. Figured they can pull this fake one right up.

    *sighs* live long the emos at SL Herald.

    PS: oops, sorry… the emo Goons at SL Herald. my bad.

  11. Tekilah Elytis

    Jan 16th, 2007

    I heard Plastic travels with charming women to avoid trouble. Is that true? Are they paid? GIVE US MORE DIRT, HAROLD.

  12. Urizenus

    Jan 17th, 2007

    It’s true Tekilah, Plastic was in the company of a hawtie riot grrrrl. I assume he paid her or something. Or perhaps something like this went down: “If you come with me you get to meet Urizenus Sklar!” Many people score dates that way, and who can blame them? It’s like flashing an extra backstage pass.

  13. Tekilah Elytis

    Jan 17th, 2007

    Ohhhh, I see! Well that makes more sense. I, personally, wouldn’t go out with that grid-crashing monster if you paid me a million bucks. He probably mugged her afterwards anyway. Poor girl, so naive…so abused.

  14. Urizenus

    Jan 17th, 2007

    She didn’t exactly seem naive to me — certainly more worldly than Mr. Duck, that is for sure. But yes, now that you mention it, they did leave together, and he returned without her, cycling through a series of obvioulsy false explanations: ‘headache, no, she’s playing guitar hero, no she got called in to consult on brain surgery, no…’

    I figure something like this is what actually happened: She, overcome with bliss at being able to meet Uri in the flesh, hugged Plastic Duck in thanks. Duck, overcome by this first contact with a hawtie of that magnitude *ever*, grabbed her ass. She responded by bitchslapping him into a whimpering sissy, and then going home to play guitar hero. He returned to Uri with more invented stories of grid crashing exploits in a thinly disguised effort to compensate for his recent failure in the back alleys of Toronto.

    It’s all so obvious to one as worldly as I.

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