Sausalito Smackdown: Millions of Sheep?

by Alphaville Herald on 08/01/07 at 10:39 am

by Pat the Rat

BringitonWhile Reuben Steiger, who runs Millions of Us, one of the Big Three players in the metaverse-industrial complex, tried to make light of it in a recent blog post, Pat the Rat hears that the recent meeting of the minds between Reuben and Electric Sheep Company CEO Sibley Verbeck was hardly as luvvy-duvvy as it sounds. In fact, the two virtual CEOs got into a Sausalito Smackdown in the parking lot of a local dining establishment with the unlikely name of Avatar’s, before an audience of tourists. The issue seems to have been not who would control the flow of virtual-world services contracts, but who had the tighter tummy. (The spat started when Reuben ordered the Asian fusion sugarbuns for dessert, while Sibley went with the sweetplum jam, which supposedly had fewer calories.) While Herald paparazzi failed to catch the event on camera, we hired courtroom sketch artist Barnesworth Anubis to recreate the event, as seen above. Who won the bout? Decide for yourselves based on our illustration. (That’s Sibs on the left, and Reub in the specs.) But the question remains: Can Sugarbuns Steiger and Sweetplum Sibley kiss and make up? And if they did accomplish a marriage of the minds, would we one day be facing Millions of Sheep? Remember, readers, you heard it hear first. We don’t make this stuff up.

3 Responses to “Sausalito Smackdown: Millions of Sheep?”

  1. Jade Lily

    Jan 8th, 2007

    Ohh, that’s good. XD I definitely just roofled.

  2. Urizenus

    Jan 8th, 2007

    we should sponsor a SL Developer Bitchslap Showdown. My money is on Aimee.

  3. Nacon

    Jan 9th, 2007

    Aimee lost by a mile… she knows nothing about programing as much those two do, even currently today. She only have her luck in graphic and clothing, nothing else.

    …oh and in marketing as well. (not like that matter any how)

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